Bonnie tells Alison and Aaron that she really thinks they have a good case here. She says they need to get a court case as soon as possible. She calls Tom and tells him she talked to the judge and she is requesting an early court date. Tom says that is out of the question but Bonnie says that is how it is going to be. The hospital called and it is the nursing supervisor telling Alison that Chris’s orders to have her removed from patient care have been overruled and she can return to work. She thinks this could be a good sign but Bonnie tells her that is a trick to get her to drop the lawsuit and begs her not to fall for it.

Chris tells Kim about Alison’s accusations. He says he is worried that this will make Bob and the hospital look bad. Kim says she may be able to help. Later she meets with Susan. Right away Susan refuses to talk to her about Alison. Kim tells her this lawsuit can make the hospital and Alison look bad. She thinks as mothers of both parties they should step in. She says this it can damage both Alison’s and Chris’s reputation if this goes to court. Susan insists that Chris is to blame here and not Allie but Kim insists on talking about trying to end this.

Daniel, Casey and Emily all are home from their trip to New York. Daniel is telling Margo about his trip and how Emily wouldn’t let him go to the Museum of Sex. Margo says Mom’s always know best. Tom comes home and wants to talk to Casey and Margo asking Emily if she can let them talk. She starts to go but Tom brings up Alison’s lawsuit. Emily is surprised and says she knew nothing about this but she defends Alison. She starts to leave and Casey offers to go with her. She says no and for him to stay out of it and she leaves.

Margo tells Casey to come eat since this is a family dinner. They talk about the trip to New York and Daniel tells them that Casey and Emily stayed up all night watching pay per view movies. Margo finds that odd thinking she would have pictured Casey sight seeing New York City while he could. Daniel says all his Mom and Casey wanted to do was hang out together. Margo is suspicious now about what is going on between Casey and Emily.

Later Tom tells Casey he wants him to stay away from Emily and Alison until this lawsuit is over. Casey says that has nothing to do with him so he doesn’t think he should have to stay away from them. He says he will do what he wants to do and walks out. Tom looks at Margo and says, “That went well” and they both laugh.

Susan goes to the hospital and runs into Alison. Alison tells her the good news about being able to go back working with the patients again. Susan thinks Alison should rethink her lawsuit. Emily walks up and tells Susan to mind her own business. Then she turns to Alison and tells her to take out the big guns and blow that guy away. When Emily and Susan argue over what they think Alison should do, Alison interrupts and tells them she will make her own decisions and she storms out.

Alison runs into Aaron in Old Town and she tells him how her Mom and Emily were fighting over her filing this lawsuit. Aaron tells her she will be fine and he will stand by her in this. Even though she feels better now she is still worried.

Emily is back at her office when Casey walks in. He says he isn’t going to ignore her or Alison no matter what his father says because they are his friends. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away telling him their relationship has got to stop. Casey won’t listen to her as she goes on and on about their family connections and kisses her anyway. She gives in to him and makes him promise that no one can ever find out about them being together. They start kissing and removing their clothes. Casey lays her back on the desk after knocking everything off to the floor, and starts to make love to her.

Susan goes to Kim’s office and tells her the lawsuit is still on and she has to stand by Alison. Later Kim tells Chris that she couldn’t get Susan to listen to her. When he sees Bob later Bob asks him if he still stands by his actions. He says yes he does. Bob says well they are just going to have to hope it all goes ok.

Lily runs into Noah in Old Town and invites him out o the ranch for dinner. She says she is having a family dinner for the girls before they go off to summer camp. He reluctantly agrees to join them at the farm. When they all get to the farm Luke is surprised to see Noah with Lily. She tells them she invited Noah to join them for their family dinner. When they are alone Holden fusses at Lily for playing matchmaker and warns her that it won’t work. He thinks this is going to backfire on her but he agrees to join them for dinner. Luke thanks her for trying but he doesn’t think it will help either. He asks Lily if he can stay at the farm for a while because he feels closer to Noah there so Lily says it is ok.

Later in Old Town Luke finds Noah. He suggests to him that they start over again together and take things slow. He wants to move back into the cottage with him so they can get to know one another again. Noah tells him he is moving out of the cottage and moving into a dorm. He says he just doesn’t feel comfortable there now without Ameera.

Lily and the kids are back home and the girls are packing. Faith asks her and Holden if they can have dinners like this again after they come home. Lily promises her that they will and then sends her upstairs to pack. She realizes after that she shouldn’t have told Faith that and apologizes to Holden for it. 

Jan Barrett

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