Meg meets with Paul in Old Town and she tells him she knows he didn’t trust Mike but he did give her some information that she thinks might be helpful. She tells him they have to go to Winnetka where Sofie went to school. She says they will have to pretend that they are married and Paul says if only they that were true.

They get to the convent and Meg says they have to find out how long Sofie has been playing the victim roll. A nun invites them in to talk and Meg makes up a story about trying to find a friend who was with alumnus. She tells the nun about Sofie but the nun says there is no one in their database named Sofie Duran.

Cole is waiting for Sofie at the Lakeview. He doesn’t want her to talk to Paul. She asks Cole what he wants from her. He says he wants to make up for the past because he feels guilty for what Paul did. When Sofie goes back to her room Meg comes by telling her that she knows she lied about her life in Winnetka. Sofie tells her she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Meg tells her about Sister Ann Sofie tells Meg to get out but before leaving Meg tells her she better tell the truth to the cops or she will rip her life apart.

Carly and Holden are sleeping when the horn wakes them both. Holden offers to help her down from the top bunk but she declines the offer. She tries getting down herself and conveniently falls into his arms. They look like they are about to kiss when the camp leader tells them they can’t be late so they look for their clothes and head out to meet the others. They end up playing games with the kids and Carly is constantly ending up in Holden’s arms. Faith ends up taking pictures of them with Carly in his arms.

Jack finds Parker at home on the sofa and teases him about not wanting to go to summer camp because of some girl. Parker tells him that he doesn’t want to go because he got a summer job. Jack says he is proud of him.

Parker runs into Liberty and tells her he won’t be going to camp this summer because he wants that summer job. She teases him about not being good enough so he challenges her in a game of tennis. Parker beats her and she asks him if he is sure he never played that before. She sees Dylan and flirts with him a little then walks off with him, leaving Parker not believing she did that like that.

On their way home Carly asks Holden to stop so she can view the scenery. While they are looking they are almost kissing when they notice that someone has stolen Holden’s car. Carly tells Holden she is going to get them a ride and tries getting a car to stop but she can’t. Holden tries and can’t either. Suddenly breaks screech and one of the cars backs up and picks them up. A woman tells them to get in and flirts with Holden the whole way to the gas station. Carly yells for her to stop when she sees Holden’s car. Carly says the keys and the phones are gone from the car though. Holden hot wires the car as he shows Carly how to do it. They are close to each other again and this time he kisses Carly.

Janet goes to Carly’s to ask Jack how JJ is doing While there JJ yells out for Jack and when he goes upstairs to check on him Janet walks into the kitchen and finds it a mess. She whispers that she can sure tell he is Brad’s brother. She decides to clean the kitchen for Jack. Jack thanks her but says he can’t help her with Brad like she wanted. When JJ calls out sick again Jack says he can’t give him anymore medication yet. Janet comes up with a home remedy which helps JJ feel better. They talk about life living on a farm when Parker comes in. Janet leaves and Parker tells Jack he has changed his mind about going to camp. Jack tells him it is too late now. Suddenly JJ calls out sick again and an exhausted Jack says Carly, you can come home anytime now.

Sofie sneaks over to Fairwinds to talk to Paul. She tells him she has made a mess of things and she is so confused. She tells him that Meg is threatening to destroy her life but says she has no life. Paul feels sorry for Sofie and tells her he knows it isn’t all her fault. She tells him that she can’t handle it if he hates her. He tries to encourage her to try and better her life with a fresh start. Paul writes out a check and hands it to her telling her to use this money to help gets started again. She takes the check and leaves.

Megs walks in right after Sofie leaves and tells him about how Sofie tricked her to get passed her. Paul tells her that Sofie only wanted a minute alone with him. He tells her about his visit with Sofie and how he gave her a check to help get her life back on track. Meg warns him that he made a mistake by given Sofie something with his name on it. He thinks there won’t be a problem with Sofie anymore now. Meanwhile Sofie takes the check straight to the Police station and asks to speak to Margo.

Jan Barrett

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