Holden asks Carly if she wants the same thing as he wants right now. She says it depends on what he wants. She says he told her he wanted to save his marriage. He tells her he wishes it were that simple. Holden tells her that she has been after him all week to talk to her and now she doesn’t want to. She tells him she is scared. He says he is too. She tells him they shouldn’t be doing this. Finally she tells him the truth is she can’t stop thinking about him and he says he feels the same way. She tells him he is married. He says if his marriage was perfect he wouldn’t be having these feelings. She tells him this is just flirtatious. He says it is real. She says so what if she feels it, it is still wrong.

Lily is out at the barn looking for Holden but can’t find him. She finds his phone when it starts ringing and now she is starting to get worried. She asks a stable hand if he has seen Holden but the guy says no but suggests Lily takes a look down by the stream for him.

Janet looks bored stiff in her hotel room so she calls Liberty and asks her to go to a movie with her. Brad lays the law down and says she can’t go because she has to study. She decides to go out alone. When she gets to a bar in the hotel she asks where people go for fun in this town. He tells her to go to Yo’s.

It is 80’s night so Brad talks Katie into going out.  Brad and Katie leave so Liberty texts Parker to come over. When he gets there they go into Katie and Brad’s bedroom to do homework and watch TV. Liberty falls asleep while Parker does the math work. He wakes her up and tells her he has the math done. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for his help.

Brad and Katie are dancing at Yo’s when he spots Janet there. Suddenly he tells Katie they should go. He talks to Janet and objects to her being there when he saw her with Jack. Katie interrupts and says Janet should be able to do what she wants. When Janet goes back to Jack Katie asks Brad if Janet being there was why he suddenly wanted to go. He says no and grabs her and they start dancing again. Janet asks Jack if it feels weird for him to see his ex there with his brother. Jack says it use to but not anymore. Brad can’t help but watch Jack and Janet which annoys Katie. Brad steps on Katie’s toes so they sit the dance out.

Janet hears her favorite high school song. It was the song they danced to at their prom. Janet asks Katie if she can borrow Brad just for one dance. Katie tells her to knock herself out. Janet starts talking about the old days and their prom. Brad says how weird it is that she is there flirting with his brother. At the bar Jack asks Katie if she is jealous of Janet and she says no. Later when another prom night song plays Janet starts to go back over to Brad but Jack stops her telling her that prom night was a long time ago and she needs to let it go.

Jack offers to take Janet home. Once they get to the Lakeview Janet asks Jack about farm life.  He tells her they all have their chores that have to be done but life there is great. He invites her to stop by sometimes. She invites him in her room for a drink but he says he can’t because he is driving.

When Katie and Brad get home they find Liberty in their bedroom watching TV. She shows them the homework Parker did for her and tells them she did it.  When Katie cleans up Brad admits to her that it bothered him seeing Jack with Janet because he is his brother. Katie tells him they have just as much right being together as they do. Brad goes to get a drink in the kitchen and calls Janet to make sure she got home OK. When he hangs up Janet mumbles, “Jealous boy”.

Holden and Carly are about to kiss when suddenly they hear Lily calling out for Holden so Carly takes off on her horse before Lily sees her. When Lily finds Holden she asks him what he is doing out there. He says to clear his head. He lets Lily ride his horse back and he walks leading it back to the barn. They find the horse that Carly was riding outside the barn and Lily asks him where that horse came from. She says it wasn’t there before.

When they get back to the house Lily is getting things organized for their trip when Holden asks her if she minds if they postpone the trip for a few weeks. He says that Eddie just isn’t ready to run the farm on his own. Lily thinks they can hire another hand but Holden insists he needs to be there. He says they can go to Montana in a few weeks.

Carly stops by saying she found a brochure for Montana but Lily tells her that Holden has decided not to go now. Lucinda calls and Lily tells Carly and Holden that she has to break the news to her. Holden offers to walk Carly to her car. Out on the porch Carly asks him how come he has postponed the trip. He tells her there is too much work to be done there on the farm but Carly doesn’t believe him. He walks back inside. He sees Lily is disappointed and he tells her he is sorry and they kiss. Carly watches from the window outside and looks mad.

Jan Barrett

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