Carly is outside the scenic shop when she has second thoughts about going in so she calls Jack. He tells her not to go in there. He didn’t want her to go without him. She tells him she is sorry but she had to do it for Parker. Carly doesn’t listen to Jack and she goes inside the warehouse anyway and once in there she has memories of the night she shot Kit.

Katie is at the TV station and all she can do is think about Brad. She calls Margo and asks her to join her for lunch then admits she can use some sisterly advice. Margo tells her to come in 30 minutes. When Margo hangs up a detective tells her someone is on the phone asking only for her. When she answers all she hears is someone calling her Mom saying he is Adam and asks her to come down to the church to meet him. When he hangs up Margo calls Tom and tells him something strange has happened and asks him to come down to the police station.

The caller was Matt and he is still at the church. Gray walks up and tells him he told him to set the church on fire and wants to know what he is waiting for. Matt tells him he is working on it. When Gray turns his back to Matt, Matt hits him over the head and knocks him out. Matt unlocks the door at the church and Henry and Vienna hear it. They get dressed and hurry out of the building. When Matt watches them leave he turns around only to find Gray awake with a gun pointing at him. Matt tells him he isn’t going to help him harm innocent people. Gray tells him that Tom and Margo Hughes are not innocent people. Because of them his brother is dead. He tells Matt he crossed the wrong person this time and then pulls the trigger shooting Matt.

Katie walks in at the police station and Margo tells her that an emergency came up and she can’t go with her. Tom walks in and they tell Katie they will explain it to her later and they leave. When Margo and Tom get to the church Adam is not there. They look around and see someone lying on the ground thinking it is Adam but they find out it is Matt. When they call 911 they ask Matt what happened and he tells them Gray shot him. He tells Margo he had orders to get them there at the church. Margo asks Matt where they can find Gray now. He tells her there is a paper in his pocket that will tell her. When she gets it out his pocket they take Matt to the hospital. Margo recognizes the name of the Scenic Shop as the same place where Henry was held captive and Jack was shot.

Alison and Casey see Brad and Bonnie and ask her for help getting into the computer at the police station. When they tell them they need some information on Gray Brad tells them that man is nothing but bad news. They get Bonnie to agree to help them and they all decide to meet down at the police station.

Carly is digging in files she found at the Scenic Shop when suddenly Gray appears asking what is she doing there. She makes up some story about looking for a costume she ordered. She asks him if he works there and he tells her he owns the building and he could have her arrested for trespassing. He tells her he wants her off his property now. She tells him this is about her son, but Gray could care less and isn’t interested. She shows him pictures of Kit asking him if he recognizes this woman. He says no but when he hears sirens he runs out the room.

Tom goes to see Jack and tells him about Matt getting shot. The nurse makes Tom promise not to do anything to raise Jack’s blood pressure. Jack tells him he can’t do any more harm to him than Carly has done and then tells him about her going to The Scenic Shop. Casey goes in Jack’s room and tells Tom who Gray really is. Tom asks him if his mother knows and Casey tells him he called her to let her know.

All the pieces are being put together and Casey finds out that Gray is really the man that raped Margo. When he calls Margo and tells her about it she says it is too much of a coincidence not to be the same man. She tells him he did good and thanks him but she has to hang up. When Margo gets to the warehouse she runs into Carly and after each admits why they are there Margo tells Carly she needs to go but Carly doesn’t want to.

Brad and Bonnie got to the Lakeview and see Vienna and Henry together. Henry advises Brad that drowning himself with alcohol to forget one woman and then going to another one so quick is a big mistake. Meanwhile Bonnie and Vienna exchange a few cheap shots at each other but is broken up by Brad and Henry. Brad takes the bottle of Champagne that Gray ordered to be left for Henry and Vienna, which Henry turned down. When he takes a swallow of it he starts choking then falls to the floor. Henry tells Vienna to call 911 but Brad starts laughing saying he was only joking. Henry doesn’t think that was funny so he and Vienna go upstairs. Brad takes the bottle of Champagne and drinks more of it.

Henry and Vienna go into Katie’s hotel room only to find Katie sitting there. Katie tells them she is glad they are back together and leaves the room going downstairs. After they make love Henry agrees to put all of this in their past. Katie goes down to the bar in the lobby and orders a drink. She sees Brad as he is drinking and she sees him pass out. Bonnie thinks he is playing another joke but Katie tells her he isn’t breathing and to call 911.

Alison and Casey wait for Matt to get out of surgery. He is surprised that they are not mad at him. They tell him that he came through in the long run to save Margo. He warns them that Gray never stops til he finishes what he sets out to do.

Jan Barrett

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