Jack goes to Carly’s and finds her gone. He calls her on her cell phone but notices it ringing right there. He sees she forgot it at home. He listens to her messages on her phone and hears Kit’s message to her. He heads to Chicago and calls the cops there requesting backup and gives them the address.

Carly is in the warehouse and she has things shoved towards her knocking her down. She yells out to Kit that she is not going to get away with this. She hears Cowboy Jack’s voice and when she walks around she finds the dummy with a tape recorder of Sam’s voice. She yells out for Kit. As she walks around a cart from a top shelf falls over and she screams as she dodges it. Jack is there coming down stairs when he hears her scream so he yells back for her. When he finds her she hugs him tight and he asks her if she is alright. She tells him she is now. The cops come in and they can’t find anyone there so Jack and Carly leave and Kit is seen hiding outside the building as they drive off.

Back at the farm Parker tells Lily and Holden how worried about his mom and dad he is. They try to comfort him. Once they get him settled Holden tells Lily he is going up for a shower and before closing the door he asked her to come up and join him if she wants. Lily decides to go upstairs and shower with Holden. While they spend time together making love, Parker leaves a note saying he is going to his Mom’s house. The phone rings and it is from someone from Homeland Security looking for Ameera. Holden tries to call Luke to tell him about it but he doesn’t answer his phone

When they get home Parker comes in and begs them to let him stay there for the night. They agree to let him stay. They send him up to bed. Jack offers to sleep on the couch when he tells Carly she must be exhausted. Before she goes up to bed she asks him if he will come up and sleep in her bed with her because she really doesn’t want to be alone tonight. He says he guesses they could all use some sleep tonight so he agrees. Up in the bedroom she asks him if he is going to sleep in his clothes and he says he will be fine. She gets under the covers but he lies on top of them. She laughs at him and tells him he could at least take off his shoes. She lays back then asks Jack what is going to happen to their boy. He takes her in his arm to comfort her.

Carly falls asleep and dreams and has a nightmare involving Kit and Cowboy Jack. She wakes up and then hears a noise downstairs. When she goes down to check to see what it was she finds Parker down there. He is standing there staring at Cowboy Jack sitting on the sofa.

At Yo’s Luke and Noah and Ameera are having fun dancing. Luke and Noah encourage her to dance with Casey. Matt and Alison are with them all. While Ameera and Casey sit at the table talking the men from Homeland Security come in and tell her they need her to go with them for questioning. Casey tells the man to take his hands off of her but the man pulls on her anyway. Casey grabs the man and punches him. They grab Casey and place him under arrest for assaulting a Federal agent.

While they are doing that Luke and Noah take Ameera out of the bar and back to the farm. Alison tells Matt they have to follow him to help get him out of jail. Meanwhile back out at the farm, the men from Homeland Security come in and say they have to take Ameera in for questioning. Ameera says she just can’t go back to Iraq. The Men tell Lily they can call their office in the morning to see about Ameera’s release. They are all worried about her now.

Alison and Matt arrive at the police station and Dallas is refusing to let them see Casey. Casey asks Dallas not to call his mom. When Alison goes inside Matt calls Gray and asks him for a favor. He asks Gray to help get Casey out and Alison overhears him.

Jan Barrett

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