Will finds Gwen in the living room with Hallie. He asks her if something is wrong and she tells him no, she is fine. She starts crying saying she just can’t do this. She says she can’t sleep because all she can do is think about how they took the baby away from Sofie. Will tells her no she can’t be feeling this way. She says she can’t keep Sofie away from her baby. He tells her he will go talk to Bonnie and see what their legal issues are. He tells her not to do anything til he comes back.

Paul calls Sofie and he asks her how her dinner went with Chris. She tells him funny he should ask since she is with Chris now for dinner so she can’t talk. She tells him she will go see him after but he tells her not to bother and hangs up. Chris tries to warn her against Paul but she won’t listen She tells him to back off or she can leave right now, then their meal arrives.

Emily goes to Fairwinds and Paul asks her how much she hates Chris now. They talk about Sofie’s recent dates with Chris. Paul says someone needs to put Chris in his place but Emily wants nothing to do with it and leaves. Later she and Susan are at the Lakeview and they see Chris and Sofie having lunch and they are flirting around and Emily finds herself getting jealous as she watches them together. Aware of Emily’s lack of ability to sleep lately Susan offer her some sleeping pills before leaving the table telling her she really needs them. She says they will help put her to sleep.

While watching Chris with Sofie, Emily remembers Paul’s suggestion. She decides not to have lunch after all so she gets up to leave when Chris sees her and says hi. She walks over to say hi back and slips some of the pills into his cup and then she leaves. Later at the hospital a nurse notices Chris acting weird so she tells Susan about it. Susan spots him and he appears to have been drinking. She threatens to report him to the chief of staff over it.

Once Will is gone, Gwen grabs a diaper bag and leaves the house. She takes Hallie to the hotel room where Sofie is staying and waits for her. When Sofie walks up she asks Gwen what she is doing there. Gwen tells her she is there to give her baby back to her. She tells Sofie that she and Will never once stopped loving Hallie but she has to be the one to decide where Hallie belongs. She hands the baby to Sofie and then leaves. She is leaving the hotel when she runs into Will crying.

Hallie is crying and Sofie can’t help her. She walks with her and tries feeding her but nothing works. Sofie is in a panic. She gets the baby’s things and leaves The Lakeview. She runs into Barbara and tells her that Gwen gave Hallie back to her and this time she is not going to let anyone take her away from her again and then she leaves.

Sofie heads over to Paul’s for help. He wonders if she kidnapped the baby again. She tells him no that Gwen brought the baby to her. Paul offers to help her by starting off getting her some legal help to protect her. She gets Hallie settled down and Paul tells her he will help her now. She tells Paul she lives in a hotel room. She can’t take care of the baby and keep a fulltime job. She says she doesn’t know what she is going to do. He tells her he has an idea and invites her to come live with him at Fairwinds.

Vienna wakes up with Gray and tells him she has to go to work. He tells her that is why they have hired help. He accuses her of still thinking about Henry. She tells him she wasn’t thinking of him. After all she is there with him isn’t she. With that she gets out of bed. He gets out of bed and he asks her is she loves him. She asks him if he is falling in love with her. He says he has been thinking about it.

Henry rolls over hugging who he was dreaming to be Vienna only to wake up finding Brad there. They both jump out of the bed really fast After they realize why each other is there to begin with they get ready and end up in Old Town in front of Al’s Diner. Brad tells Henry to get in there and fight for Vienna. Henry finds his pride holding him back but Brad insists on him doing this. He tells Brad not to watch because this is very humiliating.

Brad tells him to just go in. When he does Gray tries to stop him from talking to Vienna but she stops Gray and tells him that she would like to hear what Henry has to say. Henry tells Vienna this is very difficult for him but he is begging her on his knees (as he gets on his knees) and begs her to take him back. Gray steps him wanting to throw him out but Vienna stops him again saying she wants to hear what he has to say. Vienna asks him why she should take him back. He starts naming off reasons, mentioning the incredible sex between them. Gray tells him to watch it but Henry says it is just the truth. She agrees to meet Henry later for drinks at the Lakeview to talk about it.

When Henry leaves she tells Gray that she has to meet with Henry. He pretends to understand then calls Matt and orders him to meet him. When he sees Matt he orders him to get rid of Henry. He says not to kill him but make it look like he blew town for a while.

Jan Barrett

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