Paul doesn’t want to believe that Sofie is pregnant. She says in that case she wants him to explain to her why the stick turned blue. He tells her because she is lying. He tells her he wants her to take another test in front of him. She says she only had the one test so he says he will go get another one. When he is leaving he tells her that when this is over with he wants her out of his life forever. When he is gone she holds her stomach and she says not to worry, he will come around.

Meg and Barbara talk about Sofie. Barbara tells her she wants Sofie out of Paul’s life. She wants her to put an end between Paul and Sofie. Barbara gets Meg to call Paul but he doesn’t answer his phone. Barbara talks Meg into going to get Paul from Sofie’s room. Sofie doesn’t want her there and shuts the door in her face.

Carly goes to the farm to see Holden. She tells him she wants to talk. She tells him he should go on that trip with Lily now and not put it off anymore. Holden tells Carly the reasons he can’t go on the trip right now. Carly tells him she doesn’t believe all his excuses. She says Lily deserves to go on this trip. She accuses him of avoiding this trip with his wife because of them. Carly tells Holden she is sorry but she is being selfish and shouldn’t have allowed their friendship to mess things up. She says she let the lines blur but he says he thinks they both crossed the line. Lily calls and interrupts them saying she is in dire need of her best friend. Carly looks back at Holden and then tells Lily she will be right there. She hangs up and tells Holden maybe they should look and see who they are really hurting here and she walks off.

Meg calls Paul again and he tells her when she gets his mother settled down to meet him out at the farm. He goes back to Sofie’s room with the test. He insists she leaves the bathroom door open. The test comes out positive but Paul still can’t believe it. He tells her he can’t believe this kid would be his. She says he is the only one that could be the father. He accuses her of sleeping around. She swears she loves him but he just calls her crazy. She wants to celebrate with Champagne but he says he doesn’t love her and they will never have a future together. He tells her that it was a mistake the night this baby was conceived.

He tells her he proposed to Meg tonight and she said yes. She asks if he really thinks Meg will want to marry him after she finds out she is carry his child. She tells him he has to tell her unless he wants her to. He warns her to stay away from Meg. He tells Sofie he doesn’t care what happens to her. Paul calls Lisa and asks her to just let Sofie stay as a favor to him. He tells her he will pay for Sofie’s room but asks her to keep it a secret. Lisa doesn’t like it but she agrees and says she doesn’t want to be pulled into this again.

When Holden comes back inside at the farm he finds Meg chilling champagne and he asks her what she is celebrating. She tells him about Paul’s proposal and he tells her she must be out of her mind. She wants him to be happy for her because this is what she really wants more than anything. Reluctantly Holden gives Meg his blessing.

Paul comes in and tells Meg they need to talk. Holden tells Paul if he hurts Meg again he will shoot him with Emma’s gun. When Holden leaves Meg goes on and on about the wedding that he can’t tell her about Sofie even though he tries to. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk about Sofie this afternoon. She says whatever happened with Sofie can wait. He tells her it is so nice to see her happy. She tells him he does that to her. He says he loves her and he would do anything for her. She smiles and tells him to marry her then.

Carly arrives to rescue Lily. She asks Lisa where Lily is and Lily says behind door number two. Lily comes out wearing a sexy negligee. Carly tells her she looks beautiful and it is perfect. When they leave Carly tries to get Lily to push Holden about going on their trip. Lily tells her that she and Holden are on their way back to each other but Carly puts doubts in her mind. Carly tells Lily if she wants Holden back she has to get him back, not only in their bed. She says he can’t be thinking of other things too.

Lily calls Holden and asks him to meet her at her house. When he gets there she brings up Montana. Holden tells her right away that he has changed his mind and he thinks they should go on their trip now. He says she has convinced him they should go now. He tells her that he thinks it is what they both need and it would be best to go now.

JJ sees Carly sitting on the sofa and he asks her if she is ok. He tells her he is bored. She jokes around and tells him she could give him more chores to do but he says he isn’t that bored. He asks if he can still go to camp if his doctor says he can go. She tells him that would be ok with her. She says she will call his doctor and if he says ok, she will drive him up there herself.

Sofie goes to talk to Barbara. Barbara tells Sofie not to try and play the little coy games with her. Sofie tells her that Paul knows who she really is. She says they really have to solve the problems between them. Barbara tells her she needs to get a grip on reality. Sofie hints around that they need to be friends. Sofie tells her she thinks Paul should be the one to tell her. When Sofie refuses to explain Barbara puts her out the room.

Jan Barrett

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