Janet defends Brad telling Katie not to be mad at him for hitting the guy because he was defending her. The guy denies giving Janet the black eye. Janet finally admits it is true, that this man didn’t do it. Jack has no choice but to place Brad under arrest. They handcuff Brad and Janet says she might have enough money to bail him out but Katie tells her to stay there, that she has done enough now. When they go to leave Liberty walks up and wants to know what’s with all the hardware and then looks at her mother and accuse this being because of her.

Janet takes Liberty back into the room and they argue about Brad. Janet tells her this is all her fault. She says she told her that she could handle Bud on her own but she just had to go tell Brad. Liberty says that she did it because she was worried about her. When Janet is touched that she was worried about her, Liberty tells her she was worried until she got her Dad arrested then she gets mad and storms out.

At the station Brad tells Jack what happened. He says Bud is a bully. Katie says she heard Janet say that Bud didn’t hit Janet. Brad says he heard his daughter telling him that a man was beating her mother up. Kim walks into the police station and asks for Brad. Brad apologizes to her but Kim isn’t interested in his apology. She tells him he has put a mark on the show now and if the charges on him stick then he will lose his job. Katie tries to defend Brad to Kim but she says it doesn’t matter that he was provoked and she leaves.

Bud tells Katie that the only way he will drop the charges is if she will give him money and that Brad apologizes. Brad refuses to apologize so Bud won’t go for the deal. He says no deal unless he apologizes too. Janet and Katie tell Brad that Bud didn’t hit Janet but Brad doesn’t believe her. Bud gets mad and says forget the deal then and he leaves.

Later Jack and Katie go to find Bud and they offer him double the money. Bud doesn’t want to accept in fear that Jack will arrest him for blackmail. Jack says he is there as a friend not as a cop. He decides to take the money. When they go back to the station Brad is upset that she made the deal but he accepts it. When they leave the station to go to work, Janet tells Jack he can see that he still has feelings for Katie. He says not that it matters but he and Katie are just friends. Jack warns Janet that Brad and Katie are happy together and she shouldn’t keep trying to cause trouble between them.

Chris is in the stairwell talking to Brenda telling her it can’t get out that he had any influence over her decision to kick Alison out of nursing school. While they are talking Bob walks in and over hears them. Brenda swears to Bob that Alison being kicked out was her decision. She says Alison’s work had been sub par for far too long.

When Brenda leaves Bob talks to Chris more and he believes Chris’s story. When Chris leaves Susan walks up and Bob tells her about Brenda’s explanation as to why Alison got kicked out. She says she knew Alison was having problems with her classes. Bob tells her from now on to have her facts right before she goes around making more accusations.

At Java Alison has a run-in with another nursing student. She tells Allie that everyone is aware that she was kicked out of school because she wouldn’t sleep with Chris. Alison says she is not sleeping with Chris but the girl doesn’t believe her. Alison worries how she will be able to face everyone at the hospital now. Susan comes in and tells Alison that she can’t keep blaming her problems on Chris. Alison gets mad and leaves to go to work.

Chris asks an administrator at the hospital to take Alison out of patient care. When Alison is finished with her patient the administrator tell her that she is being removed from patient care. When she asks why the woman says it is because of a request by one of the doctors. Alison asks her which one and the woman tells her Chris. Alison is surprised so she looks for Chris and asks him about it. She asks him about him getting her removed from patient care now. When he tries to walk out she yells out to him that the funny thing about big men is that when they fall, they fall hard.

Aaron tells Susan about what he thinks about Chris. Susan doesn’t believe him. Aaron tells her that Chris has had Alison removed from patient care now. Susan asks him if Alison is going to fight this dismissal. Aaron says yes she is and she is going to need her support thought all of this.

When Kim sees Brad and Katie at WOAK they tell her that the charges against Brad were dropped. She warns Brad that from now on she will be watching him. She tells Katie they need to talk about her trip. When Kim leaves Brad tries to hug Katie but she pulls away from him. Brad defends himself telling her he would have defended anyone, it wasn’t just Janet. He asks her to just let this go so they change the subject.

Jan Barrett

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