Hallie is sick and Cole shows up at the hospital claiming he has grown up and he feels bad about what he done in the past but Gwen and Will don’t buy it. He says he is the biological father and has every right to be there. Sofie tells him the baby belongs to Gwen and Will now, but he says they gave the baby back to her though. Sofie asks Gwen and Will to leave so she can handle Cole. Sofie tells Cole she never wants to see him again. He leaves after she tells him to. He calls someone telling them he is there and it may be tough but he may still be able to pull this off. When Sofie goes to check up on the baby, the nurse tells her the baby is fine and out of recovery. She tells Sofie the father of the baby was there and he has the baby. She says he told them he was bringing the baby to her. Sofie starts crying saying oh my God no. She says he is going to kidnap the baby.

Gwen and Will are in the stairwell at the hospital when they spot Cole with the baby and start chasing him after they yell out to him to stop. He runs with Hallie in his arms. Will sends Gwen to get security. Cole threatens to drop Hallie down the stairwell if he doesn’t let him go. Gwen comes back in with security and scares Cole. He throws the baby and Will catches her and then Cole runs off with security following him. Gwen and Will bring Hallie back to Sofie. The security officer tells them they lost Cole. Will says they will find him after Sofie says he is still out there. Sofie stands there and tells Gwen and Will she has to face it. She is not ready to be a mom. She says she can’t handle all of this. She leaves them there with the baby.

Carly is at the warehouse in Chicago looking at tapes but can find nothing to help her. As she was leaving one of the guards there mention putting the tape back mentioning a date. She says no that isn’t the date she was there. She says she was there on a Friday. She must have been looking at the wrong tape. He tells the man to put this one back and to bring him the right tape. Carly thanks them. While looking at the second tape Carly spots Kit dressed as a bag lady and she gets them to give her a still photo of it. She takes it to the hospital and shows Jack, who just so happened to have just told Katie that he would like a second chance with her. Carly shows the picture to Jack and he thinks this is a good thing. He asks Katie to go on television again.

Vienna goes to see Gray. He says he thought she told him good bye for good. She says she did but she has to give him back the diamonds he gave her. He tells her they belong to her. She says she can’t keep them because the only way she can get Henry back is to give them up. Gray says she and Henry will be together again, he will make sure of it. When she goes in the kitchen Gray calls Matt who can’t talk at the moment. He tells Matt to make sure this buy propecia in south africa time that he doesn’t mess things up. Meanwhile Henry is at The Lakeview with Brad getting drunk with Brad drowning in their sorrows over having broken hearts and swearing off women. Henry receives a note from Vienna to meet her at the church and starts to go but Brad stops him. Henry just ignores Brad and leaves anyway.

Katie calls Brad and tells him to meet her at the TV station. Once there Brad is still too drunk to focus so Carly steps in and tells the public that she needs help with the photo begging anyone that may have seen this woman to call them. After they are off the air the phones start to ring. Brad makes a sarcastic remark about Katie running to Jack as usual. She apologizes for sending him mixed signals.

Matt is with Alison and he tells her they need to talk. She apologizes for all the questions about him saying they have more to do with her than him. She says she just thinks she is ready here to take a chance. Matt is surprised. He tells her she was right about Gray. He admits that he does work for Gray and he is a dangerous man. He tells her he has to go but he asks her to warn Casey and his family that Gray is dangerous. He says Casey’s family has been good to him and he doesn’t want to see them hurt.

Barbara talks to Kim and decides to confide in her about her cancer. She tells her the situation with Gwen and Will and the baby using that as an excuse as to why she hasn’t told them about her having cancer. Kim tells her she understands that but she says she has to put her health as a top priority now.

Vienna meets Henry at the church. They confess to each other that they love each other. She asks him to promise her here in the church. He asks what she wants to do. She takes his hands and tells him to repeat after her. She tells him to swear that he will never leave her as long as he lives. She repeats the same vows to him as well. Gray is outside the church as they say these vows to each other pouring gas around the church. Henry and Vienna kiss each other and they decide to go home. When they try to leave they find they are locked in the church and just accept it and start kissing each other again. Outside Matt shows up and Gray tells him to take over because he can’t be seen there. As soon as Gray leaves Matt calls Margo.

Carly tells Jack they had a caller that may have remembered seeing Kit in Chicago. He says it may not be enough. They need proof that it was Kit without any doubt. Carly thinks about the warehouse and says that must be where Kit got her costume. Jack tells her he is not going to let her go there alone.

When the doctors comes in to check Jack, Carly writes him a note leaving it with a nurse telling him she has to go and she takes off. When Jack gets the message he gets upset and tries to call her but she doesn’t answer her phone. When she gets to Chicago she gets his phone message but she doesn’t call him back. She ignores the crime scene tapes and goes into the warehouse anyway.

Jan Barrett

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