Lily and Emma are preparing for a wedding for Ameera and Noah. Ameera wants to get married there at the farm instead of in a church. Noah asks Luke to be his best man and Luke agrees. Luke helps Noah write his wedding vows.

Aaron is at the farm talking to Luke telling him he is leaving town but offers Luke some advice. While they are talking Ameera comes down dressed in white. She tells them Lily helped her get ready. Emma says so are we ready for a wedding. Ameera looks over at Luke. Emma tells Luke love is sometimes a big sacrifice. He says he knows. He has seen how much his mom and dad has sacrificed and how much she has. She tells Luke she is so blessed to have him as a grandson. Noah comes downstairs and Ameera asks him if he is sure about this. He looks over at Luke, then back at her and says yes he is sure.

Noah and Ameera are married and Noah kisses his bride on the cheek. They all go inside for a wedding dinner with the family. Luke makes a toast as the groom’s best man. Emma says a prayer to bless the food and then tells them all to dig in. Once most have gone to bed, Noah and Luke look at the marriage license. Luke tells him that he is hoping that one day they have one of those with both of their names on it too. Holden asks Lily if maybe one day soon they can renew their wedding vows if she would like to. Lily smiles and says yes that would be really nice.

Aaron is at Yo’s when Alison walks in and finds him on the phone. He is making reservations for his flight to leave town. She asks him when does he leave and he says a few more hours. He is on his way to the airport now. She asks him about his mom. He doesn’t know much about it right now. They talk about when his Mom was sick before and how much things have changed with them since then.

Brad and Katie are worried about Henry. She thinks Brad is making a move on her but he says he is too worried about Henry to do that. Meanwhile Henry is still tied up in the warehouse singing and he can’t get loose. He remembers he has his cell phone and finds a way to get it out of his pocket and then he calls Katie. She tells him they are on their way but where is he. He figures out that he is in a warehouse called The Chicago Loop Scene Shop. On the way Katie finds the address and she tells Brad to drive faster. While waiting Henry sits there talking to the dummy he looks up and sees Kit standing there and she knocks him out.

They figured out that Cowboy Jack was made at The Chicago Loop Scene Shop. Carly says that is where Kit lured her to. She wants to go back there but Jack refuses to let her go alone. Jack and Carly ditch the policeman that’s been watching them on their way to Chicago.

Kit hears Brad and Katie as they get to the warehouse but she hides. Jack and Carly drive up and start looking around. Carly says this place is so creepy. Jack sees Brad and pulls his gun out not knowing who it is right away, then Katie walks in behind Jack and Carly, making Jack swing his gun back towards her. They say something about Henry then suddenly all the lights go out and everyone screams. They walk around looking for Henry but Brad wants them to stay together.

Katie takes off on her own looking. Jack and Carly are walking around when suddenly Cowboy Jack falls almost hitting them and they hear a laugh sounding like Sam’s voice. Jack asks if she is ok and she says yes, at least they know Kit is there. They walk around more til they find Henry. Carly says they have to get him to the hospital now. Jack is trying to get the cuffs off of Henry. Katie calls out for Henry but Kit finds her and knocks her out. Brad calls out for Katie but he runs into Kit. She has the gun pulled on him. Jack and Carly walk in and Carly tells Kit it is over. She gets scared and fires the gun hitting Jack. Brad finds Katie and tries to wake her up. Kit runs off but Carly runs after her after yelling for Brad to call 911. Carly finds Kit and tells her to stop. Kit tells her she is not afraid. Kit shoots at Carly but Carly shoots back.

Jan Barrett

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