Barbara is telling Will and Gwen about her medical problem. Will wants to know what is wrong. She says she has cancer. Will wants to know how she can have cancer since she doesn’t smoke or drink. Barbara explains to them how her cancer works. She tells them they are trying to shrink the tumor and then hopefully they can so surgery to remove it. They want to know how long she has known about this and she says a couple of months but they were going through so much that she didn’t want them to be burdened with her problems too. Will and Gwen tell her they are not going anywhere now after Barbara tells them they need to still go on with their plans to start a new life. She says she will be fine once the tumor shrinks. Barbara argues with them but they won’t listen.

Will and Gwen talk after they are alone. They decide it is best that they don’t leave now. He asks why is it that his family always seems to have a black cloud hanging over them. He says he just can’t lose his mom now, not after losing his Dad and Jennifer.

Meg is at the farmhouse and she tells Parker to stop looking at this so negatively about him being charged for murder of Sam. She offers to call his Mom but he says no, the last thing he needs now is another pep talk from her. He thanks her for the muffin she gave him and then says he is going to bed because he needs some sleep. Meg worries about Parker so she calls Paul and asks him to come talk to Parker. Once there she assures him that this is just for Parker, not for them. When Parker comes down he asks Paul to help him remember that night about what happened.

Will asks if Paul knows and Barbara says she never told him either. She leaves and goes to see Paul but he isn’t home. His housekeeper tells her that he went to the farmhouse so she goes there. She tells Paul she needs to talk to him privately. When he goes outside she tells him she is sick. She apologizes for not telling him sooner but he understands. He tells her he is here now for her. He asks her how she is handling it. She says she is handling it and she is doing everything she can to beat this. He tells her not to ever give up. He says it is good that she is doing what the doctors are telling her to do. When she is ready to go he hugs her and tells her if she needs anything he is there. Meg comes out when Barbara leaves and tells him she overheard and tells him how sorry she is to hear it.

Margo spits the rag out of her mouth and tries to get loose from the chair that Gray tied her to. The timer is ticking down on the bomb and they are all screaming. Suddenly the timer runs out and nothing happens. They all get quiet. Margo tells the kids since they can’t get loose that they will just have to wait til Tom comes home. Matt says he knew Gray was going to go after them and he should have told them. She tells Matt she won’t forget that he saved their lives. About that time Tom comes in and unties them all and gets them out the house. The bomb squad is called and they said it was a powerful bomb, they were lucky it malfunctioned. Margo says she almost thinks it was done on purpose to scare her. Susan arrives to get Alison. Margo says she will have Alison placed under police protection til they catch Gray but they have no idea how long that will be.

Henry and Vienna are in bed about to make love when he stops. He tells her they need to have a serious talk. He says she was with another man. Not really wanting to talk about this she tells him only because she thought he was with another woman. He says but the thing is he never was with another woman no matter how it looked. He wants to know what if another rich man comes along, will she do the same thing. She says she will never do that to him again. She says she is so ashamed of what she did to him and wants to know what she can do to fix this. He tells her to just love him. She says she does love him.

Susan and Alison are at the diner and Susan is trying to calm her down when Henry and Vienna walk in. Alison tells them about what happened at Margo’s. Vienna is so shook up and she says she can’t believe she ever let that man touch her. Henry tells Vienna not to worry because Gray can’t hurt them anymore. She tells him that is not true and he knows it. When Susan and Alison are about to leave Alison remembers that she left her coat at Casey’s and her cell phone is in it so she has to go back to get it. Susan begs her not to go but she says the police are watching her so she will be fine.

Margo and Casey and Tom are sitting around watching TV when they all realize how tired they are. They turn off the TV and Tom locks the door and they all go to bed. In the dark suddenly Gray appears from another room. He puts on some music then hides. Margo comes in and says she could have sworn she turned all this off. Someone knocks on the door and it is Alison. She tells Margo she needs her coat. They are talking when Margo tells her they can get her someone to talk to if she needs it.

Just then Alison spots Gray in the dark corner and sees his gun. She pulls Margo down to the floor just as he shoots. When they get up Gray is holding the gun on them. Tom comes out and fights with Gray while Margo points her gun at Gray waiting for the right minute to shoot without hitting Tom. Gray knocks Tom to the sofa and then tells Margo to put her gun down or he will shoot Tom. When she starts to put the gun down he tells her that his brother always said she was soft. Margo raises the gun back up, points it at him and shoots him, killing him. Susan comes in as the coroner and pronounces him dead. When Alison and Susan leave the cop tells them this case is closed now. Tom hugs Margo and tells her it is ok, they got the bad guy.

Jan Barrett

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