Brad is burning dinner when Liberty walks in. She tells him that calling in for take out would be much easier. He tells her to pick something and he will pay. Janet arrives to save the day with a picnic dinner cooked. When Brad tells her that Katie is out of town for a few days Janet offers to heat it herself for them. Brad feels obligated so he invites Janet to join them even though Liberty doesn’t like it. She accuses Janet of doing this for herself and not for her. Brad goes for ice cream and Janet says he even remembered her favorite flavor. Liberty whispers that Janet scores again. They finish eating and Brad turns the baseball game on and Janet asks if she can stay and watch it with him. Liberty can’t stomach it so she leaves.

Cole is at Sofie’s door. She wants to know what the hell he is doing there. He tells her he is so proud of her and wanted to tell her. She tries to get rid of him when suddenly Barbara is at the door telling her she wants to talk to her. She makes Cole hide in the bathroom. She lets Barbara in and tries to get her to go get tea but Barbara yells at her about her phony rape charges on Paul and how she no longer will help her with her business. She storms out of the room. Cole comes out the bathroom and tells Sofie he isn’t going anywhere until she fills him in on what is going on. He asks her what she has done now. Cole and Sofie end up in bed together. Cole tries to get Sofie to give this some second thoughts about having Paul arrested. He thinks this would be a good way to get some money out of him. She tells him this is not about the money. She says she is not going to blackmail Paul. She kicks Cole out of her hotel room. He tells her she needs him to look after her now and he walks out.

Paul wants to have Sofie investigated but Meg wants him to stay away from Sofie so she says she will handle this. Paul doesn’t like her doing this alone but she says she can handle it. Barbara comes in and tells them that she just left Sofie. She is certain that Sofie has some mental issues and isn’t living in reality.

Meg goes to Mike and asks him for his help with Sofie. She describes how Sofie was when she found her at Fairwinds. Mike tells her that doesn’t sound like the same Sofie that he talked to that night. Meg tells him that he is the victim here just like Paul because he is seeing Sofie just like she wants him to see her. Mike agrees to help Meg but only to prove her wrong and to prove how bad Paul really is for her.

Jack goes to Carly’s finding JJ sitting outside. He sends him off to do his chores. When he goes inside he finds Parker hiding a book which happens to be “101 Ways To Rock A Woman’s World”. They talk about the book and about girls. Jack advises Parker to just be himself but Parker thinks he isn’t good enough. They settle down in front of the TV to watch the game When Jack goes in the kitchen to get snacks Liberty text messages Parker. When Jack comes back in he tells him he is tired and wants to go to bed. Once upstairs he sneaks out his bedroom window to meet Liberty.

Parker meets Liberty in Old Town. When they talk about the summer vacation he tells her he is going off to camp. Liberty teases him about it. Parker thinks she should stop trying to get out of going to summer school. She tells him that she is planning on having fun with Dylan. Parker pretends not to care which makes Liberty just storm off.

Parker goes home and finds Jack still watching the game there. Jack tells him he thought he was sleeping but Parker tells him he was just thinking. He says he was wondering if maybe he is a little too old to be going to camp now. This surprises Jack because he thought he wanted to go. Parker says he wonders if he could just stay here and get a summer job and hang out with his friends. Jack can’t help but wonder if this doesn’t have something to do with a girl.

While watching the game Janet pretends to fall asleep on the sofa. Liberty comes in and suggests that they take Janet back to the Lakeview but Brad says it is ok for her to just stay the night. He says it is the least they can do since she went through all the trouble to make dinner for them. When Brad and Liberty turn out the lights and go upstairs Janet smiles and then snuggles into the blanket Brad put over her.

Meg tells Paul she talked to Mike and he has agreed to help them. Paul is really upset saying that Mike is on Sofie’s side He thinks he will go back to Sofie and tell her what they are trying to do. He says all Mike wants to do is drive a wedge between them. She tells him it doesn’t matter because she loves him and she promises she will get him out of this as she hugs him.

Mike goes to the Lakeview to talk to Sofie. She is surprised to see him there. He tells her he just wanted her to know that she can call him anytime she needs someone to talk to. She thanks him for being a friend to her and she starts crying. She starts talking about her life and all that went wrong in it. When he asks her to tell him more about her past she clams up and tells him she is too tired tonight. Mike tells her good night and out in the hallway he calls Meg. He tells her he thinks he might have something for her. He says he is not sure if it is important but agrees to meet with her tomorrow and tell her about it.

Jan Barrett

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