Noah and Luke are in Old Town and Luke tells him he is going to Parker’s trial. Luke almost leans towards Noah to kiss him but then backs off in fear that someone will see them. He says they have to be careful. Ameera walks up and they tell her they are going to Parker’s trial. She asks them if she can go with them too.

Carly goes to the hospital and tells Jack the cops have an APB out on the bag lady in Chicago. She says she can’t go to the trial with nothing so she is going back to Chicago to look for the lady. She asks him if he is strong enough to go to court to be with Parker. Jack says no, he is going with her.

In Chicago Jack and Carly spot a woman that Carly thinks is the woman they are looking for. She runs after the woman and tells Jack it is her. Jack and Carly beg the woman to please help them save their son. Carly asks her if Kit told her that she killed her boyfriend. They get the woman to admit that Kit told her she shot her boyfriend that night. They ask her to go to court and testify to that but the woman doesn’t want to go. Carly begs her to help them. They say they will do everything they can to help her if she will help save their son. Jack tells her she is the only one that can help their son. He says he is a cop and yes he could force her to go testify but he says he doesn’t want to do that because he thinks she is a good woman. She finally agrees and Carly tells her she won’t regret it, she promises. Jack says ok they don’t have a lot of time here, they have to go.

Parker is upset when he learns that his Mom and Dad aren’t going to be at the trial. Everyone assures him they are trying to help him and that is why they aren’t going to be there. He runs out the door all upset not wanting to eat breakfast. Paul walks up as Parker goes out the door and talks to him. He gets Parker to change his mind and they go back inside. Meg is happy to see Paul helping Parker. They all get ready to go to the court room together after breakfast.

At the courtroom everyone gets ready. Brad and Katie show up and Holden tell them Parker is holding up. Meg thanks Paul for showing up. Holden tells Tom he heard about what happened with them and asks him if he is ok. Tom tells him they have to prevent Parker from going to jail for protecting his Mom. When the judge comes in the trial begins. Tom calls Parker to the stand and gets him to tell his side of the story. As Parker talks about how Sam was on top of his mother, he could tell her was going to hurt her. He says he was going to rape her. Ameera gets upset after hearing this and has to leave the courtroom.

Parker tells him that he shot Sam after that. Tom asks him if he can remember how many times he pulled the trigger. Tom asks him if he was trying to kill Sam. Parker says no he was just trying to keep him from hurting his Mom. Parker testifies that he only shot once. The prosecution objects and the judge reminds Parker that he is under oath and asks if he would like to change his testimony. Parker says no, he remembers now that he only shot once so he couldn’t have killed Sam.

Closing arguments are stated and the judgement is in the judge’s hands now so they wait for his decision after a recess. Carly and Jack are on their way to Oakdale when the cops pull Carly over for speeding. She says they have to get back in time. Jack explains to the officer why they were in a hurry so the cop lets them go but he offers a police escort back.

The judge comes in and the bailiff says all rise. The judge announces that after carefully going over the case he has reached a verdict. The judge thinks Parker’s going to get the loaded rifle the night in question was no doubt premeditated. He says he finds the defendant guilty as charged.

Just then Jack and Carly walk in saying he has a witness that can prove his son is innocent. The prosecutor objects but the judge allows her to testify. The prosecutor questions the witness and then tells the judge they have no reason to believe this witness. The woman tells them she has Kit’s ID’s that was left in her pocket of the jacket she gave her. The judge changes his verdict and says Parker is not guilty of murder. He says he still have to be punished for shooting Sam but he will decide on a later date what his punishment will be. Until then he is set free to the custody of his parents.

Jan Barrett

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