Luke goes to the cottage to help Noah pack as he is moving out. They start arguing over how Noah feels inside.

Paul wakes up and looks around to find Meg standing looking out the window. Margo calls and tells Paul Sofie dropped the charges so she needs him to come down and sign some papers.

Sofie goes back to her hotel room and Cole asks her if she went to see Paul. She tells him yes she did. He asks if she asked for money in turn to drop the case. She says yes she asked for money. Cole wants to know what he said. She said he didn’t go for it. Cole says that is ok, he will eventually come around. She turns around and tells him no, Paul won’t because she went to the police station afterwards. Cole tells her she blew it. She tells him Paul would never laugh at her. He slips and says now they will never get any money out of Paul. She tells him he never wanted to be with her again, he just wanted the money so she throws him out the room.

Holden and Carly share a kiss. She starts to tell him something when she burns her hand. He runs for the ice chest to get her some ice and she tells him she would rather have a beer instead. He puts the ice on her hand and they look into each other’s eyes. They get into the car and head home. Holden asks her how her hand is and she says it is ok and then she asks him where he learned to hotwire a car, looking for a conversation other than the kiss. They go for miles without saying a word when Carly tries to get him to stop so they can talk. He says he thinks they just need to keep going.

When they get back to the farm Lily comes in and is all excited to see they are back as she hugs Holden, while Carly just looks at Holden. She wants to hear the scoop on how it was at camp. Holden says he needs to check on the horses so Carly can fill her in on it all. When he walks out Carly watches him through the window. Lily has a million questions. She asks Carly if the trip was good for them since when they left they weren’t on the best of terms. Carly smiles and tells her everything is just fine now. When Carly leaves Lily tells Holden she has something for him. He asks her what. She tells him an official welcome home and she kisses him.

When Paul leaves Meg is in the house at Fairwinds and she hears a door close. She calls out for Paul but Sofie walks in instead. Meg asks her what she is doing there. She says she came there to see Paul. Meg tells her that he isn’t there. She asks Meg to tell Paul she had been there. Meg says she warned her about going around Paul. Sofie says they worked things out and turns to walk out. Meg tells her she knows about the check Paul gave her. Sofie is surprised that he told her about the money. Meg asks her if she thought he wouldn’t. She tells Sofie that she knows about the charges being dropped. She wants Sofie to get over this obsession she has for Paul.

Lucinda sees Barbara down in the lobby at the Lakeview. She tells her she looks great. Barbara tells her she is so tired of being sick with this cancer in her mouth.  Lucinda advises her not to shut her family out when she needs them most. Lucinda tells her that they are cancer survivors and they should stick together.

Paul and Meg find Barbara and Meg takes her up to her room to rest. Paul says he will be right up and he runs into Sofie. He thanks her for dropping the charges. She tells him they both know it was the right thing for her to do. She asks him if it weren’t for Meg would they have had a chance. She asks him to just tell the truth saying she can handle it. He tells her it just isn’t that easy.

Luke runs into a friend of his at Java and they start talking. The guy asks if it is true that Noah married a girl from Iraq. He wants to know if this is true then what is going to happen with him. He asks if he is free to see other guys now. Luke tells him the idea of dating someone else just never crossed his mind. He says they just have to work some things out. The guy admits to him being interested in him. Luke blushes.

Later when Luke sees Noah he tells him about the friend asking him if he was free to date other guys. Luke starts screaming at Noah because it didn’t bother him. They start arguing over their relationship. Noah tells him he just needs … and Luke finishes it by saying he just needs that break that he keeps talking about. Noah nods his head as he says yes. Luke says nothing more, he just storms out.

Lucinda goes to the cottage to talk to Noah. He thanks her for letting him and Ameera stay there. She tells him it is ok for him to grieve for his father. She tells him how Luke was so scared in New York but he was determined to find him because he wasn’t going to come home without him. Meanwhile Luke goes back to Java and sees the friend of his.

Sofie sneaks into the hospital room and gets Meg’s ID card off of her uniform. She punches her ID code into the computer saying she is going to find out what mistakes she has made.

Carly goes home and connects her camera to her computer saying she knew she could do it. When she looks at the pictures she smiles until suddenly a bunch of them were of her and Holden with their arms around each other.

Jan Barrett

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