Carly is there when Jack wakes up in the hospital. She tells him about running into the bag lady in Chicago. He wants her to get him out of the hospital but she refuses. She says the kids needs him to get well. Carly leaves and goes to the farmhouse to get Parker. He is anxious to go to the courthouse to get this over with.

Katie is sitting by Brad’s bedside in the hospital when he wakes up. She tells him about the poisoned champagne he drank last night. She tells him it was left for Henry and Vienna but he drank it instead. Bonnie walks in with food for Brad so Katie excuses herself but before she can leave Brad thanks her for saving his life. When she walks out in the hall she looks into the room through the window and watches him with Bonnie. Margo walks up and startles Katie.

Margo gets Katie to join her for lunch at the diner. Katie tries to talk about Gray but they end up talking about Katie and Brad and Jack. She tells Margo that she isn’t over Jack yet and she can tell because every time she thinks of her future she sees it with a man like Jack, not like Brad. She tells Margo that she is going to the courthouse. She wants to be there for Parker’s trial. Soap Update for March 19, 2008

Holden takes Ameera and Noah and Luke to Homeland Securities office to renew her visa. When asks what purpose she would like to have it renewed she tells him because she married Noah. They approve her extension but question the validity of the marriage when they find out they are living with Holden and Luke instead of a place of their own. The officer tells them they will be looking in on them from time to time to make sure the marriage is a real one.

Ameera goes into Java where she runs into Casey. She thanks him for saving her at Yo’s and hopes that he didn’t get into too much trouble. As they talk she spots the guard that is watching Casey and panics thinking he is from Homeland Security watching her. He explains the guy is watching him not her. He offers to walk her to class but she says she can’t be seen with another man. He assures her that having male friends is ok. Noah walks in and tells Casey he will walk her to class, but thanks anyway.

Holden goes to see Jack only to find him trying to get out of bed. He asks Jack what he is doing. Jack asks him to help him get out of there because he wants to go to the courthouse. He needs to be there for Parker.

In court the trial begins. The DA presents Parker as a kid that dislikes all of his mother’s boyfriends. When they bring Carly to the stand, Katie walks into the courtroom with Brad and Bonnie soon entering too. When the DA protests to Carly’s statements on the witness stand they excuse her from the stand. Tom reserves the right to call other witnesses later. Just then Jack walks in telling the judge he is there to testify for the defendant. Tom introduces Jack to the judge and then asks for a few minutes to defer with Jack before his testimony. The judge gives him 5 minutes. After Jack testifies the judge adjourns for the day. Katie asks Jack if he is ok and Holden says he isn’t but he insisted on coming. Katie offers to drive Jack back to the hospital.

Carly leaves the courthouse and heads to Chicago to try and find the bag lady. Meanwhile Jack is on the stand testifying for Parker. Carly drives around and finally spots the bag lady and runs after her. She tells the woman she didn’t call the police. The woman says she doesn’t want any trouble. Carly shows her Kit’s picture and asks her if she knows something about her. She explains that even if Kit was nice to her she did a very bad thing and now her son has to pay for it if they can’t find someone to help him. She tells the woman that this is her chance to help someone.

The woman said that she doesn’t think it is fair that Carly’s son has to pay for something that Kit did wrong. She hands Carly something that was in the coat pocket that Kit gave her. It is a receipt from a Liquor Store with a date and a time on it. Carly tells her this could prove that Kit was in Oakdale that day and not in Chicago like she claimed she was. She thanks the bag lady by handing her some money and then gets in her car. Carly gets back to the courthouse just before Jack is about to leave with Katie. She tells Jack she has what it will take to prove Parker is innocent.

Margo goes home to get some work done. After she gets home she receives a package. She asks the delivery boy is she has to sign for it and he says not this time. When she opens it all she finds is a card with a little gun on the corner. On the card it says I’ll be there when you least expect it. She calls the police. When they get there she has them go find the kid that delivered the box. When he gets there he swears he didn’t do anything, he just ran into a guy that offered him $100 to deliver the package. She shows him Gray’s picture and he says that is the person who gave him the money. Margo calls Casey and makes him promise not to ditch the guard that is following him.

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