Brad and Bonnie are drinking shots of Tequila together. Katie walks in and when she sees them she slips over to a booth without them noticing. Then she goes up to the bar and orders a glass of wine and takes it back to her table. Bonnie feels bad that Katie is alone and suggests they invite her to join them for a drink. They make a $10 bet that she would turn them down and when Brad goes to ask her she says no but then Katie thinks about it and decides to go join them. They start shooting Tequila shots til they all start getting drunk. As they are laughing together Brad and Katie both fall off of their stools. They both laugh even harder. They get up and they start drinking again.

The bartender tells them that he thinks their friend has had enough to drink. Bonnie has passed out on the bar. Katie says she likes this song and then grabs Brad to dance with her. A fast song starts so Katie starts bouncing around til she can’t handle it anymore. She runs out the door and Brad runs after her. She cries but doesn’t tell him why. They go back inside to call a cab and they get Bonnie to take her home. Brad tells Katie this is not over with yet.

Matt is at the hospital getting ready to be released. Gray dressed as an FBI agent goes to get him When he goes in the room Gray pulls a gun on Matt and tells him if he keeps quiet he will let him live. He leaves the hospital with Matt with Alison running for them asking the policeman where Matt was going. In the car Gray makes Matt call Casey and have him meet him at his house right away. Casey asks why so Matt tells him he has a lead on Gray but he doesn’t want it to be traced back to him. Casey agrees to meet him soon.

Alison is following them trying to figure out what is going on. Gray goes to Margo’s house and waits for Casey. Alison is outside the door wondering what’s going on when Casey walks up. She tells him about her following Matt there. Casey says well he is going to find out what’s going on and they go inside only to find Matt on the sofa and then Gray shows up in back of them saying well, well he wasn’t expecting the blonde, that’s an added bonus. Gray tells Casey he wants him to call his Mother.

The real FBI Agent goes to the police station and asks where Gray is. Margo figures out that Gray must have taken Matt so she starts a search for him. Casey calls her and tells her he is at home and his parole officer is there and needs to see her in person so he needs her to come home. She says she is in the middle of something right now and can’t come. She tells him to put him on the phone so Gray takes the phone pretending to be the parole officer. She asks him if they can’t settle this on the phone he is going to have to put Casey back in prison so Margo says fine she is on her way.

When she gets home she finds the kids tied up and Gray there. He says he is finally going to get revenge for his brother. Margo tells him that his brother raped her and she hopes he rots in hell for it. Gray punches her in the face and knocks her to the floor. He ties Margo to the chair and then he tells her there is only one person missing now and she is going to get him there. She refuses to call Tom. He says well it doesn’t matter because he can always get Tom later.

He picks up a briefcase with a bomb in it and tells her he is sure she knows what this is. Margo tells Gray to let the kids go. He says no, he wants her to suffer by knowing they are going to die along with her. She tells him his brother was guilty, these kids are innocent. Gray says he has had enough of her and stuffs a cloth in her mouth. He sets the timer on the bomb and then leaves the house.

Gwen and Will tell Sofie they won’t leave town unless she gives them her blessing. There is a knock at the door and it is Barbara which starts in on Sofie the minute she sees her there. Gwen tells her that Sofie gave them the baby back. Barbara gets all excited and says they need to celebrate. Will stops her and tells her not so fast. He lets her know that they will be leaving town. Barbara tells the kids that all she wants for them is for them to be happy so if this is what they want they have her blessing. Will thanks her for her understanding. They turn to Sofie and ask her for her blessing. Sofie finally agrees and says maybe this is the right thing to do so she gives them her blessing and then leaves.

Holden finds Aaron out at the farm when he comes in. He tells Holden his Mom is better and she sent him back to Oakdale. He tells Holden that he didn’t realize he would miss Sofie as much as he did while he was gone. Aaron goes to The Lakeview and runs into Sofie who is surprised to see him there. He tells her he came back to make things right with her. He apologizes for taking Will and Gwen’s side but he still thinks he did the right thing. She tells him she realizes that too now.

The manager of the Cottage tells Aaron he has some more papers to fill out if he wants his job back so Aaron asks Sofie to wait for him. While she waits Barbara sees her there and she walks up to her and thanks her for giving the baby back. Sofie encourages Barbara to tell Will and Gwen about her medical condition and then leaves with Aaron. Barbara thinks about what Sofie told her and she goes to see Will and Gwen. She tells them before they leave there is something she has to tell them.

Jan Barrett

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