Katie has a drink at Metro with Henry. He is working there covering for Carly. She asks him if people are always telling him their problems now. She asks him what does it say when your husband spends so much time with his girlfriend from high school that he got pregnant. Mike walks up and says it says he is crazy. Katie tells Mike about what is going on and he says he can relate. Mike offers to help but Katie says it is ok. When Katie leaves Henry talks to Mike about his own problems. He tells him he is trying to convince Carly to see Metro to him. He asks Mike to help him out. Mike wants nothing to do with it.

Holden and Carly kiss each other and he throws her down on the mattress as they kiss more. She tells him they can’t do this but he kisses her again. They end up making love. Carly wants to know what happens next but he isn’t sure. While they talk someone knocks on the door. Holden gets up and gets dressed and when he opens the door he finds Faith there. She asks him what took him so long to answer the door. She tells Holden they were out on a midnight raid and she thought she would stop by. She asks if she could go in. Carly rushes to get dressed and Faith is surprised to see her there. Faith gives Holden a bracelet and asks him to give it to Lily. Carly is gone after Holden comes back in from walking Faith back to her bunk. She left him a note telling him she will see him in the real world. He goes back to bed but he can’t stop thinking about Carly.

Jack walks in when Parker kisses Liberty. She makes an excuse saying they weren’t doing anything except studying. Jack says kissing isn’t studying. She says they just finished though. She asks Jack not to tell her mother but Jack just says he will see them around and leaves.

Jack goes home and brings up Parker’s kiss with Liberty. He says she isn’t the right girl for him. Parker goes upstairs to email Liberty but he can’t think of anything to say.

Janet kisses Brad and he tries pushing her away. She doesn’t pay attention to him. He tells her she doesn’t love her but she tells him she wants him and she is in love with him. He tells her he isn’t in love with her and he never has been. He tells her to stay away from Jack which confuses her. He says she needs to completely move on away from the Snyder family. He hugs her while she cries. Suddenly Liberty walks in and catches them taking it wrong what she sees. Brad explains to her what is going on and then tells her to be nice to her mother when he leaves. When he is gone Liberty tells Janet that she just blew everything.

Jack comes in and Janet cries to him that she poured her heart out to Brad and it is all his fault. She tells him what happened and he says he told her to get it out of her system, he didn’t tell her to do that. She says well that is how she interpreted it. After they talk she asks Jack to go have a drink with her. He says he can’t but then he asks her to go with him back to Carly’s and they can have a beer. Janet says she would like that so they leave together. When they get to Carly’s they have a beer together and they talk about their kids and their history. Jack offers another beer and goes to the kitchen to get it.

While he is gone Carly walks in. She is upset and she asks Janet who she is. Before she can answer Jack comes out and is surprised to see Carly. He tells her he thought she was stuck up at the camp. She just scolds Jack telling him he has some nerve bringing a date into her home and she goes to the kitchen. He follows her and tells her he isn’t a babysitter bringing a date over. She tells him she is right and she apologizes. She says she is tired and it was a long drive so she is going to bed. She heads upstairs and she tells Janet good night. Janet tells Jack, she makes quite a first impression which makes Jack laugh. When Janet is ready to go Jack offers to walk her home but Janet says he doesn’t have to. She advises him that whatever happened to put Carly in that mood happened before she got home so maybe he should talk to her.

When Liberty gets home Brad defends Janet to her. He tells her she needs to cut her mother some slack. Katie comes home and Brad tells her what happened. Katie says Thank God, and then she says she is glad that he has finally set Janet straight. They talk about Janet and Katie tells him what hurt her is that he didn’t see how obsessed Janet was from the beginning.

Liberty calls Parker and he tells her about his Dad’s talk to him. She tells him Jack is distracted by her mother’s problems so she thinks that they are in the clear for now. She thanks him for a great night. Parker assumes she means the kiss but he is hurt when she says they should do her homework more often.

Carly pokes her head into Parkers room and tells him she is home and she just wanted to check up on him. He doesn’t want to talk but she pressures him to. He says he feels like a stupid teenager and doesn’t know what to do. She tells him he won’t always feel this way. Later when Carly is back downstairs Jack goes back in and he asks her if everything is ok. She tells him the kids are all ok and she is too. He asks her if she is sure. She thanks him for checking up on her. He asks her if she needs to talk but she doesn’t want to. She starts going upstairs and just asks him to lock up when he leaves. Jack knows something is going on.

Jan Barrett

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