Mike goes out to the farm and talks to Meg. He is all dressed up for a meeting. He tells her that he just needs Paul’s signature on the checks. Other than that they don’t need to be around each other.

Katie and Brad wake up and make love. Brad wants to spend the day in bed but she says they have to go to work and tend to Liberty. He tells her she shouldn’t have sent Janet away then. She tells him she is glad Janet is gone though.

Liberty is telling a couple of boys that she has her own hotel room now and that they should come up and hang out sometimes. Janet walks up and surprises her. She asks her what she is doing there. The boys take off once they learned that Janet is Liberty’s Mother. Janet tells her she is really tired and she could use a little freshening up. She tells Janet she can go to her hotel room and shower but not until she admits she only came back for her Dad.

Katie leaves for the TV station but tells Brad to let her know when he hears from Liberty so she will know what to plan for the day. When she gets to work Henry is there offering his shoulder for her. He tells her he is her #1 fan and he never misses a show meaning he saw the show with Janet. She tells him that it is all ok, Janet is gone now. He notices the camera crew for her show watching a tape of the show with Janet in it. She fusses at them saying it isn’t like they have never seen a woman before. They say yeah but not one like her. Katie turns the TV off and says well this will be the last time for them to see her.

Brad knocks on Liberty’s hotel room door and when she doesn’t answer he uses his key to go in. He calls out for Liberty when he doesn’t see her and Janet pops out of the bathroom dressed only in a towel. She says she is back! Brad wants to know why she came back but he doesn’t fall for her excuses. Liberty walks in and accuses her mother of not wasting any time. Katie calls but Brad doesn’t tell her about Janet being back. Janet sends Liberty out to get her something to drink and then she tells Brad she wants to be a part of Liberty’s life. She says that Liberty is reaching out for some attention from her parents, both of them. Brad says he doesn’t think Liberty is acting out. He thinks it is just having everything new suddenly. Janet says no offence but she can’t just walk out of her daughter’s life. Janet shows Brad Liberty’s baby book with pictures. She tells him that from the moment she was born she knew she would be special.

When Liberty comes back they show her the baby book. At first she tries to ignore it but then she joins in with them and they all are laughing and talking about her pictures when Katie walks in and sees Janet there. Brad and Katie go out in the hall and he tells her he was as much surprised as she is about Janet coming back. Katie tells him he should have told her on the phone when she called. He says he just didn’t know how to tell her on the phone. Katie is feeling left out and Brad asks her to go back to their room so they can talk. When back in their room he tells Katie that he wants to start over again and he looks in her eyes and says he loves her with all his heart and then he kisses her.

Sofie goes to Fairwinds and gives Paul a gift of cufflinks that she designed. He tells her she should take them and sell them, he is sure she needs the money. She says she wants to give them to him. He says thank you and then tells her she should go. Sofie is being stubborn and she tells him that their dance together at Metro really meant a lot to her. He says it was just a dance though. She wants to know if they could go out somewhere all dressed up together and he could advertise the cufflinks for her.

Barbara walks in and interrupts Sofie’s plans. He offers to get Barbara some tea but she asks Sofie to get it. When she is out the room, Barbara tells Paul what ever that is going on between him and Sofie he needs to stop it. He assures her that there is nothing going on. Barbara tells Sofie that Paul is backing her designs financially anonymously as a private partner only. He receives a call from Meg telling him that she has a problem on the construction site and she can’t reach Mike so she needs his help. He rushes right over to the farm. Barbara warns Sofie about her getting involved with Paul. She tries to make her see that nothing will ever happen between her and Paul.

Paul sweet talks Meg’s neighbor and solves the problem in no time. Meg is impressed but when he gives the woman one of Emma’s pies she tells Paul he is in big trouble now with her mother. She says no one gives one of her mother’s pies away without asking her first. She says she is going to want to kill him. Paul says well it won’t be the first time she wants to do that. Meg says she wishes others could see this side of him more often. Mike walks in and gets mad when he sees Paul there. He threatens to either call the police or better yet he says he can just throw him out himself. Meg tells Mike it is ok but he isn’t listening.

Jan Barrett

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