Will is at Paul’s and he finds out that Sofie is there with him and he blows up about it. When Will storms out Sofie tells Paul she can’t stay there, because it is causing too much trouble for him and his family. He tells her not to go. He doesn’t want to have to roam all over the mansion all alone. She tells him so now she is a self pity case. She says no thanks and leaves with Hallie. She goes back to her room at the Lakeview and wonders how she will ever be able to take care of her daughter being a single mom now.

Alison went to Emily and asked her to see if she can find out anything about Gray. Emily finds a bunch of things. Her secretary tells Emily this Gray guy is an interesting guy. She finds out that Gray is really a thug from Chicago who went to Europe and changed his name and returned getting involved in a lot of illegal trades making a fortune from it.

Bob runs into Chris and tells him that Susan reported him as trying to do his rounds while drinking. Chris tells him no way would he do such a thing. Bob can see something is wrong and assuming that Chris has indeed been drinking he places him under suspension at the hospital. Chris leaves the hospital and heads over to Emily’s office and asks her why she did this to him. She pretends she doesn’t know what he is talking about until he tells her he got suspended from work because of it. She says she never meant for that to happen. She tells him ok it was a prank, she meant no harm. She says it was just a payback. He doesn’t buy it and thinks that Paul was behind it. He tells her God help her if she is doing Paul Ryan’s dirty work for him and he walks out. Chris goes to see Paul and accuses him of being behind what Emily did to him.

Matt follows orders from Gray by kidnapping Henry. He has him in the trunk of his car He puts Henry in a carrier and then puts him inside a warehouse where he wants to keep him. A worker tries stopping him but Matt tells him this is for Gray and since Gray owns the warehouse this is where Henry will stay. He ties Henry up and leaves him there. When Henry wakes up he sees Cowboy Jack sitting on the floor across from him. Henry starts talking to the dummy when he figures out that this must be Gray’s doings. He realizes that Vienna must be still in love with him and maybe that is why Gray had him kidnapped. Now he says he still has a chance with Vienna after all. When he sees he can’t get loose he starts singing Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

Meanwhile Vienna is at the Lakeview waiting patiently for him to show up for their talk. A note is delivered to her and when she opens it, it appears to be a note from Henry telling her he is not good enough for her and that Gray can be better for her so he is leaving town. The note says he is going to visit family to lick his wounds. Gray walks in and asks her where is Henry. She says he didn’t come, he dumped her again. He tells her how much of a coward Henry is. He tells her she is so much better off without him.

Brad and Katie walk up and Brad jumps on Vienna asking her how she could do this to Henry. She tells him she didn’t do anything, Henry dumped her and she shows him and Katie the note. Brad says he doesn’t understand this, when he left Henry he was trying to find the perfect thing to wear to meet her. Katie pulls Brad on the side and tells him she doesn’t think this note is legit. She says nothing in it sounds like something Henry would do. She is convinced that Henry is in trouble here.

Katie tells Vienna to not give up on Henry. She says they have a few things to do and then she will call her and they leave. Vienna says sure everyone just leaves her. After overhearing Brad and Katie talking, Matt pulls Gray to the side and tells him that he just might have a big problem now. Meanwhile Katie and Brad find all of Henry’s things still in his room but Brad finds a note supposedly from Henry saying he is all wrong for Vienna and he was going away for a few days and for them not to come looking for him. Katie says maybe he really did go away. Brad says no way. Something isn’t right and he is sure that Henry is in trouble. When they are leaving Katie gets an idea that this could be a plan with Henry for Brad to get her alone somewhere but Brad assures him that he has nothing to do with this and he is worried about Henry.

Barbara goes to Meg begging her to help them make Paul see that helping Sofie is a huge mistake. She tells her that his doing this will destroy his relationship with Will and Will is all the family he has left. Meg tells her that he still has her too. Barbara can’t tell her what she meant by that so she says she means that the bond between two brothers will be destroyed.

Meg decides to go talk to Paul. He is surprised to see her there. He asks her why she came. She told him about Barbara’s visit to her. She asks Paul if he is willing to lose his family for a stranger. She says she had to see if he was alright after she seen that his Mom and Will are upset. She tells him she has to admit she does still care about him. She says the problem is that they do care too much about each other. He tells her that he thought that he could help Sofie since they lost their own baby. He thought that perhaps in some weird way it could be his way of making up for it. She says she has to go and he asks her if he can call her. She says no, she doesn’t think that is a good idea. She starts to leave and he tells her she is his best friends, he wants to know if they can at least still be friends. She walks out.

Will is taking this really hard about Gwen giving Hallie back to Sofie. Gwen tells her he misses Hallie. Gwen tells him that she would never have been able to live with herself if they had kept Hallie. She says she doesn’t think she can live with this though if she doesn’t have him with her. He tells her yes he does miss Hallie but no matter what she is still important to him and he hugs her.

Jan Barrett

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