Noah is working at Java when Luke walks in. He is surprised to see him working there. He orders coffee. Noah tells him he needs the job to pay for tuition. Luke offers to help him but Noah doesn’t want to borrow the money. The cops come in and tell Noah they need him to come with them to answers some questions and Luke offers to go with him. The cop shows Noah some of the Colonels things that washed up on shore in New York. They tell him that his father’s body has never been found but they have declared him dead. Noah is upset so Luke talks him into taking the rest of the day off.

Luke brings Noah home with him. Noah is still upset when he finds his fathers dog tags. Luke tries to comfort him but fails. Luke shows Noah some tapes of what his real father Damien did. He tells him this doesn’t make it any easier for him to see the bad things his father did, because he was his father. Noah cried saying he doesn’t know if he will turn out to be like his father. Noah decides to go back to work at Java. Luke follows him and tells him that he won’t try to convince him anymore that they belong together. He says but he will always be around if he needs him and then he walks away.

Bonnie tries to get Alison to eating something before going to court. Bonnie says they need to be better prepared for the trial starting with really hard questions about her drug addiction and the porn movies. Alison asks Aaron if he will promise her to leave the court room if Tom brings that DVD out. Aaron says that will only make it look like he is ashamed of her and he won’t let that happen.

Casey goes to Emily’s office and she tells him that the press has been ordered out of the court room and she knows this is Tom’s doings. Susan walks in and they all leave to go to the court room together. Aaron sees Chris and he asks him if he thought about the favor he asked of him. Chris says yes he did and he decided he doesn’t owe him a damn thing. Aaron tells him well he should think about what he owes Alison then. Alison walks up and Chris tells her they shouldn’t be doing this. She tells him then he shouldn’t have made this happen.

Emily won’t let Casey sit with her in the court room. Kim sees Emily and threatens her with a libel suit if she doesn’t quit printing lies about her son. Emily tells her there is nothing wrong with printing the truth and then she tells Kim to bring it on. Once they start the trial Bonnie questions the nursing school supervisor, Brenda. Brenda is on the stand under oath and she admits that Chris did influence her decision to keep Alison on the program. Tom asks to submit Alison’s grade report from nursing school. She asks Brenda about them. She says Alison was failing pure and simple so she made the decision that she wouldn’t make a good nurse. Bonnie gets Brenda to admit that she did talk to Chris about Alison on the day she kicked Alison out of nursing school.

Bonnie calls Alison to the stand next. She asks Alison about her relationship with Chris. Alison says they were friends but then they started dating. She says but she just couldn’t sleep with him. She says the first two times Chris seemed to understand but the third time he got mad. She says it was the same day the nursing exam results were posted. She says they argued and she left. Alison tells Bonnie that Chris thought she had slept with Aaron Snyder but she says she didn’t. She says she hadn’t slept with anyone, but she just let Chris think what he wanted to think.

After a recess was called, Tom asks Alison if she was a virgin. She tells the court how she was engaged to Chris a long time ago and how she got pregnant and lost the baby. Tom brings up her sexual past. She says she has intimacy issues. Tom asks the judge if he could introduce some evidence but Aaron interrupts saying this isn’t fair. The judge over rules and lets Tom continue. Tom starts to take out the video but Chris stops him. Tom decides not to use it.

Tom calls Chris to the stands next. He admits he did influence Brenda at first because he knew Alison had it in her to do better. He says he still thinks so but her grades just weren’t good enough. Bonnie cross examines Chris and asks him about what he told Brenda. He paints a pretty picture of what he told Brenda which throws Bonnie off and says no more questions.

The judge leaves the court room to make his decision. When he returns he says that both parties are partially to blame here. He says Chris influenced the nursing supervisor and he certainly was wrong and Alison because she really wasn’t quite ready for nursing school. He says it was her own limitation that caused her to be terminated from nursing school. So Chris wins the case.

Emily hurries out and calls the paper telling them to stop the presses. Casey wants to go with her but Tom asks him to come with them to celebrate. Emily tells him to go with his family. While the family celebrates at the Lakeview Kim talks about how Alison lies so much. Casey defends Alison to her. Chris yells at Casey telling him to get out.

Susan, Alison and Aaron arrive at the Lakeview and they see the Hughes in there celebrating so they decide not to go in. Susan has to go back to the hospital. Alison tells Aaron she would really like to be alone. When he leaves Alison goes in at the Lakeview and tells Chris off. She tells him she has changed and she isn’t the same girl that did those porn movies. She calls him a spineless dishonest man. She says that he never going to change because that is just who he is and she walks away.

Jan Barrett

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