Noah tells Ameera he has to go out and drop off a book. She offers to start dinner while he is gone. He tells her she doesn’t have to do that. He offers to pick up a pizza on his way home but she says she likes to cook for him. He says ok and asks if he can get her anything while he is out. She says no thank you so he leaves.

As soon as she sees he is gone she gets her phone and calls the prison and asks to talk to the Colonel but she doesn’t see that Luke had walked in and he hears her. She gets upset when she sees him there and says he should have let her know he was there. He asks her why she is calling Noah’s father behind his back. Luke is upset that she is lying to Noah and when he leaves he runs into Noah. He tells him they have a situation that they need to talk about.

They go to Old Town and Luke tells him about Ameera calling his Father. Noah isn’t as upset as Luke is which surprises Luke. Luke tells him maybe he is too close to see it but he thinks there is something going on between his father and Ameera and he thinks they need to find out what it is. Luke thinks he is in denial about his father and Ameera when Noah accuses him of being jealous of her. He tells him he knows nothing about Ameera but Noah says she is his wife. Luke gets upset when Noah won’t listen so he walks away. Ameera watches and as soon as Luke is gone she walks over to him. She tells him she had to call his father to find out why he wants to see her. He tells her he can’t talk to her right now, he is more worried about Luke and leaves her sitting there.

At the TV station Brad and Katie are filming their show when the cameraman wanders off with the camera over to a woman standing there so Kim calls “cut”. She tells him he has to focus on Katie and Brad. She sees Janet standing there and tells her she can’t be there right now. Brad tells Kim it is ok, she is with him. He introduces her to Kim as an old friend but Janet says she thinks it is a little beyond just old friends. Katie tells Brad he may as well tell Kim so Brad admits that Janet is his daughter’s mother. Kim is surprised to hear he has a daughter. Katie says they just found out themselves last week. Janet says how sweet Katie was to have bought her daughter a whole new wardrobe for school.

When they start back Katie and Brad are cooking and Janet interrupts. Kim motions to let her stay there. She tells them while being filmed that Italian food shouldn’t be cooked unless the cook has the time for chopping up fresh garlic. She shows them how fast it is to peel garlic and then she says something in Italian and Brad goes along with it as he introduces her to the camera saying she is an old friend of his and she says “and the mother of his daughter”. After the show wraps up Janet apologizes to Kim if she ruined the show but Kim thinks it was great. Katie pulls Brad into their office and she tells him she wants him to have that special bond with his daughter. He tells her he is glad she feels that way. She says she does but as for Janet, she has to go.

Liberty and Parker are at Al’s Diner and she is trying to get him to skip school again but he claims his parents would catch him and he would be grounded again. She starts talking about her Mom and how they talk about her love life all the time. She says her Mom is in town because she has the ‘hots’ for her Dad. When Parker gets ready to leave to go back to class he tells her he isn’t a loser and she says that remains to be seen.

Luke goes back to the farm and Lucinda catches him. She tells him she brought some things in for the girls but she can see he is upset so she offers to listen if he needs to talk. He tells her it is so hard watching Noah with Ameera. He says he just didn’t know it would hurt this much. While talking Lucinda notices Noah at the door so she leaves so they can talk. Noah tells Luke he doesn’t think Ameera will do anything to hurt him. Luke isn’t so sure and tells him if something happens to him he would never forgive himself if he didn’t warn him now about it.

Alison seems to be avoiding Chris after she ran out on him He wants to spend time together but she brushes him off after telling him she has a huge test tomorrow and she has to study for it. Later Bob speaks to Chris and explains to him how hard this is for Alison and how important this exam is for her career. Chris sees things differently now and when he sees Alison again he apologizes to her for the way he was but offers to back off right now. He says they can be just friends and then he offers to give her some tutoring to help her with her exams.

Brad takes Janet back to her hotel room and she is all excited. She tells Brad she has had the best day. She says she was actually on TV and then she hugs Brad thanking him for giving her a start on TV. He says he hates to rain on her parade but he explains that this was a one time thing. Then he lets her know that he will do anything he can for Liberty and make sure she always gets what she needs but he says he is in love with his wife and plans to stay there with Katie. He tells Janet there is nothing between them now nor can there ever be.

Meanwhile Kim talks to Katie at the station. Katie tells her that they use to call Janet, Juicy Janet when Brad knew her in their schooldays. Kim laughs and Katie says not to laugh about it, but then laughs herself. Kim assures Katie that Janet will not be replacing her there at the station or at home. Katie says that is nice to know but she is sure that Janet is not going to be there much longer.

Brad stays with Janet while she is packing. Liberty comes in the room with Parker and asks what is going on when she sees her luggage packed as they are about to leave. Liberty is upset that her Mom is leaving her again. She thinks she is being pushed to leave but Janet tells her she needs some time to get to know her Dad now. When Janet leaves Katie comes into the lobby at the Lakeview and sees Brad. She tells him she saw Janet leaving. He says she is gone so now it is just her, him and Liberty. Katie smiles and says it is going to be ok and then they kiss.

Jan Barrett

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