Alison, Casey and Alison’s friend Amy are hanging out at Yo’s but Alison wants to go home early so she can study but Amy asks her to stay for a little longer. Alison tells Casey that Amy has the hots for him. When Alison walks off Emily walks up to Casey wanting to know what is going on. She accuses him of going after her sister. He tells her it just so happens that he isn’t there with Alison, he is there with her friend Amy. Then Emily accuses him of not wasting any time moving on. Alison comes back and wants to know why she has a problem with him moving on.

Susan has it out with Chris trying to warn him to let Alison get her grades on her own. She tells her all he did was get her a second chance to take the test and she passed it on her own without his help. She tells him if he doesn’t stop with Alison she will go to his father about it

Emily goes to the hospital and tells Chris that Alison is at Yo’s with friends drinking and not studying. Susan over hears her telling Chris. She later asks Emily if eh stopped by the hospital only to stir up trouble between her sister and Chris. She asks if maybe she should go check on Alison. Emily says no she will be ok. Susan asks her what it is that is keeping her at her office so late these days. Emily thinks about her kissing Casey and then when she comes back to reality she leaves and goes back to her office.

Chris goes to Yo’s and finds Alison there with her friend Amy. She tells him so much for having her friends see them together right now. He asks her what is she doing there and asks her if she is trying to blow it for nursing school. She tells him all she is drinking is seltzer water and then asks when he is going to understand that she is a grownup responsible for her own life. She tells him she wants to get through this without him monitoring her every move. She is fed up and leaves him sitting there. Later back at the hospital Susan sees Chris and she asks him if he seen Alison. He tells her he says her but she told him to leave her alone so that is what he is going to do. He goes into the lounge and he sees Alison asleep on top of her books. He smiles as he pushes her hair away from her eyes.

Janet and Liberty are knocking on Brad and Katie’s hotel room door when an elderly couple opens the door. Janet sees that apparently Brad and Katie moved out the room without telling them.

Katie goes to the TV station and blindfolds Brad and tells him to come with her. He doesn’t know what is going on but she takes him somewhere and tells him to remove the blindfold. When he removes it he sees all their things and is confused. She announces this is their new home. Brad is all excited as she shows him around. She tells him she can’t wait for him to see the bedroom just as he says he can’t wait for Liberty to see the house.

She asks him if just for now it can just be them two and he agrees not to talk about Liberty right now and they go look at the bedroom. They come back into the living room and Brad hides their cell phones and says no one else in the world knows where they are and they are all alone. They start kissing and Katie pulls her shirt off. As they are kissing suddenly she tells Brad they may be living on the edge but they are watching them, meaning she sees Janet and Liberty looking through the window at them. Brad opens the door and lets them in. Janet fusses at Brad for leaving without a note even. Katie says that was her fault because she wanted to surprise Brad with the house.

Katie takes Liberty to show her around while Brad talks to Janet. Janet accuses Brad of neglecting his daughter now when Liberty comes back in the room all excited over her new bedroom saying that Katie is going to take her shopping so she can decorate the room like she wants it. Janet is feeling left out now so she says she is going but Liberty sees how hurt she is so she tells Katie and Brad she is spoiled by the hotel room for now so she is going to go with her mom and hang out with her while she is here. Janet just smiles feeling pretty proud of herself.

Casey goes to Emily’s office after she gets back. He asks her what that was all about at Yo’s. He accuses her of following him. She tells him she was there looking for her sister. She tells him to get out of her office. He accuses her of being jealous. She tells him his mother is right about her and that she is poison. She starts arguing more with him then suddenly he pulls her towards him and kisses her passionately.

Janet and Liberty go back to the hotel room. Janet says it sure is going to be different without Katie and Brad being next door. Liberty tells her it will all be fine and then she mentions being hungry and they decide to order room service for dinner. Liberty asks her how long is she planning on staying and she tells her til she gets settled in but until then she is going to be right with her at all times.

Jan Barrett

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