Parker is excited that his parents cleared him of the murder charges. Parker wants to go home to stay home with his Mom. He says he wants Jack to go there too. Jack says ok they can all go back to Carly’s and maybe they can have a party. The only ones that can make it are Katie and Brad. When they are about to leave the courthouse they run into Ruby. They all offer her some money to help her out and then Carly asks her if there is something else she can do for her. Ruby looks at Parker then at Carly and says love her kid, after all that is what it is all about. When they get back to Carly’s house Sage and JJ are there to meet them and they get Parker to go upstairs to play video games.

Carly asks who is hungry and Brad says he is always hungry. Katie says what else is new. Jack says now that she mentions it he could use something to eat. Carly says ok she will make some sandwiches. Katie says she will help. Carly hesitates and then says ok. Brad looks at Jack and says they are never going to get to eat now are they. Jack says not if they kill each other in there.

In the kitchen Carly tells Katie thanks for all she done to help them. She says despite all their differences she really appreciates it. Katie says she doesn’t have to thank her, she did it for Parker. Carly says and for Jack too. Katie says of course she wanted to help Jack, she says she will always care about him.

Vienna shows Henry the necklace she still has that Gray gave her. She tells him it is worth a lot of money. As they talk about it the FBI comes banging on their door demanding all of Gray’s assets that she has possession of. She tells him she has nothing but the necklace that he gave her. The agent takes it and then places her under arrest. Henry calls Bonnie and asks for her help.

When they get to the police station they ask Dallas if they brought Vienna in yet and he says yes. Bonnie and Henry barge into the room where they have Vienna and Bonnie tells him unless he is charging Vienna with something he has no right to hold her there. The FBI agent says nice try but he is in charge there. Dallas walks in and says correction, he is in charge. While they argue over who is in charge Henry and Vienna try sneaking out but the agent catches them. Henry begs him to believe them when they tell him she knows nothing about this. Henry calls Vienna his fiancé which surprises Vienna. She tells the FBI agent that she knows nothing about Gray’s business. She says whenever they were at Al’s Diner and he would get a call he would go into the kitchen. He never took the calls with her there.

They all go down to the diner thinking if Gray was there in the kitchen long enough he might have left some sort of clue there. Once they tear the place apart they find a paper with a Swiss Bank account number on it. The FBI agent says this just might be what they need. Henry stops him before he leaves asking who is going to clean this mess up now. Then he says he doesn’t know why he cares since the diner doesn’t belong to him anymore. The agent takes out the deed to the diner telling Henry he sees where he signed over the deed to Gray. Henry says yes from a gambling debt. The FBI agent tore up the deed and told Henry the diner is his now and now they are even. When he walks out Henry and Vienna hug each other now that the diner is there’s again.

Paul offers to drive Meg and Emma back to the farm but Emma says no thanks. Meg steps in and accepts the ride even though Emma doesn’t want to. When they get to the farm Emma excuses herself after thanking Paul for the ride. Meg offers Paul a cup of coffee and while they are talking a messenger comes to the door with a certified letter for Meg Montgomery. She corrects him says Meg Snyder. She gets the papers and when she opens it she tells Paul it id from Craig. When he asks what it is, she says it is what she wanted most from Craig, her divorce papers. She says the letter says all she has to do is sign the papers and send them back to the P.O. Box and her divorce will be final. Paul says Craig wouldn’t be giving up that easy and he starts to call the police but Meg stops him. Paul asks Meg if she thinks there is a chance for them. They talk about it but she can’t give him a definite answer. He agrees to be patient. When he is ready to leave she hugs him but he jumps from the pain as she touches his burns. He pulls away and leaves.

Margo tries cleaning the blood up from the carpet in her living room that came from Gray when she shot him. She breaks down and starts crying after thinking back to the night she shot Gray. Tom comes home and finds her and talks to her making her feel a lot better. She gets a call telling her that the Chicago police found Katie and Brad’s money so she calls Jack to give him the good news.

Katie goes to see Margo after she heard about what happened to her. Margo doesn’t want to talk about what happened to her. She only wants to hear about her. Katie tells her how she feels about Jack and Brad. Katie admits though that for some reason she just can’t stay away from Brad. Margo tells her there is a reason she can’t stay away from Brad but only she can make that decision. She says in order to go into the future she has to let go of the past.

Jan Barrett

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