Bonnie comes in and finds Brad on the floor unconscious and she can’t wake him. She finally gets him awake and tells him she called 911 and there is an ambulance on its way for him.

Carly finds Katie on the floor in her house. She is unconscious and just as Jack comes in he hears Carly trying to wake her. They wonder if Kit is the one that knocked Katie out.

Lily and Holden question Ameera about Luke and Noah getting into the fight with those boys on the road. Lily wants to know if it could be possible that The Colonel could have used her to lure the boys out there. She assures them that she hasn’t seen the Colonel in ages and tells them that those guys would have hurt her too but Luke and Noah protected her from them.

At the hospital Holden runs into Bonnie and she tells him about Brad. They hug when she tells him to hang in there after he told her about Luke and Noah and she tells him she is going to go check on Brad. When she goes in to see Brad they find that Katie happens to be in the bed next to him. They keep questioning each other about what happened to them. Margo goes to check on Katie after Jack fills her in on what happened. Susan comes in and tells them they can go home but wants them both to take it easy. Margo offers to bring Katie home with her but she says she is going back to the hotel room and promises to have the front desk check on her every hour.

When Margo and Susan leave the room, Brad and Katie apologize to each other about how they acted towards each other before all this happened. She gets up and says she is going to go but Brad jumps up and tells her they can’t keep pretending that what happened between them didn’t happen. He pulls her close to him and she just looks at him. They kiss and Brad stands up. He gets dizzy breaking the kiss up and she tells him to take it easy. Jack comes in and she tells him that Brad just got dizzy. They ask if they are ready to go and they say yes so they all walk out.

When Lily and Holden bring Noah and Luke home with Ameera they explain to Faith why this happened. They think she has a right to hear the reason why. She is confused and asks if they got beat up because they love each other. Lily talks to Holden about Bonnie later and she tells him she feels like she is holding him back because of all the messes she gets herself into. She asks Holden if she is enough for her and he says yes and if she needs more time he can wait for her. Then they hug each other.

Carly comes around later and Lily tells her she is having a hard time being with Holden now. Carly tells her Holden loves her very much and for her to remember that. Parker comes outside and sees Carly there and wants to know if whatever she and his Dad were working on worked. While they are talking Parker senses someone outside the door spying on them but Carly makes him go inside and she opens the door and yells out who is there. Kit was out there but ran off. 

Casey want to tell everyone how he and Matt came to be friends and how they met but Matt doesn’t want to do that and he tells Casey he better not tell anyone. He promises that he will tell Alison the truth and when he does then they can tell everyone the truth. Margo walks in and overhears him and then she asks tell everyone what?

Jack takes Katie back to the hotel and all she wants to do is rest but he says she can’t go to sleep because she still has a concussion. She sits on the bed and he sits next to her. He says the least thing he can do is make sure she is ok. She says well he owes her a lot more than that, like a half a million dollars worth. Then she tells him that was only a joke, she doesn’t care about the money. She says she cares so much about Parker. He apologizes to her for always hurting her. She says ok then they can make a deal here. She says from now on she will just stay away from him and all of his family. She says she will stay as far away from him as she can. He doesn’t say anything but the look on his face says he is hurting too but he walks out without saying a word and she shuts the door without looking back.

Brad gets Bonnie to take him to a bar. She tells him she should have never let him talk her into bringing him to a bar. She says she is not interested in started a relationship with someone that’s on a rebound. He tells her that it is over between him and Katie. Later Brad goes to Katie’s hotel room and knocks on her door. She asks who is it and when he tells her it is her hospital roommate she tells him she can’t invite him in because she has already undressed. He asks her through the door if she thinks it is a coincidence that they both got knocked in the head like they did.

Matt goes to the hospital to see Alison. He asks her if she will go out with him again only this time after dark. She asks him if she can trust him and he says yes so she says ok, she will. He says he will call her to tell her when.

Margo goes to see Carly and Jack and tells them she has assigned a patrol car to watch the house and Carly for her protection. Jack tells her she can’t do that but Margo tells him it is not his call anymore since he no longer is on the force. When she leaves Carly is worried. She says every time they tell Parker they are going to fix this for him they only make matters worse.

Jan Barrett

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