Janet sees Jack at the school. She asks him if he is moonlighting. He tells her he is there picking up his son. They talk about how the kids are about summer school. She brings up the tennis game and how she had a dream about it that night. She tells Jack he is a good guy and wonders if they can all get together sometime. Brad walks up and asks Janet what she is doing there. She tells him she is there to pick up Liberty. He says it is his day for that. She suggests that they can just wait together then. Liberty and Parker are surprised to see the whole family there. Brad says he has to get going but Janet suggests that they all go to get something to eat together. Brad agrees and says it is his treat. Janet asks Jack if he is coming and he says no because he doesn’t play these games.

When they get to Al’s Diner Brad and Janet are impressed at Liberty’s grades. Parker says he helped her study and thought she could do better than that. Liberty asks since she is doing so well, could she learn how to drive. Brad tells her if she keeps this up she can.

Parker invites Liberty to go to the show with her and Brad says it is ok. Liberty tells Parker outside that they should go to their house instead. She says Katie is working and her Mom has her Dad busy and she can’t see her letting him go anytime soon. Parker wants to know why and she tells him to study of course because she wants to get her driver’s license really bad. When they get to the house Liberty gets Parker to do his homework for her. He doesn’t want to but she talks him into it.

Janet asks Brad if he would like to go have a drink somewhere. He tells her Katie should be home soon and he would like to go spend some quality time with his wife. Jack comes in and Janet suggests that since Brad can’t go that he and she go have a drink together. Suddenly Brad changes his mind and says he can go after all. She asks about his quality time with Katie.

When Brad walks away Jack tells Janet she can’t keep doing this. He says she is using him to get his brother’s attention and there is no use in her denying it. She admits that she noticed when she is with him Brad pays her attention and she likes it. She says all she ever had of Brad is Liberty and now they are all there together like a family. He tells her that he and Brad have a sibling rivalry but he won’t let her use him to make Brad jealous. He tells her he likes her but if that is all she wants from him he wants her to tell him now and he will stay out of the picture.

She admits she likes him too but Brad is like an old habit to her. She says she had this idea in her head about the kind of father Brad would be so she was afraid to call him all those years. She tells Jack she is not a bad person. She admits that she can’t help herself but she does everything she can to get Brad’s attention. He tells her that Brad and Katie are happily married though. She says she knows. He tells her all he can say to her is to call him if she ever gets Brad out of her system.

Janet and Brad are at the Lakeview having a drink when they start talking about their school days. She tells him she was afraid to tell him she was pregnant. He asks her was he that big a jerk. She takes part of the blame saying she should have told him before now. She says maybe if she has showed up there before he married Katie. He says the main thing is now they know and he is there for Liberty. Janet gets Brad to go up to her room with him so she can give him Liberty’s shoes for school tomorrow. When they get to the room, Janet makes her move on Brad and kisses him. Meanwhile at Brad’s house Parker goes to Liberty when she goes to the kitchen for a soda and kisses her just as Jack walks in the door.

Holden goes to the summer camp where the girls are saying he was in the area delivering a horse so he decided to go see them. Meanwhile Carly happens to be in the area dropping JJ off so she decides to go see Sage. She tells Sage she can’t stay all night but Sage talks her into staying for the talent show tonight. Holden is practicing archery with the girls and spending time with them while Carly is spending time with Sage.

The talent show is about to start when Holden heads over to find a seat and so is Carly. They run into each other and each have a smile on their faces. They explain how come they are there and Carly says it is a big coincidence but she says it is good though and she is glad. They sit together and watch the show. Carly is nervous as Sage comes out on stage singing. Holden holds his breath when the sister’s act comes out. He is choked up when he hears them sing so Carly grabs his hand holds it tight and they just look at each other.

The camp counselor has to cancel the rest of the show because of a storm heading their way. She wants everyone to head back to their bunks. Carly and Holden stand up saying they guess that is it and start to tell each other good bye. They give the girls kisses good bye. The girls send their love to Lily and Jack. Holden asks Carly if she will be ok and she says sure and she will see him back in Oakdale.

The camp counselor tells Carly she can’t go because of the storm. She says they have flash floods around there that washes out the roads within 10 minutes with no warnings so she can’t let them leave. Holden walks up and they tell him the same thing. Holden tells Carly later when they can see the rain already across the lake that he is going to go home anyway. Carly tells him it will be too dangerous with the flash floods. He tells her it will be more dangerous if he stays.

The next thing you see Carly in her bunkhouse starting to undress when Holden runs in real fast to get out the rain. He tells her Winky was right. He got a mile down the road and it was washed out. She tells him she was getting ready for bed and she was going to take the lower bunk if that is ok. He says ok. She takes her jacket off and climbs into bed. They start talking about how romantic Montana is. The way she describes it is in a seductive way. They get close to each other as they talk about it and then suddenly Holden pulls away and says he has to get out of there. Carly stops him telling him he can’t go out there. She tells him they didn’t do anything. He says not yet. She offers to make a pact that they won’t do anything but he says he can’t do that. She says they can just not talk but he still says he is going to sleep in his truck saying they will both be better off and he walks out leaving Carly baffled.

Carly is pacing the floor saying Holden is stubborn. Suddenly Holden comes back in and she tells him she was worried and he says so was he, that is why he came back. She notices his shirt is soaked so she offers to help him take it off. He climbs up in the bed and while lying down suddenly the top bunk cracks and comes down at the foot. Carly jumps off the bed just in time and when Holden looks back at her they laugh. Carly tells him that Winky is going to blame him. When they remove the mattress from the top bunk they trip and fall next to each other. Holden looks into her eyes and he kisses her.

Jan Barrett

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