Chris is having breakfast with Bob and Kim at the diner talking about the lawsuit when Susan walks in. She warns Chris to stay away from Alison. She tells Bob about Chris locking Alison in the on-call room. Chris says he only wanted to talk to her. Kim defends Chris which makes Susan mad. Kim calls Emily and Alison both desperate women. Susan calls Chris a bully. Bob watches as they argue. Susan says she won’t back down. When Susan leaves Bob asks Chris if he really did it and he admits to it. Bob gets upset and tells him he has got to take their advice and stay away from Alison.

Sofie gets the maid to let her into Barbara’s room. She has flowers and she notices the medicine on the side of the bed. She starts to walk over to it when suddenly Meg and Paul walk in. Meg asks her what she is doing there. Sofie plays the innocent one saying she was just bringing Barbara flowers. Barbara comes in and asks what is going on. Paul asks her if she let Sofie in. Barbara says no and asks her how she got in. She says she got the maid to let her in. Barbara wants Sofie out and nearly collapses yelling at her. Meg and Paul rush over to her and Meg helps her saying she will be ok as long as Sofie stays away from her.

Paul takes Sofie outside the room and tells her to stay away from his mother, Meg and him. When she leaves Paul asks Lisa to evict Sofie because she is stalking Barbara. When Paul returns to Barbara’s room he tells Meg what he did and she thanks him. She goes to the hospital to get some medical supplies and to get her last paycheck there.

Alison and Aaron are talking and she tells him about Chris locking her in the room to talk to her. He says she has got to tell Bonnie about it but she doesn’t think so. She makes Aaron promise to stay away from Chris. Later Susan meets up with Alison at Java. She tells her about what happened at the Diner. Alison can’t believe her mother went that far with it.

Sofie calls Cole and asks him to meet her at the Lakeview right away. When he gets there she tells him she needs him to help her get rid of Meg because she is ruining her relationship with Paul. Cole asks her if she is in love with Paul. She says yes she is but Meg is ruining her chances to be with him. He tells her that her false accusations of rape are what ruined it for her. She says she thinks Paul will get over that eventually. She just needs Meg out of the way. Cole isn’t interested and he starts to leave. She stops him by telling him she will pay him to help her. She tells him she needs him to steal something from the hospital for her and then he leaves.

Aaron heads for the hospital and finds Chris in the on-call room and he locks the door. Chris tries to leave but Aaron won’t let him by. Aaron asks Chris if he wasn’t trying to scare Alison before then what he was doing. Chris calls Aaron a Farm Boy and they start swinging at each other. Bob hears them fighting from out in the hall and opens the door. He finds them throwing punches at each other. Bob and the security guys manage to break up the fight and both Aaron and Chris are taken down town. Meg sees them and asks Aaron if he wants her to call his Dad. He says no he is just fine. When they take off Meg calls Alison and tells her about it.

Alison arrives at the police station and asks Aaron what happened. Chris accuses her of putting Aaron up to this. Dallas comes in and takes Chris’s statement. Bob says he needs to talk to Chris. He tells Chris they are not pressing charges against Aaron. He says Chris has gone too far this time and that his standing by Chris was a huge mistake. Chris leaves with Kim. She tells him he has got to start listening to his father. She tells him he will never win anything if he stoops to their level in a fight. Dallas tells Aaron that Chris isn’t pressing charges on him but warns him to stay away from Chris from now on. Alison takes Aaron back to the farm and he apologizes to her for going to Chris.

Paul is sitting at the bar when Sofie walks in. She shows him some pictures that Will and Gwen sent of them with Hallie. When Sofie starts to cry looking for sympathy from Paul he tells her she needs to move on with her life and be happy. When she leaves Paul tells Lisa that he changed his mind about her evicting Sofie. He says she should keep her home. Later he sees Meg and he tells her he changed his mind about getting Lisa to evict Sofie. Meg is surprised and mad. She tells him if Sofie isn’t leaving then she is and then she leaves. Paul follows her and they argue more about Sofie. He tells her he is trying to give Sofie a second chance and he did what he did for them. He tells her he wants to be the guy that she fell in love with. Paul tells her they have to let go and kicking Sofie out is not letting go.

Sofie and Cole meet in Old Town and he gives her the meds that she asked him to get. She tells him about Meg’s history with a patient’s death. She says Meg gave the patient too much of the wrong medication. She returns to the Lakeview and steals the maids key to get into Barbara’s room. She takes the meds that Cole got for her from her bag and places them by the bed by Barbara’s real medicine

Jan Barrett

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