Sofie wakes up and apologizes to Paul for falling asleep. While they are talking Gwen walks in with the baby. Sofie stands up and asks her what she is doing there. Paul tells her he called her and asked her to come. Sofie tells him he shouldn’t have done that. She says all this does is remind her that she lost her baby and then she runs out the room. Gwen tells Paul he shouldn’t have done this.

Parker goes to Carly’s and Jack and Carly are upset he is there. He tells them he knows they didn’t want him to go there because it wasn’t safe but he had to come see what is going on. Jack suggests Parker go to a springtime training camp for baseball but Parker says he isn’t allowed to leave town. Jack says he is sure he can arrange special permission for him with Margo. He walks off to call and see if he can. He gets permission from Margo so he and Parker leave to go to the ranch so he can pack some clothes.

At the diner Will meets Gwen. She tells him about how Paul called her earlier asking her to go to Fairwinds. Will says that is kind of weird. She says she knows, and he asks how it went. She tells him that Sofie was there. Will’s reaction is to go tell Paul off for it. He wonders if Sofie put Paul up to it but Gwen doesn’t think so judging from her reaction.

Carly hears something in her kitchen but when she doesn’t see anyone she figures it must have just been the wind. Her phone rings and it is Kit. She says, “Hey Carly, I know you are there” Carly grabs the phone and talks to Kit. She tells her she needs her to come to Chicago to meet her. She says she knows who killed Sam and it wasn’t her son or her. She tells Carly that she has to meet her and to come alone. When she hangs up Carly tells herself this must be a trick but then wonders what if it isn’t. She says first of all she is going to have to ditch the cop and go to Chicago. Carly ditches the cop at the diner with the help of the waitress. On her way to Chicago she reaches for her cell phone to call Jack but finds it is gone and remembers she forgot it at home. She says well she is on her own with this one now.

Barbara goes to the hospital with flowers for Paul only to find him gone. Chris tells her he left the hospital against his wishes with Sofie. Barbara heads over to Fairwinds and fusses at Paul buy propecia online usa telling him he needs to be in the hospital where he can be treated for his wounds. He takes off his shirt for her to put medication on his burns and it breaks Barbara’s heart to see them. She tells him she knows just what he is going through. She said when she got burned it was so bad that she didn’t think at times that she would survive it. Just then Will walks in and asks Paul what in the hell was he thinking about and then says this time he has gone too far. Will tells Barbara how Paul called Gwen asking her to bring the baby over there for Sofie. Will accuses Barbara of being in with Paul on this one. He says he will never let them do this to him again and says he wants them both to stay out of his life and then he walks out.

Jack is about ready to put Parker on the plane when the cop that was following Carly calls Jack telling him he is sorry but he lost Carly. He tells him she was in Al’s diner one minute and before he knew it she was gone saying she must have slipped out the back door or something. Jack grabs Parkers bag and tells him to come on they have to go. He says he was right about his mom being in danger.

Gwen is at home talking to the baby telling her that she knows how Sofie is feeling. She tells the baby that she doesn’t know how she could have taken her from Sofie. Will walks in and hears her as she says sweet dreams to the baby telling her she loves her. When she turns around Will is standing there and he asks her to please tell him she hasn’t changed her mind about having the baby. She says she has been thinking about this for a while but she saw Sofie today and now she is really wondering. Will tells her she has more of a connection with Hallie than Sofie can ever have even though she is her birth mother. He says he even has a serious connection with Hallie. Will wants to know if Paul has filled her head with all this. She says this has nothing to do with Paul. The more Gwen talks about this the more upset Will gets.

Carly is in Chicago where Kit asks her to meet with her. She is walking around and shouts out hello when she can find no one. She runs into a mummy like statue which scare her. She continues walking around yelling out hello but finds no one.

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