Margo lectures Casey about assaulting a Federal officer. She tells him he is crazy, but then she tells him she isn’t going to lecture him. Casey tells her he can’t go back to jail. Just then Tom walks in and says he doesn’t have to worry about that because all the charges have been dropped.

Alison is worried about Casey. She doesn’t want to see him go back to jail. Matt tells her not to worry that it is all taken care of. Alison thinks he means that Margo and Tom is taking care of it til she realizes that it was the phone call he made that gets Casey out of trouble. She asks him what he did to help Casey. Matt denies doing anything but she won’t let it go. Finally Matt admits he wanted to help Casey get out so he made a call to a man he met once that is a government employee. Alison isn’t happy with just that and tells him that she can’t believe he did that with just one phone call.

Casey and Margo and Tom come in and say Casey is a free man. Alison spills the beans saying that is great then Matt’s phone call must have done the trick. She also says something about Matt and Casey meeting while in jail, not knowing that Margo and Tom don’t know anything. Margo and Tom want to know how come Casey lied to them but Matt steps in and takes the blame. They ask him how he could have gotten Casey out of jail being a prisoner himself. They question him about who he called to get Casey out of jail this time that has enough pull. Matt tells them it was someone that helped him once that was a really nice guy.

Holden, Lily, Luke and Noah go to the Feds office to see about Ameera. They ask what they can do to get her released. They apologize and tell everyone that they thought that from her application for the Visa was covering up her association with a terrorist but after talking to her and her denying any of it they realize that she was associated with Colonel Mayer and they see that she is now telling the truth.

Noah says who would have guessed knowing his father would clear you from being in trouble. They tell Holden and Lily that Ameera’s Visa has expired so she will have to go back to Iraq to renew it. They bring Ameera back to the farm. Noah takes Luke outside and tells him he wants to marry Ameera so that way she can stay in the country and continue going to school. Luke wants to know if this would be in name only and then asks Noah just how far he would be willing to go to help Ameera. Luke tells Noah he can’t help but wonder if he wants to go back into the closet. Noah says that is not true. He says he knows it is tough but he says just think about the good that it would do to help Ameera.

They go inside and tell Holden and Lily that Noah has decided to marry Ameera so she can stay in the country and be safe. Lily tells them they need to think about this. Holden asks him if he has thought about where they will stay and then he tells Noah that it might not be as easy as that to keep her there. They all agree to let Ameera and Noah stay there. Luke tells them that he and Noah are in this together so he would feel better if they can stay there. Luke asks his parents if they will help.

Ameera walks in and apologizes for interrupting but Noah tells her that is ok. He says they have come up with a way to keep her there with the help from Luke’s parents. He tells her he wants to marry her. They explain to her it would be in name only and that once she received her citizenship then they would divorce. She asks Lily and Holden what they think about it. Lily says Luke and Noah are taking on a huge responsibility and then Holden tells her they have agreed to support them on their decision. Ameera turns back to Noah and accepts his marriage proposal. She thanks them for all they are doing for her.

Carly and Jack try to figure out how Cowboy Jack got out of the trunk of his car and on the sofa in Carly’s living room. They know Kit must be behind it but they can’t figure out how she got past the guard since the house has supposedly been put on watch. Parker comes in the room and Jack tells him he is safer if he does go to school so he offers to drop him off. Carly says she is going to the supermarket Jack is against her going but she says having them hungry would be more dangerous, so Jack finally agrees.

When she is at her car loading the groceries in the trunk, Jack calls her. She tells him all is fine and she can see her guard. He says ok and says he will talk to her when she gets home. When she gets in her car and starts it she glances to the back and is shocked to see Cowboy Jack on the back seat. She calls Jack and he comes there and asks the guard how someone could put something in Carly’s car without him noticing.

Jack calls Margo and tells her he wants the police protection off of Carly. Margo says why. He explains how Kit got in her car even with the guard there. She says she doesn’t understand, it seems like that would be more the reason why she should have protection. Jack says what good was it when she got past the guard. He tells Margo he withdraws his resignation and wants back on the force. Margo says fine. He is going to set up his own surveillance. Margo asks to talk to the officer she has guarding Carly. She tells him to officially end the protection but she asks him to stay back and watch her anyway.

Back at home Jack catches the policeman guarding them and the guy tells Jack he is just taking his orders from the chief herself. Jack tells him ok and he will take care of it. Later Carly is looking out the window for the cop. She tells Jack she doesn’t see him. He tells her the guy is out there, you can bet on that one. Carly says she thinks she is going to go up and shower. She asks him if he would like to join her. He passes on the offer but is flattered by it. He goes into the kitchen and gets a drink out the refrigerator when suddenly Carly screams and Jack runs upstairs to check on her. She screams for Jack and when he gets upstairs he runs into the bathroom with her and sees Cowboy Jack in the tub.

Jan Barrett

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