Casey is in Old Town with Matt and they argue over Matt’s lies to Margo. Casey says he doesn’t want to enroll in college classes. He tells Matt he got him into this. Matt tells him he doesn’t know how lucky he is to even have the chance to go to college and to have parents like he has.

Alison asks Will and Gwen if they can find out if Casey’s friend Matt ever went to the college there. She says she really likes the guy but she feels like there is something he is hiding from her and she would rather know now if there is something wrong with the guy. They head over to the college and they fix arrange it where they can get access to the college’s files to see if Matt was ever going there before. They find out that Matt never went to Oakdale University. Alison later confronts Casey about it and tells him she knows and then asks him if he really met Matt in prison. Before Casey can answer Matt walks up and says yes they did meet in prison.

Sofie goes to see Paul finding him getting dressed. He tells her he is going home today. He says he has hired himself a private nurse and is checking out today. Chris walks in right away and says not on his watch he won’t. He tells Chris he will have a nurse to watch over him and she is going to be meeting him at Fairwinds. Chris says hospital policy is for all patients being released must be accompanied by someone. Sofie says well she can take Paul home then.

Meg is at the farm when her mother comes in and she tells her that she needs something to keep her mind occupied so she has signed on with a private nursing company and she has her first job. She tells Emma that her patient is Paul. Emma tells her she can’t do this. She says she has to turn Paul down on this. Meg says she still cares about Paul and she has to make sure he is going to be OK. Emma says she can’t feel sorry for anyone that has hurt her so much. Meg says she has made her mind up and besides she told the agency that she would do it for a few days until they can find someone else to tend to him. Emma can see she can’t change Meg’s mind up but she isn’t happy.

Brad knocks on Katie’s hotel room door asking her to open up. She has a headache and tells him to go away. She will talk to him at work. He tells her to open up. This isn’t about them, it is about Henry. Katie gets out of bed not thinking of what she has on and opens the door. She stands there in her night gown and all Brad can say is WOW. She realizes what she is wearing and tries to cover herself with her arms. When she lets him in he tells her that she should let him rub her temples. She stops him short and tells him she thought this was about Henry. He tells her he wants to help Vienna get Henry back but he needs her help, but she says not a chance. She said to help them this way would only mean she would have to team up with him and she can’t do that.

Brad goes to Al’s Diner and tells Vienna the truth about why Henry was kissing Kit. She asks how come Henry didn’t tell her the truth then. He says well he was going to but she went home and blurted out that she slept with Gray. He says Henry has a lot of pride but he is seriously hurting. She feels terrible now saying how she could have not trusted his love for her. She removes the earrings and necklace and gives them to Gray saying they are beautiful but Henry means more to her and she runs out. Gray is really confused and doesn’t understand that.

Sofie brings Paul home and helps him get inside. He takes his shirt off and she can see how much pain he is in. She asks him if maybe he should have listened to Chris and stayed in the hospital. Meg walks in and tells Paul she will be his nurse for a few days. She tells him to sit down and turn around so she can check out his burn. She asks Sofie for the medicine and then they send Sofie to ask the housekeeper for some towels. She says he really got hurt. Paul asks her if she volunteered for this and she says she was offered the job but she realizes she can’t do this. She says she is too involved. She can’t stand to see him like this. She asks Sofie if she can take over for her and she leaves.

Sofie is putting medicine on Paul’s back when Chris shows up to make sure everything is fine. Paul asks him if he is sure he just didn’t come to check on Sofie. She tells Chris she can take care of Paul’s wounds and promises to keep him up to date with his progress. When he leaves Paul asks if she is sure there isn’t something going on between her and Chris. She says no there isn’t, they are only friends. Sofie starts to read to Paul when she looks at him and she thinks he is sleeping so she lays her had over and falls asleep herself. He gets up and gets the phone and calls Gwen and asks her to come to Fairwinds to talk to him.

Henry is having breakfast when the restaurant manager comes and takes his plate away. He tells Henry that he hasn’t paid his bill there at the hotel so they are asking him to leave. His things are packed and he is being kicked out when Katie walks up and asks him what is going on. When he tells her he has no money and now no place to live, she tells him to come stay with her til he gets back on his feet again. He asks if she is sure. She says what kind of friend would let him stay out in the cold. She says to grab his bags and get him settled in.

Brad takes Vienna to the hotel so she can try and talk to Henry. She is nervous but Brad tells her to go get him. When she gets into the room she sees all of Henry’s things gone. She calls out for him asking if he is there when the house maid comes out the bathroom saying the gentleman that was staying there has checked out and from the look of things she doesn’t think he is planning on coming back leaving Vienna devastated. Brad finds Henry and tells him that Vienna was there looking for him and since she found him gone she left and went back to Gray. When Vienna gets back at the diner she tells Gray the only reason she is back is because Henry is gone. He hugs her and tells her then Henry can’t love him like he does. She asks if he doesn’t mind being second choice to Henry. He gives her back the earrings and necklace and says he will always be there for her just like the necklace and earrings will be.

Meg goes back to the farm and is crying when Emma sees her. She asks Meg if she is going to tell her what happened. She says she cares so much for Paul but she knows she can’t be with him. Emma asks her what gave her the strength to walk away then. She admits to Emma that he had a friend with him taking care of him. Emma asks her who this new friend of Paul’s is.

Jan Barrett

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