Carly gives the liquor store receipt to Jack but he tells her that it doesn’t show any proof that it is from Kit since it was paid for with cash. Carly tells him they can go to the store and get the cashier to identify Kit. She says this is it, this has to work to save Parker. Carly tells Jack and Katie she will go check this out and he can go back to the hospital. When they are about to leave Jack passes out and Katie has to call 911.

When they get Jack to the hospital he is delirious and calls Katie his wife. The nurse tells Katie that this happens sometimes and suggests she just goes along with him right now so they don’t upset him. He asks Katie not to leave him. He mentions Parker’s hockey game, saying it is almost time for it. Katie tells him not worry about it, they have plenty of time.

Jack goes in and out to sleep. He wakes up and calls for Katie. He tells her he is thirsty so she gives him some water but he thinks it is beer and asks her to join him with one so she pretends she has one too. He tells her it is amazing, he never thought he would ever leave Carly, now look at them so happy together. Finally Jack comes back to reality and realizes what is going on. Katie is there for him and she explains to him why he is in the hospital. Katie was trying to explain to him what he was saying while he had the fever when Carly comes in telling him she couldn’t find the proof they need to save Parker. She lays over him crying and Katie just stands there watching them.

Carly goes to the liquor store and the clerk that was working the night the receipt was given out is working there. She asks if they have security cameras there and he says no. She asks him if he would be able to recognize a woman’s picture as a customer that was there that night. When she shows him the picture he tells her they have a lot of customers and it would be too hard to remember them all. She goes back to try and find the homeless woman but keeps missing her.

Gwen and Will are at the hospital to check on Hallie but the nurse won’t let them in to see her without the mother’s approval. They explain that they are the birth parents but the adoptive parents. The nurse says she is sorry but Sofie walks in and tells the nurse it is ok, but she needs to talk to Gwen and Will first. She tells Gwen thank you for giving her blood to save Hallie’s life. Gwen tells her she would do anything for Hallie. Sofie says she saved Hallie’s life. She has come to realize she can’t take care of Hallie so she has decided they need to keep Hallie. When she leaves Gwen asks Will if he thinks she will be OK. Will says yes. Gwen tells Hallie they can take her home now and Will says now for good.

Sofie runs into Chris in Old Town crying. He is worried when he sees her crying. She tells him she just gave Hallie back to Gwen and Will. She says she tried to keep her but she just couldn’t handle it. He asks her how come she didn’t go to him before this, he could have helped her with her baby. She says that is the point. She should have been able to take care of her by herself. He didn’t know anything about Hallie being sick. She asks him where was he. He told her he was under suspension and when she asks why he told her because someone had drugged him making it look like he was at work drunk. She asks who would do something like that. He says why she doesn’t ask her friend Paul Ryan about it.

Sofie storms in to see Paul. She asks him point blank if he drugged Chris. Paul looks her straight in the eye and tells her no he didn’t. He asks her if she believes him. She tells him well he has never lied to her before. He tells her he wishes she would let him help her because she really needs a lawyer. She tells him she doesn’t now because she has decided not to go for the reversal adoption.

When they get home Will suggests to Gwen that maybe they should leave town with Hallie. He is afraid Sofie will change her mind again. Gwen tells him she will go anywhere with him but she wants to make sure all the paper work for Hallie’s adoption.
Then she says she needs to tell Sofie about it and get her approval first. When Sofie comes to see them they tell her they have decided to leave Oakdale to start a fresh new life together with Hallie. Gwen tells her that they won’t do it if she doesn’t give them her approval.
Bob tells Chris the board has thrown out the charges on him saying they have concluded that he was drugged without his knowledge causing his suspension. Chris is happy to hear that but is disappointed it took this to prove he was telling the truth. He tells Bob he wishes he would have believed him to begin with.

Paul goes to see Meg but Emma tells him Meg doesn’t need him there nor does she want him. Meg tells her she can handle Paul. Emma tells her OK but if she needs her to scream and she will come running with her shotgun. Paul just smiles. He brings her papers concerning Craig. She throws them in the trash. He confesses that he used the papers as an excuse to come see her. She tells him he and she is over and they can’t be together. She asks him to just please stop. He says ok but if there is ever anything she needs just call him. He says she can always count on him and he leaves.

Jan Barrett

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