Brad is surprised to find Janet in the kitchen making breakfast wearing one of his t-shirts. He says he can’t stay to eat but she begs him to stay for Liberty’s sake. He grabs his things and says he has to go and leaves. Liberty comes in upset to see Janet still there. She reminds her mother that Brad is married to Katie. Janet says she knows that and he and Katie make an adorable couple and she would never do anything to try and interfere with that. She is just being a friend to Brad but Liberty doesn’t believe her.

Carly finds JJ with a fever. She asks Parker to watch out for Sage and calls Jack to tell him she has to take JJ to the hospital so Jack meets her there. The doctor says he has strep throat but doesn’t know how long he has had it so they want to run some tests. The doctor tells them after the tests are run that his heart and all is ok but he is going to need complete bed rest for a few days. When they get JJ home and in bed Jack convinces Carly to go take a soothing bath to help relax her.

When he is looking for the thermometer Jack goes into the bathroom and startles Carly. She orders him to get out telling him they are not married anymore so he can’t just walk in on her like this. After her bath Jack convinces Carly to try and get some sleep but he falls asleep instead. Carly goes in and checks on JJ and then Parker comes in with Sage. Parker is worried about but Carly says he will be ok but she doubts he will be going away to camp now. She says it looks like he will be on his own going to camp this year.

Brad gets to work and Kim is in a frazzle. She tells Brad he is going to have to handle an interview with a single mom on his own. He doesn’t like the idea but Kim says he has no choice, he has to do it. He thinks about Janet being a single mom and suggests to Kim that they get Janet to do the interview with him. Kim likes the idea. She tells him to call Janet and then call Katie and explain to her that it would be an emergency. After Janet agrees to do it Brad worries about how Katie will take the news. Janet doesn’t have time to go home to get dressed so she goes into Katie’s closet to find something since she and Liberty don’t wear the same size clothes.

When she gets to WOAK Janet says she and Katie must have the same taste in clothes when Brad tells her Katie has a dress just like hers. Kim comes in and wishes them luck. Kim and Liberty watch as Janet and Brad do the interview. She makes it look really easy. They invite Liberty join them. While on the air, Janet tells the world that she and her daughter have a special bond together. Liberty says he Mom is full of it making Brad laugh. She looks into the camera and says that her mother has been lying since she started the interview. She says she is a great mother but certainly no saint. Janet tells everyone that her daughter is right. She hasn’t been the perfect mother but her intentions have been perfect. Then they both realize that neither of them has been perfect and they hug each other on air. After the show Kim pays Janet who gives Liberty part of the money to go shopping with.

Later Brad takes Janet back to the hotel. When the elevator door opens the guy that had Brad arrested before walks out. Brad asks her if that guy is still staying there and she says she guesses so. She asks him if he will walk her to her room. Once there she acts uncomfortable and asks Brad if he knows of another hotel she could stay in and he says none that he would recommend. She says ok she will be fine after all she has locks on the door. He leaves and then feels guilty. He goes back and knocks on the door and offers to let her stay at his place for a few days until she feels comfortable She accepts the offer and packs a few things.

Lucinda fills Lily and Holden in on what is going on with Luke and Noah. They can’t believe she didn’t fill them in earlier. They want to know where Luke is now and when will he be home. Lucinda won’t tell them anything more. She just walks out. Holden decides to go too since they don’t know when Luke will come home. Lily gets mad and asks when he is going to stop running away from her.

Luke and Noah get back to the cottage. Noah is upset about having to leave Ameera in New York. He tells Luke to go home. Luke doesn’t want to leave. Noah starts yelling about his father killing himself like he did and about leaving Ameera behind and says he feels like a jerk. Luke tells him he loves him but wants him to take some time. Noah says he loves him too and says he is sorry for being so mean to him. He says he needs this break though. Luke tells him he will meet him later at the pond but Noah wants to take a break in their relationship. He blames him for his father jumping overboard and for Ameera being arrested. He throws a bowl and Luke leaves.

Luke goes home and tells his parents all about New York. He is more concerned about what is going on between him and Noah than what happened in New York. Lily thinks he should fight for Noah but Holden thinks he should give Noah the space he asked for. When Luke leaves he calls Noah and they apologize to each other. He invites Noah to meet him for coffee but Noah turns him down. Luke says ok, he understands and tells him if he ever needs him to just call. When Holden leaves he calls Jack. Carly answers the phone which startles him. He asks her to have Jack call him back when he wakes up.

Parker meets Liberty in Old Town and she shows him a flyer about a summer job needed for someone giving tennis lessons. She thought he might be interested but then remembers he is going to summer camp and starts teasing him about it. She starts to tear up the flyer but he takes it from her to look at.

Jan Barrett

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