Alison gets to talk to Brenda who lets her know that her lab scores aren’t good enough. Alison says she agrees and says that she went over her lab notes and found out what she did wrong. Brenda tells her she is a little too late now. Susan runs into Alison and she finds out that Alison has been kicked out of nursing school. Susan wants to know what happened between her and Chris. Susan thinks that Chris could be behind all this with the nursing school to get even with her for not sleeping with her. Alison doesn’t think Chris would do this to her but Susan seems pretty convinced that he could have.

Aaron finds Alison in Old Town and she tells him about the conversation with her mother about Chris. Aaron asks her what she is planning on doing about it. She says right now she isn’t sure what to do. She says she feels guilty for the situation and is starting to wonder if maybe she did lead Chris on.

Later Alison confronts Chris in front of his father about it and accuses him of causing her to get kicked out because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Chris defends himself and says Brenda makes her own decisions. Later Susan and Bob talk and he defends Chris just as Susan defends Alison. Chris runs into Brenda in the stairwell and tells her that everything they talked about concerning Alison has to remain confidential and she agrees.

Katie and Brad are having breakfast at Al’s diner. When they go in Brad asks Vienna why she is waiting on the tables. He wants to know why Janet isn’t working. Vienna says Janet called and said she isn’t coming in today. Brad defends Janet by saying well at least Janet called in and said she wasn’t coming in. Brad says there has to be something wrong. Katie says yeah it is because she is lazy and just rude. Brad says well he is going to go find out why and he starts to leave but Katie stops him.

When Henry comes into the Diner he finds Vienna bussing tables. He says she is the chef, she shouldn’t be bussing tables. She tells him she is doing what she has to do. He asks where Janet is and Vienna says she called in and said she couldn’t come in today. He tells Vienna he intends to make this up to her beginning with manicures and massages.

Noah and Luke are in New York looking for the Colonel. The intelligence officer, Coyle, catches up to him with a woman claiming to be a New York City police officer. They assure the guys that nothing is going to happen to them and The Colonel is not going to get away with this. They go back to the little dingy room where the Colonel held Ameera. They set up a plan using Noah as bait to draw the Colonel out but Luke doesn’t like it. Noah wants to do it anyway though. When Noah and Coyle leave Luke is looking at a map when suddenly the woman knocks Luke out. When he comes to he finds himself alone in the apartment. Luke runs out to catch up with Noah.

Noah and Coyle go down to the pier. Noah hesitates until Coyle reminds him that Luke Ameera will never be out of danger as long as the Colonel is free. Noah heads to the docks but when he gets there he realizes that Coyle isn’t there. Suddenly the Colonel pops out in front of him and then so is Coyle and the woman who claimed to be a cop. They have Ameera with them but Luke is no where to be seen. Noah figures out that Coyle has been working with his father. The colonel tells Noah he should have just stayed out of this. He grabs Ameera and takes her on the boat. As the boat pulls off Noah jumps on and lands on the back of it. He hangs on as the boat takes off.

Liberty calls Janet several times and can only get her voice mail so she decides to go to her hotel room and check on her. When she gets there she finds Janet with a huge black eye. When she leaves Janet, Liberty finds Brad and tells him about some guy beating Janet up so Brad goes off looking for the guy. Liberty stays with Katie while Brad is gone. Even though Katie isn’t worried about Brad being with Janet Liberty tries planting doubts in her head. Later Brad calls Katie and says everything is ok so she takes Liberty back to school.

Brad finds the guy Bud and talks to him. He tells Bud to stay away from Janet from now on. When Brad thinks he left Bud goes up to Janet’s room and fights with her asking her why she sent that man to beat him up. He accuses her of giving herself that black eye. When Janet tries calling for help Brad bursts into the room. The two men yell at each other and Brad punches the guy. Bud is about to call the police to report an assault just as Katie walks in.

Jan Barrett

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