Carly dreams about kissing Holden. At the same time he is sitting at the farm thinking about her. Lily comes down and startles him. He suggests a trip so they can have no distractions. Lily thinks about the cabin in Montana so she grabs the phone to call Carly and ask her for the keys. Holden stops her but she convinces him this is the best place to go. She says she has to meet her mother for a meeting and then they can make the arrangements. She asks him to call Carly and ask her about the cabin. Later Lily asks Lucinda if they can use the jet. Lucinda’s first thought is that Lily is running but she tells her that she is going on a trip with Holden.

When Holden calls Carly ignores the phone. She is working on the photo album with the pictures from the camp when Holden stops by. He asks her about the cabin keys and she gives him Hannah’s phone number. She offers him a cup of coffee, but he tells her he has to go. She tells him they need to talk about their kiss or it is going to continue to haunt them. Holden doesn’t want to talk about it. He just says that he can’t hang around her for a while. He thanks her for the phone number and starts to leave. She tells him she wants him to be happy. He says he is happy. She asks him how come he doesn’t act like it and quit running away from her. He says that it was just a kiss, and they agree that they will just forget about it. She tells him she will be hurt if they can’t be friends anymore. He tells her he just can’t be around her right now. He thanks her again for the cabin and leaves. Later Carly tries house cleaning but can’t concentrate so she leaves.

Holden goes back to Lily’s and is there when Lily gets home. He tells her the cabin is theirs. Lily makes a few calls while Holden goes out to the barn. While out at the barn Holden spots Carly. She says she didn’t want to bother him but she was just coming to go for a ride. He offers to go with her. He leads her to a stream in the woods and as they watch the water they think about the day after camp. Carly starts to walk away but he asks her to stay. Meanwhile Lily goes out to the barn to look for Holden.

Tom calls Emily about the headline he read in the Intruder. He threatens to have a gag order placed against the paper. She tells him to Gag on this and then she hangs up. When Tom sets the phone down he sees Casey and they argue over Emily. Casey defends Alison’s case saying the case is only about money. Chris comes in and sees the paper. When Casey leaves Tom advises Chris to keep away from Alison. They start going over what Chris can expect on the witness stand. Chris says he won’t offer Alison a settlement in this. Tom brings up the secret weapon, Alison’s porn DVD. Chris doesn’t want to use that but Tom says they may not have a choice. Chris changes his minds and says to use whatever he has to.

Casey goes to see Emily. While they are making love she asks him what Tom is up to. Casey starts telling her and then he asks her if she is asking him to spy on his Dad and Chris. He can’t believe she is asking him to do this. She tells him that maybe one day she will be smart and end this between them but it won’t be because of this. When Casey goes home Tom isn’t around so he snoops through his briefcase and finds the porn DVD. Tom walks in and asks what is going on. Casey tells Tom he can’t use the DVD against Alison. Tom argues with him and tells him he is not to say anything about this DVD to Emily. Casey asks why not, because it would be too unethical to him and then he just storms out of the house.

Alison is at work at the hospital when she notices other nurses giggling and pointing at her. Aaron comes in and she worries about him being there saying if Chris sees him he could have him arrested. Aaron reminds her that she is off duty so he invites her to go with him. He takes her to the pond and they sit in the sun for a while. He says he is sorry for upsetting her but he isn’t sorry about punching Chris. She admits she is worried about being questioned in court. Aaron thinks Bonnie is right thinking that Chris will pull out all her dark secrets. After they talk a little longer Alison kisses Aaron. He is surprised by her kiss. She asks him how come when they are not together as a couple, they get along so great. Casey interrupts their chat when he calls Alison and tells them to meet him at Emily’s.

When they get to Emily’s Casey tells them that Chris is going to use the DVD in court against Alison. Alison breaks down crying. Aaron has to leave saying he has some errands to do. Emily tries to find a way to keep them from using the DVD in court. Alison says her past keeps coming back to haunt her. Alison says the only way she can think of to stop this would be for her to drop the case. Casey leaves Emily and Alison alone to talk. Alison tells her she isn’t as strong as she is but she is just tired of fighting.

Chris is in the on-call room when Aaron walks in. He threatens to call the police but Aaron tells him he didn’t come there to punch his face in. He tells Chris he came there to ask a favor of him. He asks him not to use that DVD in court against Alison.  He tells Chris that before all this while Alison was in nursing school Alison wasn’t thinking about all the mistakes she made in her life. He tells him that Alison was turning her life around by going to nursing school and he took that away from her. Aaron says all she has is her dignity now and then he asks him to do right by her and he leaves.

Meanwhile Tom calls Alison and tells her he will have to use things against her in court even though he doesn’t want to. He offers her the chance to drop the charges against Chris. She tells him she thought about it but she has decides that she is a good person and she refuses to drop the charges. She thanks him for at least giving her the chance to bow out. He tells her ok then he guesses he will see her in court and they hang up.

Jan Barrett

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