Jack walks in at Carly’s house just to find Sage and Carly arguing over Carly sending her to camp this summer. Jack tells Sage that he and her Mom will have to talk about it some more. Carly tells her she is just going to check the place out. She hasn’t made up her mind yet. Jack doesn’t think they should force her to go. Parker comes in and remarks about how they can’t spend 5 minutes together without fighting. Jack asks Parker to give him and his Mom some time alone to talk. When Jack goes back to Carly she tells him they need to find a way to get along so the kids can heal from their separation. Jack agrees and says it is her decision and he leaves.

Emma helps Holden make some notes about the girls likes and dislikes. He says this is hard because Lily usually takes care of all these things. Emma asks him if he has talked to Lily. He says yes and she does sound better but he will talk to her again tomorrow. Emma wonders if he should talk to Lily about his plans to send the girls off to camp but he says he doesn’t want to. Emma says she thinks Holden and Lily spending time away from each other is not good for their relationship.

When Holden gets there to pick Carly up he tells her she should grab a little jacket in case his gets chilly. She tells him she hates to do this to him but she isn’t sure she should be going. He says he can’t believe she is going to make him go meet those camp councillors alone. She says he is a big boy, he can handle it. He says ok and starts to leave. She stops him by asking him if he thinks she is a good Mom. He says it depends and he asks her a few questions and she gets 2 out of 3 with a yes and she says that isn’t too bad. Holden talks her into going with him now after he tells her she has to stop worrying about what Jack says.

Lucinda tells Faith that her mother is planning on coming back tonight. Faith gets all excited and says she wants to throw her mother a welcome home party. They go out to the farm and tell Emma the news. Emma is worried but says this is wonderful news. She says they need to catch Holden and tell him but Faith wants to surprise him too instead.

Holden calls Emma to let her know he is on his way home and he would tell her all about the camp when he gets home. Emma asks him if he will be home for dinner and he says yes. Faith motions to Emma not to tell him anything about the party so Emma just tells him she will see him when he gets home. While driving home Carly tells Holden she feels like she has played hooky all day.

Suddenly the car starts to die on him. Carly asks him what is wrong and he says he doesn’t know but they have to pull over to the side of the road as the car stalls on them. While they wait on a tow truck they talk about Holden and Lily. Carly tells him to hold onto that love because Lily will be home soon.

When Holden gets home he walks in and the girls yell Welcome Home, but they admit they thought it was Lily. He asks what made them think that. Faith says because Lily called her grandmother and said she was coming home tonight. While they wait the phone rings and Holden answers it. Lucinda tells him that Lily called her back and said she isn’t going to come home tonight after all. She is so sorry for telling Faith anything to begin with now. Holden has to break the news to the girls and they are upset and go upstairs.

Katie and Brad talk about Liberty. Brad talked to her mother and she filled him in on what was going on between she and Liberty. She agreed to let her stay there with her til they get the DNA test results are in so he says it could be true that he is Liberty’s father. Katie says well the first thing she needs to do is get Liberty enrolled in school. Liberty says no way that she is going back to school. Brad tells her it isn’t an option. Katie suggests to Liberty that going back to school would mean new clothes and shopping. Liberty likes the sound of that.

While in Lisa’s shop Liberty asks Katie for a bracelet she spots. Katie tells her they have met their budget so maybe next time. When Liberty goes to put it back she decides to put it in her pocket instead. When they are leaving a security officer asks Liberty to please empty her pockets. Katie tells her it is ok, it is just a routine check. Jack and Brad walk up wanting to know what is going on. Lisa comes outside and asks the same thing. Liberty pulls the bracelet out of her pocket. Katie apologizes. Lisa offers to forget the whole thing but Brad says no. He tells Jack to arrest her. They go to the police station and Katie thinks Brad needs to get her out. She says she only wants his daughter to like her if it is proven that she is his daughter.

Parker goes in and talks to Liberty. He tells her that was a dumb thing for her to do. She thinks she can handle this until he tells her that he had been in jail before and it is no picnic. When he leaves her there in the room, Katie gets Brad to go talk to her. When he goes in he tells her it is time to go home She tells him she isn’t going anywhere with him. She says she wants to go home. Brad calls her bluff and she changes her tune. She tells Brad if he really wants to help her he can just give her some money for a bus ticket. Brad tells her she is coming home with him and he grabs her arm.

Katie and Jack walk in and Liberty says he hurt her and she wants him arrested. Jack says ok but she says she really doesn’t want him arrested but she still hates him. Katie asks her why. She says because he is too demanding. Katie tells her welcome to her world. After she agrees with Liberty she tells her now let her tell her why she married him. She says he has the biggest heart ever. They apologize to each other and then they go back to the hotel room. Liberty models her new clothes for Brad and Katie whispers to Brad that she thinks everything is going to be ok.

Jan Barrett

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