Carly chases after Kit. She yells for her to stop. Kit tells her if she shoots her it still won’t free her son. Carly tells her as she points the gun at Kit that she isn’t afraid. Kit fires two shots at her and then she fires one at Kit and hits her. When Kit goes to the ground she runs over to her and asks her if she killed Sam. Kit just says damn you as her last words then she dies. She runs back to the warehouse to check on Jack. He had been shot too.

Alison goes to see Casey to ask questions about Matt. She tells him she deserves to know the truth about the guy before she gets involved with him. She tells Casey about all the information she has on Gray and tells him she thinks Matt is on Gray’s payroll. Casey later goes to Will and asks him to help him find some information down at the station on Gray.

Vienna is about to leave the hotel room when Gray stops her asking where she is going. He tells her she forgot her new bracelet. She says she has to go check with Katie and Brad to see if they have heard anything from Henry. Gray talks her into letting him make some calls and see if he can find them. Vienna believes him so she goes off to freshen up while he makes a call. He talks to Matt and Matt tells him Henry escaped. He tells Matt to make sure this looks like it was someone else that kidnapped him.

The ambulance is about to take Jack to the hospital. Brad tells Katie she needs to be checked because she could have a concussion. They are about to go when she remembers they forgot about Henry so they go looking for him. Meanwhile Carly is being questioned about what happened by the cops. She tells them Kit shot Jack so she went after her. She says Kit fired at her so she fired back. They say they are going to have to ask more later but she says for now she would like to go to the hospital with Jack. They agree that it would be ok. When she starts to get into the ambulance they ask if she is a relative. She hesitates and then says she is his wife.

Gwen meets Carly at the hospital. Carly says the bullet missed Jack’s heart but he is still in critical condition, they have to do surgery. They take Katie to a room to have her checked out. Henry is there when Gray walks in with Vienna. She runs to him and hugs him saying she was so worried after he left that note. Henry tells her he never left that note. He says he was kidnapped and someone else left that note, not him. She asks who would do such a thing. Henry tells her to ask her boyfriend. Vienna turns around and looks at Gray. Gray denies it but Henry calls him a liar and starts to fight him but Brad stops him.

The doctor comes in to talk to the family after Jack is out of surgery and he says Jack should make a complete recovery. When everyone is out of the room Carly tells Jack that she needs him so much. He smiles as he wakes up and tells her he isn’t going anywhere. Margo comes in and asks Carly what happened. Margo asks her to please tell her that Kit confessed to killing Sam before she died. Carly says no she didn’t. Margo says so she killed the only other suspect that they had in the murder of Sam.

When Margo leaves she finds Henry out in the hall and he tells her he wants to see Gray arrested, but Margo tells him to come down to the station and they can take a statement. They all leave to do that but when Margo gets back to the station she is surprised to see Will and Casey down there. They tell her they are only there to do some research.

Back out in the station a man comes in and says he is there to make a confession. He says he kidnapped Henry. They decide to book the guy even though Henry doesn’t believe his story but Margo is forced to release Gray. Gray tells Vienna that they need to celebrate tonight. He tells her to go home and get dressed up. Later at the Lakeview Casey overhears Gray telling Matt congratulations on getting Irv Winer to confess to kidnapping Henry. Matt tells him that is nothing, wait til he gets the bill. Gray tells him it is only money and then walks away.

Gwen brings Parker to the hospital to see Jack. He wants to know if they arrested Kit. Carly tells him no, she had to shoot Kit. He says oh great now they have no way to prove he is innocent. Carly gets Gwen to take Parker home but when he leaves she looks over at Jack with one of those worried looks.  Margo comes back to the station and tells Carly that the DA is going to continue with the charges on Parker. She says since Kit didn’t give a confession they have no other choice. When Margo leaves Carly turns the lights out and crawls up next to Jack on his bed.

Looks like Katie is going to be ok but Brad takes her home and tucks her in. He tells her a wild fairytale bedtime story and then tells her to get some sleep. He covers her up and then decides to stay with her to watch over her.

Jan Barrett

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