Carly and Lily are planning to BBQ but as they are unpacking the food they both realize that neither of them have ever grilled before. Lily suggests that they call Holden and ask him to come help. Carly thinks back to Holden helping her off the horse and then she tells Lily that she thinks they can handle it. When they can’t get it started Lily calls Holden to get it started for them even though Carly doesn’t want her to. Holden tries getting out of it at first but then he agrees.

Luke is on the docks hoping he will find Noah when Lucinda gets there.. The real Coyle is with her. Luke tells him about a man claiming to be Coyle was with him earlier. Coyle gets a boat and refuses to let Lucinda or Luke go with him. Luke tells him if he leaves him there he will go to the newspapers.

The Colonel talks to one of the guys on the boat that hasn’t been able to get them out of the harbor yet. Ameera sees Noah but doesn’t say anything. When the guy walks away The Colonel asks her what she saw a few minutes earlier. He said he can tell she saw something. Ameera tells him she won’t go back to Iraq. When he grabs her and starts shaking her, Noah jumps out and tells him to let her go. The Colonel tells him that a political group in Iraq will pay him good money to return Ameera there. Ameera tells Noah if she goes back they will kill her. Noah says he will fight for her safety then he asks his father how come he can’t just do the right thing. Ameera notices a police boat in back of them. The Colonel grabs Noah and says he betrayed him. He shoves Noah down and then dives off the boat.  The police try taking Ameera into custody but Noah tells them she is his wife. Coyle says they have to question her to see if they can find the Colonel now. Then he blames Luke for putting Ameera’s life in danger.

Alison and Aaron meet with Bonnie at the Lakeview. Bonnie wants to hear from Alison in her own words what happened. She tells Bonnie about being kicked out of nursing school. Bonnie hesitates until Alison tells her that Chris also got her kicked off the patient care staff. Bonnie tells her she has a good case here, but advises her that winning a case like this could be the worse thing for her nursing career.

Chris meets with Tom about the sexual harassment case. He tells Tom he broke it off with her because she kept misleading her. He admits to Tom that he did talk to Brenda about giving Alison a second chance though. Tom calls Bob and they discuss this more. Bob tells Chris he should have let him handle this. Bonnie calls Tom and lets him know she is taking Alison’s case saying they are going to sue the hospital and Chris for sexual harassment. Tom warns Chris that this isn’t going to be easy.

Bob talks to Lisa and asks her if she can talk to Bonnie for him. He explains about Alison wanting to sue Chris and the hospital. Lisa calls Bonnie and questions her about Alison and Chris. Bonnie tells her they have a very good case. Lisa points out that the scandal will be bad for both the families and the hospital. Bonnie tells Lisa that Chris brought this on himself, leaving Lisa stunned.

Holden agrees to stay and eat after Lily invites him to stay. She asks him if he has come to any decisions about their marriage. He tells her he wants them to be a family, but he isn’t ready to move back in with her yet. She hugs him telling him this makes her so happy. Carly watches in the background. Later Lily says little Ethan feels like he is a bit feverish. Holden offers to take him home but Lily says it is ok she will take him. When she is gone Carly says in a flirting way that it looks like it is just the two of them now. Later Holden agrees to still give Sage horse back riding lessons.

Later in the kitchen things are tense between Carly and Holden while doing the dishes. Suddenly Holden sprays water and soap all over Carly and they start laughing. When Holden and the girls leave Sage notices the look on Carly’s face telling her she looks weird. A little later Sage comes into the kitchen and shows Carly a picture she drew of Holden. She starts talking about how excited she is about starting the riding lessons. She asks Carly if she will go with her and Carly agrees to. When Holden gets to Lily’s with the kids, she asks him what happened to him with his clothes all wet. Faith tells her that Carly and her Dad had an accident. Lily asks what she means. Holden says it was just a dishwashing thing.. Lily takes his shirt off for him saying she can’t let him go with a wet shirt on. .

Alison goes back to the hospital into the lounge. Chris walks in but when she tries to walk past him to leave he stops her. He says he doesn’t blame her but he says he didn’t get her kicked out of nursing school. He threatens to bring out the part about her porn movie saying if she brings him to court it won’t be kept a secret. She asks him if he would do that to her. He leaves the room making Alison think about this. Chris runs into Bob and he tells Chris that he just heard Alison came in for her shift but then she suddenly left. Chris tells him he just talked to Alison. Bob gets upset and calls Tom and tells him about it. Tom tells Chris he made a big mistake by talking to Alison. Tom warns him to stay away from Alison.

Aaron is at Java when Alison walks in and she tells him about running into Chris. He calls Bonnie and fills her in who says this just makes their case even stronger. Alison says she just isn’t so sure she can handle all this stress. Bonnie says that because Chris blocked her way making it impossible for her to do her job gives them more ammunition. Bonnie calls Tom and tells him to reign in on his client and keep him from harassing her client or even more charges will be files. She warns Alison that they may not play fair but Alison is ready to go for it.

Jan Barrett

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