Meg and Paul go to the hospital to take Barbara home. Paul has a hard time believing that Sofie could have done this to his mother. Meg insists that Sofie wants him so much and she hates her so much that she would be willing to kill someone to get what she wants so Paul agrees to stay away from Sofie.

At the Lakeview Sofie is talking and Mike overhears her telling the girl that Meg has killed patients before. He interrupts and says he needs to talk to her. She wants nothing to do with him. She says he betrayed her by telling Meg about her school days. Mike doesn’t know what the big deal is about that but Sofie still won’t talk to him.

Paul and Meg get Barbara back into her room and settled in. Then they go down and talk to Lisa again about Sofie and they get her to evict Sofie. When Lisa sees Sofie she tells her to get out. Sofie knows Meg is behind this and swears not to let her get to her. Lisa tells her to pack her things and get out. When she leaves to go get security Sofie sees Meg getting off the elevator. She starts to slap Meg but Meg grabs her wrist and tells her to get a grip on herself. Meg tells her that Hallie is lucky to have Gwen and Will instead of a psycho like her. Sofie faints and Meg thinks she is faking it until Sofie doesn’t come to right away. Paul walks up and sees Sofie had fainted. When she comes to she sees Paul. Sofie is glad to see him but she tells him to make Meg go away. He tells her she has to go away because no one wants her here anymore. Sofie can’t believe Paul is behind getting her evicted. She tells Meg she will never forget what she has done to her and then walks out.

Mike hears Lisa giving the concierge instructions on what to do about Sofie. Lisa insists that she was the one that decided to kick Sofie out. He goes to talk to Sofie and offers to help her. She lets Mike in her room. He tells her she has to realize she is partially to blame in this and she says she knows. She starts talking about Paul raping her and is startled when Mike tells her he doesn’t believe her story anymore. Sofie tries to throw him out the door but she gets really weak again. When Mike tries to help her she tells him to go away. She says she is not faking this either. So Mike leaves her room.

When Paul goes back up to Barbara’s room Paul asks Meg to marry him. Meg tells him she isn’t sure she can. Barbara gets her things together and tells Meg not to wait for perfection and then starts to go. Meg stops her and she tells Paul Yes, she will marry him and then she hugs Paul. Sofie calls Paul and he tells Meg Sofie wants to see him. Meg agrees to let him go. When Paul gets to Sofie’s room she announces that she is pregnant.

Katie is at Al’s diner trying to get some breakfast when Janet starts to tell her about her night with Jack. Janet decides to take her break and joins Katie. Katie tells her that she can have Jack, just to stay away from Brad. Janet backs off and she says she isn’t interested in Brad and she won’t hurt Jack because men get over her pretty quick and then she says she has something to do and she leaves Katie sitting there.

Brad goes to the farm and talks to Jack. Jack thinks he is there to find out what happened between him and Janet. Brad tells him he was just worried about Janet that is all. Jack says Janet isn’t interested in him as a man, she is just interested in Brad because of Liberty. Brad advises Jack to look for a different kind of woman. Janet walks in and interrupts. She can tell she walked in on something. Jack tells her everything is fine and invites her to join him to go watch Parker’s tennis match.

When Brad gets to work at WOAK he grills Katie about her talk with Janet. He tells her to stay out of Jack and Janet’s love life. Katie can’t believe he would tell her that. He suggests that they go watch Parker play tennis.

At the tennis court Parker has a time concentrating on the game because of Liberty there watching him. The coach stops the practice. Liberty tells Parker that is understandable why he couldn’t concentrate. Parker pretends that he didn’t realize she was even there. Jack and Janet arrive to watch the game at the same time that Brad and Katie arrive. Liberty sees the four of them and then leads them to the stands so they can sit. After the game Janet asks Jack what’s next on the agenda. They all go to Old Town to Al’s Diner even though Brad thinks Liberty should come home. He gives in and lets Liberty go with Jack and Janet and then he and Katie go home. As Jack and Janet talk, Liberty tells them she and Parker are going outside to talk about homework.

Brad and Katie get home and he tells Katie he thinks Jack is trying to take Liberty from him. Katie tells him Jack is just being an uncle to her. Katie tells Brad she wants to know the real reason why he wanted to go to the game. She tells him she is tired of his jealousy of Jack. Liberty and Janet come in and Brad asks Janet what is really going on between her and Jack. She tells him it is none of his business but then she tells him that she and Jack are only friends. Katie asks Liberty what’s going on between her and Parker and Liberty says they are only friends too. Brad comes inside and tells Katie that there is nothing going on between Jack and Janet.

Jan Barrett

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