Mike tries to get Sofie to call the police if she has been raped. Sofie acts really scared and tells Mike it was awful and she says she trusted him and she thought he cared about her. Mike asks her if she knows the guy that did this to her and she says it was Paul. Mike tells her that Paul is a sick man and tells her that she needs to turn him in but she refuses. She tells Mike she doesn’t want him to tell anyone about this. She changes it to the jewelry business and then she starts saying how good Paul has been with her. Mike gets confused but Sofie still refuses to tell anyone else and she runs out.

Meg and Paul are in each others arms smiling. When he kisses her she jumps up saying she thought she heard something but she thinks she is just being spooked. Meg worries that Sofie is disturbed and she is obsessed with Paul and she worries that she will be a problem. They start kissing and goofing off when suddenly Meg sees Mike walk in. She asks him what is he doing there and he asks her what she is doing there. She says Sofie had a temper tantrum and messed the place up and they were cleaning up. Mike says she would be destroying evidence. He says Paul raped Sofie. Paul is shocked and says Sofie would never say such a thing. Mike tells Meg to get out while she can but she defends Paul saying she knows him better than that. Mike gets mad and leaves.

Carly is at Metro and she is in trouble with problems. She starts to call Holden but hesitates as she thinks to when Holden helped her off the horse and how they got so close to each other. Henry comes in and saves the day for her. Later when they are talking Carly’s babysitter comes in and says she can’t watch Sage tonight because she has to go out of town on a family emergency. Carly asks Henry if he will run Metro tonight while she watches after Sage and he agrees.

Carly takes Sage over to Lily’s and finds Holden there. Holden just told Lily he was leaving for a few days. Carly tells Holden she wanted to ask Lily is she could watch Sage for her. She says she is surprised to see him because she thought he would be gone on his trip by now.

Lily walks in and asks Carly how she knows that he was going on a trip. She says Holden told her that he was going out of town. Lily says she will watch Sage and then goes to make more popcorn for the kids. Carly asks Holden if he is leaving because of her. She tells him that she was wondering if after what almost happened between them has something to do with it. Holden says she isn’t the reason. Lily walks up and asks what is going on between the two of them.

When Holden leaves Carly assures Lily that there is nothing going on with her and Holden. Carly goes out to the farm to catch Holden before he leaves. He is coming out the door to leave when she walks up. He tells her he is sorry but he is late. She tells him to please not do this to her. He assures her that his going away doesn’t have anything to do with her. He says he just needs time away. Carly says OK and then walks away.

Bonnie goes to Metro and she and Henry talk. She tells him how she got fired when she suggested that he got a share of Grey’s money as compensation. When she realizes that she is no longer working for that firm she says that means she is free to be his attorney if he still wants to go after compensation. She tells him if he loses the case then she gets no pay so he has nothing to lose. They agree to do this and just as Henry opens Champagne to celebrate Vienna walks in and sees Henry with Bonnie and gets upset. Henry tells her wait til she hears what’s going on. She tells Bonnie to stay away from her Henry. Henry explains to Vienna what he and Bonnie are planning and even though she wants nothing to do with the money, she goes along with their plan. Henry gets the two of them to call a truce and Vienna says she will but only for Henry.

Sofie is in her room daydreaming that Paul came to her room and apologized to her for how he treated her. Her daydream is interrupted by a knock at the door. She hurries up to answer the door and finds Meg standing there. She tells Sofie she has to tell the truth. She says she knows Paul didn’t rape her. Sofie tells her that she has no idea what Paul is capable of doing. Meg looks at her cuts and advises her to have them treated. Sofie tells her she wasn’t there so she doesn’t know what happened. She says her feelings for Paul are real and that he is the one that hurt her. Meg tells her that she was hurt and upset and now all she wants to do is get back at Paul.

Paul goes to Barbara and tells her what Sofie is accusing him of.  Barbara is in shock that Sofie would do such a thing. Barbara says she believes him and she knows that he didn’t rape Sofie. Barbara wonders if Sofie could have misunderstood him but he swears to her that nothing happened between them tonight. She tells Paul to focus on Meg and let her take care of Sofie.

Mike goes to see Margo and tells her that he doesn’t think anyone should get away with such a hideous crime. Margo doesn’t understand what is going on and he finally tells her about what Sofie told him. Margo goes to the Lakeview to talk to Sofie and she tells them she didn’t want him to talk to the cops. Margo tells her she understands but the longer she waits the harder it will be for her to prove her case. Sofie refuses to talk to them and Margo tells Mike to let her do this on her own.

When Margo leaves Mike tells Sofie through the door and tells her he didn’t mean to push her. When he starts walking away she opens the door and asks him not to go. Mike tells her that Paul called her delusional and even though she doesn’t like that she still insists on not going to the police. When Mike leaves she thinks back at what he told her that Paul said about her and she gets mad. She digs through her hamper and finds the panties she wore the night she made love with Paul.

Jan Barrett

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