Luke, Noah and Ameera are in Old Town and she asks them since they have time before class if they want to get some coffee. Luke reaches for Noah to kiss him but Noah backs off and stops him. Noah is worried about Immigration spotting them. Luke tells him he thinks he is taking this too far. He says he doubts they will be watching them 24 hours a day. Noah tells Luke he is so sorry but he doesn’t want to risk it. Ameera apologizes because this is all her fault

Meanwhile back at the farm an Immigration officer knocks on the door and tells Emma that part of his job is to check out the habitat where Ameera and Noah live so he wants to start with their bedroom. The officer asks Emma how come Noah and Ameera are not sharing a room. Emma says he will have to ask them, and then she reminds him that Ameera is from Iraq where they have different lifestyles. He doesn’t let that be an excuse saying well she isn’t in Iraq anymore. He says but she will be going back there if this isn’t a real marriage.

Ameera is at the coffee house when Casey comes in and they sit down and talk about school and about Casey being in jail before. While they talk the Immigration officer walks in and tells her he knows about them not sharing a bedroom at home. He tells her that he has been watching them and now he finds her there hanging out with any man. She tells him she and Casey are only friends.

Noah and Luke walk in and see the man harassing Ameera. Noah walks up to her and tells her he is sorry he is late then thanks Casey for keeping her company. He explains to the officer that they do not share a bed because it is not their home and they don’t have much privacy and because of Ameera’s religious beliefs they are waiting til they get their own place which they are hoping to get soon. The officer wants to know how Casey fits into this. Luke jumps in saying Casey is his boyfriend. The officer then tells them he is going to keep a close eye on them from now on and leaves.

Barbara is at the hospital and she sees Sofie. Sofie asks her how she is doing. Barbara tells her thank you for convincing her to tell Will and Gwen about her cancer. She tells her she knows how difficult it was for her to give Will and Gwen the baby back but she says she is sure that she realizes that they will be great parents. Gwen comes in with Hallie running late. After Barbara’s treatments she and Gwen go out for lunch. Barbara tells Gwen that she thinks it might be best if she and Will leave town like they wanted to. Gwen says she doesn’t want to leave her, thinking she needs to be there for her. Barbara says she is going up to her room to rest but insists on paying for lunch. When she leaves Gwen asks Sofie for the check. When Sofie walks to the table she offers to fill in for her to take Barbara for her treatments if she and Will still want to move.

Katie and Brad are at work but her mind is not on work. Brad tells her that she may as well give in and go see Jack. He says she won’t be able to concentrate on her work til she sees him. She tells Brad that even if she wanted to get back with Jack, she wouldn’t be able to because Jack is living back at Carly’s. Brad tells her that Carly will use this time with Jack there to get back into his life, unless she does something to stop it. Katie decides to go see Jack.

Carly is going to do some errands when Jack stops her and says they need to talk. He tells her that the living situation there won’t be forever. He says as soon as he is able to manage on his own he will be moving back to the farm.

Later at the coffee shop Brad is having coffee when Carly walks in. She tells him she is only there to pick up some of Jack’s favorite doughnuts. Brad sarcastically tells her something about trying to please her man. She asks him what is wrong with him. The longer she has Jack at her house it will give him more time to win Katie over. Brad tells Carly he has cared about Katie for a long time but he doesn’t want to be second choice. He tells her that he wants her to make the decision on her own. He says that is why he sent her to see Jack. She wants to know when. He says she is on her way right now. He is surprised she isn’t bolting out the door. She says no he is wrong because she is going to stay and have coffee with him.

Katie goes to Carly’s and Jack tells her he is always happy to see her. He offers her some coffee but she says no thank you. They start talking about the kids and life and work. She says Brad is driving her crazy but work isn’t so good. She explains that she can’t concentrate on work because she keeps thinking about him. Katie asks Jack what he wants. She wants to know if she should wait for him. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to plan her future thinking about him. He says he doesn’t know how long this will take for him to get well and settled with the kids.

Alison and Casey are talking at the hospital when an emergency crew come in with a trauma patient and leave him with Alison saying to stay with him til a doctor comes in. She tells them she isn’t even a nurse and that she doesn’t know what to do with him. When Chris walks in she tells him what happened and when he takes over she starts to leave but he stops her. He tells her he still needs her help. After they get the man under control she apologizes to Chris for falling apart. Later Chris invites Alison out for lunch.

Katie goes back to work and tells Brad she is ready to get back to work. Brad asks her if she is feeling better. She dives right back into work. He asks her if she is ok. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Meanwhile Carly asks Jack if they can at least try to make it work between them again. Jack tells her he really doesn’t know and then he hugs her.

Jan Barrett

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