Lily brings the kids over to Carly’s. She thanks her for watching the kids and reminds her not to forget to call and ask them if the kids can spend the night there. Carly tells her she was wondering if this is such a good idea. Lily tells her she is the only one she can turn to for help.

Jack walks in and wants to know what Carly and Lily are up to. Lily says they aren’t up to anything. She says she was just thanking Carly for watching the kids tonight. She says she is having dinner with her mother so she asked Carly to watch them. Jack is going to go home to see what Holden is up to but Carly talks him into staying and helping her with all of the kids. They talk about getting the tent out and letting the kids camp out in the back yard for the night. She tells Jack she will call Lily and Holden and clear it with them about the kids spending the night.

Holden gets home at the farm and is surprised that no one is home. He starts thinking about Lily. When Lily gets home Holden asks her where the kids are. She says she was going to have dinner with her mother so she asked Carly to watch them and on her way home her mother called and cancelled dinner. She says the kids were so excited about spending time with their cousins that she just didn’t have the heart to go back and get them yet. Holden says oh well then he guesses it is just dinner for the two of them then.

He offers to cook for them but Lily has another idea. She wants to try a candle light dinner with sushi. Holden says he never had sushi before and says he isn’t use to trying new things. She tells him that he is right and she should have known better. He sees he hurt her feelings so he agrees to go ahead with this and try it. When they sit down to eat they are having a good time and they are standing close to each other almost kissing when suddenly Holden tells her he has to go pick up the kids. Lily tries to talk him out of it but he insists on going.

Lily calls Carly and tells her that Holden is on his way and begs her to convince him to let the kids spend the night. She asks Carly how come she didn’t call before and Carly explains she meant to but got caught up doing something else. When Holden gets there Carly talks him into letting the kids stay the night and then he goes home. Carly talks Jack into staying the night and helping her with the kids.

When Holden gets home he finds Lily waiting for him in a sexy night gown and he accuses her of setting him up. She tells him she doesn’t know how to reach him. She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want her anymore. She cries with him and suddenly her kisses her. They end up making love and afterwards Lily calls Carly to thank her. Carly tells her to go on and do what she has to do to get her marriage back and hangs up but she didn’t know Jack had walked in and heard her talking to Lily. He says that it should have been Holden’s choice to get back with Lily, not a trick.

Emily comes into her office with a new dress for her to wear on her trip to New York. When she is changing into it Casey comes in without knocking and he sees her standing there getting dressed. They are both embarrassed but they talk about her trip and this presentation. When she leaves they each are thinking about each other. Once on the plane they tell everyone to turn off all their cell phones. She sits back and all she can do is think about Casey.

Back at Emily’s office at the Intruder Casey goes into Emily’s office. He sits there and thinks about seeing Emily dressing like she was. Suddenly he sees Emily’s presentation sitting on her desk. She ran out and forgot it so he tries calling her but can’t get through so he can’t think of anything else to do but catch the next flight to New York to bring it to her himself.

Emily is in at the meeting she went to New York for when she realizes she forgot her presentation. She tries to stall the meeting but everyone seems to be in a hurry. Casey walks in and saves the day apologizing for being late and hands the presentation to her. She introduces him to the group and asks if they mind if he sits in for it.

Later Emily gives Casey a tour of New York City. They get to a famous restaurant that requires reservations but Casey gets them in right away by telling the man that Emily is a celebrity which impresses Emily. Later as they tour the city more they almost kiss but Emily pulls away. Casey takes matters into his own hands, grabs her and kisses her.

Jan Barrett

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