Carly is at home and all she can think about is when she and Holden made love. She checks her phone messages and hears a message from Holden. He tells her he thought about why she left and he understands. She plays it over and over again listening to it.

Holden goes by Lily’s house and asks if anyone is home. Lily comes out and tells him she had been worried sick about him. He tells her he slept on a broken bunk bed and she wishes she has been there with him. He is feeling guilty and he explains that he feels bad that he wasn’t there for their trip. He tells Lily he still wants to go Montana with her. She suggests that he goes up for a shower. When he goes upstairs Lily calls Carly and asks her to come get Ethan so she and Holden can spend some time alone together.

When Carly shows up Ethan goes outside with her telling her that he was so worried about her being in a ditch somewhere or something. She says she is fine and he asks her if she got his messages. She tells him yes. Lily walks outside and shows Carly the bracelet that Faith gave to Holden to bring to her that she made. Carly tells Lily that Faith was really excited about giving it to her. Lily wants to know how she knew about that. Carly says she can explain but before she can she turns to Holden and says he didn’t tell her that Carly was at the camp with him too. He says he was going to tell her but he just never got around to it. They explain how they stayed with the kids for the talent show. Lily asks Carly if she had to stay the night at the camp because of the storm. Carly lies saying she took the back roads and she got home safe. Holden goes up to get Ethan ready and Lily thanks Carly for doing this for her.

Paul is at the Lakeview when Sofie asks him if he told Meg that they are going to have a baby together. He tells her to keep quiet but she tells him that must mean he didn’t tell her. She says he is going to have to though because she is going to start showing soon. Barbara walks up wanting to know why Sofie is still there. Sofie tells Paul he should tell his mother but he tells her to stay out of it, so Sofie leaves. Barbara asks what is going on. Paul tells her that Sofie is pregnant and she is claming that he is the father.

Barbara tells Paul to take Sofie and have a sonogram done to find out the due date and do the math after that to see if it can be his baby. He tells her to hold that thought and he heads right over to Sofie’s room and tells her he is taking her to a doctor now. She tries to get out of this by saying there is no hurry. He tells her that if they do have this baby together, they still don’t have a future together. She tells him he doesn’t know that. He asks her to go to the hospital with him. She says anything for their baby and they leave.

At the hospital the doctor gives Sofie the drill on how to take care of herself being pregnant. Paul asks how many weeks pregnant she is. The doctor says she can’t be sure yet until the do a sonogram which they can schedule within a month. Paul tells her no, he wants it today, he has to know today.

After they eat Holden tells Lily he needs to get back to the farm but she talks him into staying by asking him to go upstairs with her. She shows him her sexy lingerie and he smiles but he thinks about Carly wearing it. Lily asks if something is going on because he hasn’t been the same since he got home. He tells her it is only because she is so beautiful and he takes her in his arms and they make love.

Later she tells him that was amazing. She asks Holden to move back in with her right away. He asks her if she is sure about that. She says yes and asks him isn’t he ready? He says yes but he wonders about the kids. She says she thinks that is what they really need. She says they love each other and he agrees. He tells her he will move back in with her and he looks forward to them being a family again. She says they have to get up because Carly will be bringing Ethan back soon.

When Carly gets there she asks Lily how it went. Lily tells her she is so happy, she says Holden is moving back in with her. Carly tells her she knows how much this means to her. Lily tells her she will always be grateful to her for her help. Holden comes in and Lily asks him to keep Carly company while she puts Ethan down for a nap. Carly looks at Holden and says she has to go. Holden says he will walk her out. Out the door he tells her they have to talk. She tells him she will be around. He goes back inside.

They meet at the farm. He tells Carly he wants things to be ok with him and Lily but it can’t be until he tells her that truth about them. Carly asks the truth about what. He says the truth that they slept together. Carly is freaking out. She says not to tell her because it will break Lily’s heart. She says if he tells her the truth she will lose her best friend. She says they can just put this in the past and pretend it never happened. He finally agrees and Carly leaves.

Meg stops by to see Barbara and they talk about the wedding. Meg asks where Paul is. Barbara tells her that he went on an errand. Meg tells her she is going to the hospital to pick up a friend for lunch and she leaves. Barbara calls Paul and warns him that he needs to get out of there quick. The doctor does the sonogram on Sofie while Paul is out the room and he gives her the pictures of the baby. He tells her she should be about 4 weeks or maybe a little less. When the doctor leaves, Sofie calls Cole and asks him to come to the hospital. She tells him to make sure no one sees him, especially Paul.

Meg sees Paul outside the room. She asks him what he is doing there. He says that Barbara called him and he decided he wants to pick her and her friend up and take them to dinner. Meg tells him he doesn’t have to do that but he insists so they all go to the Lakeview. Paul tells them that he wanted to celebrate since Meg finally said yes. Meg can’t help but notice that Paul seems distracted but he tells her he is fine.

Cole is lurking to make sure he isn’t seen. Sofie leaves the examining room. She shows him the sonogram picture and asks him to go to the medical records room and switch it for one of a baby that is about 20 millimeters long. He laughs at her asking if she is pregnant again. She ignores that but tells him that she will give him $10,000 if he does this for her so he agrees.

While having lunch Sofie calls Paul and tells him she has the sonogram results. While he is on the phone Meg interrupts and he tells her he has to leave and take care of some business. He promises when he gets back he will all be hers. Paul gets back to the hospital and the doctor shows him a picture of the sonogram and tells him that Sofie seems to be about 2 months pregnant. When the doctor leaves Sofie asks him if he believes her now.

Jan Barrett

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