Holden keeps thinking about his kiss with Carly. She walks in and interrupts his thoughts with JJ telling him that Emma said she would watch JJ since she has to work tonight. When JJ goes off to play games she tells Holden she can see by the look on his face that she is the last person he would like to see. She leaves and Holden starts to follow her but his phone rings and it is Lily. He invites her to dinner and they decide to dress up and go all out. While they are having dinner at the Lakeview Lily asks Holden if Carly was behind this date. He says Carly has nothing to do with it. She suggests they go dancing together and then they head for Metro.

Henry is filling in for Carly while she is gone when Bonnie walks in. She asks him if Vienna knows he is moonlighting there. He says this is only till Carly returns. Bonnie shows him a check she has for him as a settlement for Gray’s estate and Henry is more than happy with it. When Carly gets back Henry suggests to her that they should become business partners with Metro but she isn’t interested. Vienna walks in and Henry shows her the check Bonnie gave him but she just calls it dirty money. He tells her he doesn’t mind being filthy rich does she? When Bonnie leaves he tells Vienna that they could sell Al’s Diner and buy into Metro. He tells her that Carly turned down his offer but Vienna wants nothing to do with it.

Holden and Lily arrive at Metro. Holden tries to tell Carly he is sorry about them coming there but she blows him off saying there is no need for him to be sorry. She says this is what he and Lily need and that this is what they all need and then she walks away. Holden and Lily dance for a while then Holden has to take a phone call Lily goes to Carly and tells her how excited she is to be back on track with Holden. When Holden gets off the phone he gets Lily and they leave. Carly watches them leave and she asks Henry if he can cover for her and she leaves too.

Carly goes back to the farm to pick JJ up and finds Holden without a shirt on. She apologizes for barging in on him and is surprised to see Lily walk in. She tells Carly that things are finally starting to work out for her and Holden. Carly says she is happy for them and leaves once JJ comes down. Lily tells Holden she feels so sorry for Carly and she wonders if Jack would ever give her another chance. Holden can’t help but think about Carly. Meanwhile Carly gets home and all she can think about is Holden.

Meg goes up to check on Barbara and Cole is watching. He calls Sofie to warn her that Meg is on her way up so she needs to get out of there.  Barbara yells out who is there so Sofie hides just as Meg comes in and helps Barbara to the sofa. Sofie slips out the door while Meg is with Barbara. She meets Cole back at her room and he tells her he looked it up on the internet and saw where one dose of that medicine she got him to steal for her could kill someone and he isn’t so sure he is ready for that and he asks her if she is. She just looks up at him.

He tells her if someone is going to die he needs to get out of town and he needs money for that. She tells him to meet her later and she will get him some money. He asks her if she is holding back on him. She tells him that she had some money left in her account from the jewelry and she can get about $10,000 for him. He tells her if she is playing games with him it won’t be good and he leaves. She gets the check Paul gave her and leaves the hotel room.

Meg and Paul finally get Barbara to sleep. When Meg goes to check on her she tells Paul her pulse is weak and advises him to call 911. At the hospital Meg notices that the dose of morphine that she gave Barbara was the wrong dose. She confides in Paul who says he doesn’t believe she could have done that. Suddenly a code alert is being called for and doctors run into Barbara’s room. The doctor comes out and tells them that Barbara is breathing again but still isn’t out of the woods. Meg tells the doctor what she did and he tells her not only will this have to be reported to the hospital but to the police too.

When Paul leaves the hospital, Meg asks the duty nurse to see the logs of medications signed out and she sees that she did take a vial of 4 milligram morphine. She asks the nurse if this could have been a mistake and she says no but they did notice that a vial of 50 milligrams went missing after Meg left the hospital. When Paul comes back to the hospital Meg tells him about the missing vial of morphine. She tells him she thinks Sofie has something to do with it.

When Paul goes back to the Lakeview he runs into Sofie. She tries to ask him about his mother but he doesn’t have time. She asks him if maybe she should go visit her and he tells her that is not a good idea. She goes back to her room where she finds Cole. She tells him she is sure that Paul will get rid of Meg now. She hands Cole money and tells him to go buy himself a first class ticket and go far away. He tells her they have some unfinished business and he kisses her. He tells her he knows she wants this and then they make love.

When Luke finds out that Noah is at the police station with Ameera he goes right over there. Ameera tells Noah she is going back to a friend of her family’s to stay just as Luke walks in. She says she has filed for an annulment so Luke and Noah can be together now. She thanks them both for all that they have done for her.  She hugs them both and leaves.

Luke tries to get Noah to talk to him about their relationship but Noah clams up on him. Noah finally asks Luke about that guy Reg and he tells him he saw them together. Luke can’t believe that Noah would think he would move on to someone else that fast. He asks him if he really thinks he would turn to Reg so fast. When Noah doesn’t answer Luke gets mad and says he wonders why he always keeps falling for the wrong guys and he storms out.

Jan Barrett

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