Jack comes back after bringing the kids to school. He is upset with Carly for getting involved with setting Holden up with Lily by offering to keep the kids last night. She says they deserved the chance to get their marriage back on track. He says that may be but it should have been by Holden’s choice. She tells him she thinks that he is only upset because he liked staying there last night. She says he was reminded how much fun it could be with Carly and the kids.

Holden and Lily wake up in each other’s arms. He kisses her and whispers “No more secrets” She tells him she knows now they are off to a good start in mending what they lost. She says she doesn’t want anything to ever come between them again. Later he goes downstairs and is making breakfast. She remarks how he became such a good cook while she was away.

While in the kitchen and eating breakfast Lily promises Holden she really has changed. She says she knows what she did with Dusty will never happen again. Holden says he believes her. He says he needs to go pick up little Ethan from Carly’s but she says she is sure Carly wouldn’t mind keeping him a little longer but he thinks they need to go get him. Just then Lucinda walks in and catches them in each others arms and excuses herself. Holden tells her it is ok because he was just about to leave. When he is gone she tells Lucinda that things are just fine now.

Chris calls Alison to see how she is doing and asks if she is ready for the big exam today for her nursing school. She tells him she is fine and she is about as ready as she is going to get. He wishes her the best of luck. When she hangs up she is sitting at a table with her books studying and has been doing this all night so she is really sleepy. She lays her head down on the book and falls asleep.

Aaron walks in and wakes her with a cup of coffee for her. She tells him she can’t get her mind working and she just knows she is going to fail this test. He decides to take her somewhere that she can clear her mind. They are in an open field and he turns her phone off and tells her she needs to relax. He puts out a blanket for them to sit on. She lies back and falls asleep. When he sees her so relaxed he lies down next to her and goes to sleep too. When she wakes up she tells Aaron to wake up and then asks him what time it is. She says oh no, she missed her tests and wants to know what she is going to do now.

Meanwhile Chris sees the instructor, Brenda for the nursing school and asks her to let him know when the test results come in for Alison. He tells her she has really been studying hard for the test. She tells him she isn’t sure there will be any. He wants to know what she means. She says the test starts in five minutes and no one has seen Alison.

Later Brenda sees Chris and tells him that Alison never showed up for the test so that means she fails. Alison and Aaron come in and she asks the woman if there is any way she can take the test now after she apologizes for being late. Brenda tells her no. She says she was told from the first day of class that no make up tests would be given so if they missed it they fail.

In Old Town Aaron tells Alison that she is probably better off now. She can’t believe he said that. When they go into the diner Chris walks in. Aaron tells Chris to leave Alison alone because he doesn’t know anything about what she needs. Alison tells them to both back off and then she asks Aaron for a rain check for the sandwich. She says she has to get back for her shift at the hospital. Chris says he is sure that Alison will be just fine. Alison leaves with Chris and when they get out the diner Chris tells her he has good news for her. He tells her that he convinced Brenda to let her have a makeup test. She gets all excited and thanks him.

Chris over hears Alison talking to her instructor, Brenda and decides to talk to Brenda once Alison walks out. He talks her into giving Alison another chance. A nurse hears Chris talking to Brenda and tells her that Alison’s boyfriend comes to her rescue and then remarks that doctors always get their way. Brenda says well it still doesn’t make it right. Susan hears this and gets upset. At the hospital Susan tracks Brenda down and asks her why Alison is being given a second chance. Brenda tells her it isn’t because of her but it is because of Chris Hughes.

Holden gets to Carly’s to pick up the baby and while talking to Carly he figures out that the night he just spent with Lily was all a setup. Carly tells him it was just something that ended up that way. He doesn’t believe her. When Jack walks in Holden asks him point blank and of course Jack can’t lie to him. He says he should have known this was all a set up and goes to get the baby. When he leaves Carly calls Lily to warn her that she is sorry but Holden knows the truth which is not something Lily wants to hear.

Holden gets home and asks Lucinda to take the baby into the parlor for him so he can speak with his wife. When she is gone Lily looks at him and says she is so sorry. He asks her how could she do this to them. He tells her he told her they needed some more time but she wouldn’t listen. He says she went behind his back and got someone else involved. He says she got Carly involved to help her get him back in the sack. She tells him that this proves that they can still make it. He says not this time and then he walks out. Lucinda comes down and Lily tells her that she has ruined everything this time. She goes outside and talks to Holden for Lily till Lily stops her, saying she can fight her own battles. Holden tells her he doesn’t want to fight her anymore and he walks off.

Carly runs into Holden at Java and tries to explain to him why she did what she did. She tells him that while Lily was gone all she heard from him was how much he wanted her back so she thought he really wanted this. He says he did but he didn’t want it to happen this way.

Jan Barrett

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