Emily and Casey come back to the office at the Intruder when they come home from New York. When they are alone, while Emily is looking at papers, Casey walks up from behind her and kisses her on the neck. She turns around and asks him what he is doing. He says no one can see them. She tells him there is no “us”. She says as far as she is concerned that will never happen again. Casey wonders how she can expect him to be in a room alone with her and not want her.  She says if that is how he feels then she will just have to fire him. He says she doesn’t have to because he quits and he storms out the room.

He goes home and Margo is home for lunch. He tells her he quit his job and of course Margo is happy but she says now would be a good time for him to consider going back to school. He goes to the Lakeview and asks Lisa for his job back but she says it is the hotel’s policy for her not to go against her manager there. She suggests too that he goes back to school too. When he starts to leave he runs into Emily and thinks she is there to ask him to come back to work for her but she says hardly. She informs him that he has already been replaced.

Carly calls Holden and asks him if the girls can come over after school. She says when they spent the night the other night they were working on a project together. Holden says ok, he will talk to them when they get home. Lily comes downstairs and asks who was on the phone. He tells her it was Carly asking for the girls to come over. They start arguing over their marriage when Lily says she doesn’t want to live together like they are strangers. Holden says it is like they are strangers. The girls come in from school and are worried that they are fighting. They have to reassure them that they are not fighting.

When Holden brings the girls to Carly’s she tells him when they are done she will call him to come pick them up. The girls beg him to stay so they have an audience for their play that they are putting together. He tells them he has work to do out at the farm but they talk him into staying anyway. When the girls go to get things ready Carly apologizes for what happened that night with Lily. He thinks she has betrayed him with things he told her in confidence but she says she never told her things he told her in confidence.

The girls come out with their play and the topic of it surprises Holden and Carly. Carly and Holden sit on the sofa and they watch the girls act out a story which is about children whose parents are always fighting, but how they work it out to get back together. Carly and Holden just look at each other. When the girls go to change their clothes Carly looks at Holden and tells him that she wishes she could give Sage what she wants, The Picture Perfect Family.

When Holden goes home he tells Lily he thinks they can get things back to normal again. Holden thinks they need to learn how to love one another again. She tearfully tells him she already loves him and that is where they differ and leaves.

Alison passed her exam at nursing school, thanks to Chris for talking the instructor into letting her make the test up. She is talking to other nursing students about it when Chris comes out and asks her how she did on the test. When he has to go back to work he kisses her and she notices her two friends talking. She walks up to them and tells them she knows they are talking about her. One of them accuses her of sleeping with the right person to get in. The other girl defends Alison and then they both walk out. Alison goes to find Chris and she asks him to please from now on to stay out of her business. She says she appreciates his help but from now on she needs to do this completely on her own.

Casey sees Alison at the hospital and gives her a letter he got for her. She asks him to stay with her while she opens it. It is a letter from Matt apologizing to her for lying and that she is an awesome girl and he will never forget her. Alison thanks Casey for bringing it to her. Her friend Amy walks in and Alison thanks her again for defending her earlier and then she introduces her to Casey. Alison suggests that the three of them go for a drink to celebrate. She says they can study later. When they get there Amy orders a beer but Casey and Alison order club sodas. Emily walks in and sees Casey with the two girls.

Jan Barrett

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