Emily is finishing her work when a reporter walks in. They talk about their plans and Emily says she doesn’t have any, She calls Susan to have dinner but Susan is on call at the hospital. Casey calls her to set up a date with her but she tells him she is busy and she doesn’t want to do this so she hangs up on him. Margo asks him what is going on after she heard him mention Emily’s name on the phone. She starts drilling him when Tom walks in and interrupts.

Tom tells Margo that he has made plans for their anniversary and describes the trip of a dream. She tells him she can’t go because of work. He says he has already cleared it for her. She hesitates and Tom and Casey don’t understand why. Casey tells her he is not a kid that needs a babysitter so they convince her to go on this trip. When Casey leaves Margo still has second thoughts about going and leaving Casey alone. Tom gets mad and she tries to make him understand why she worries about Casey. Tom thinks she is just inventing problems. He says Emily can’t hurt their family. Margo decides he is right and agrees to go.

Meg and Paul finish their vows and they are pronounced man and wife. Mike tells Paul he needs to have a word with him. When he insists on talking to Paul he shows Paul one of Sofie’s pieces of jewelry that he found in his garden. Paul explains to Mike that when his mom decided to back Sofie with her jewelry she worked there in the garden a lot under the sunlight. Mike says ok, and he looks at Meg and says he is sorry but he just had to ask. Paul says Sofie must have just run away. Mike walks around the grounds looking for more evidence connecting to Sofie. He notices the new rose bushes and wonders about the fresh soil.

Casey goes to Emily’s office and she tells him to leave but he won’t. He wants to talk about their feelings. He says he doesn’t care about her past. She says her past isn’t the only thing holding him back but Casey doesn’t want to listen to her. He wants her to stop being afraid of his mother. He wants her to spend the night with him and she thinks that is a bad idea. She thinks he needs to go after someone his age but he says he can’t now. Casey storms out angry.

Casey goes home just as Margo and Tom are about to leave and he wishes them good luck. Later in the car Tom’s phone rings and he tells Margo they have to go back. He swears he will make this up to her when they are on their way home. He tells Margo to call Casey and tell him they are coming home but she says she doesn’t want to. She says he is probably in bed and she doesn’t want to wake him.

Emily decides to go over to the Hughes house and when Casey sees her he gets all excited telling her it is safe because his parents are gone. Casey tells her he thinks they should be together as much as they can. He tells her she is safe with him. Emily is nervous about it but she gives in to him and they make love. Later she goes into the kitchen wearing only her bra and panties and gets two wine glasses for her and Casey when Margo walks in. Emily tells her this isn’t what it looks like. Margo pulls her gun out and says she sees an intruder and her son is home alone.

Paul and Meg talk to Barbara and the judge and they thank them for all they did for them. When Barbara walks the judge out when he is ready to leave. Meg tells Paul she can’t forget about Sofie. Paul says they didn’t kill Sofie so they have not done anything wrong. He says there is nothing they could have done to save her. Barbara comes back in They have one more drink together. Barbara makes a toast to them and then she starts crying. Meg hugs her and then Paul makes a toast to Meg. Barbara leaves after that.

Paul and Meg go upstairs but she still is thinking about Sofie. Paul tells her he loves her and they can get past Sofie’s death. Meg tells Paul she hesitated about saying her vows over the bed of roses. She says she was saying yes to him but not to knowing about the bed of roses knowing Sofie was buried there. She says this means she has really forgiven him for everything. She tells him they will get past this and then they kiss and make love.

Mike goes to the Lakeview and talks to Lisa again about Sofie. He tells her he still can’t find her but Lisa isn’t surprised. Lisa says she is a conniving, scheming and manipulative woman. Mike isn’t convinced. He goes upstairs and sees the maid and he asks her about Sofie. She tells him maybe he should ask Mr. Ryan about that. He says so she is saying that she saw Paul with her and the next thing she knew Sofie was gone. Mike leaves her a tip and tells her not to tell anyone he asked about her.

Mike goes back to Fairwinds and he finds Meg out by the bed of roses. He asks her what she is doing there. She wants to know why he is there and why he is so hung up on Sofie’s whereabouts so suddenly. He says someone has to care. He asks her why she married Paul so suddenly. She says it was mostly to make Barbara happy. He accuses her of doing it so she can’t testify against Paul.

Meg notices Mike’s hands being dirty and she asks him why. He says he was admiring the roses. She says they were planted there for the wedding. She tells him he was spying on them but he denies it. She tells Mike to leave and then she walks back inside the house. As soon as he sees she is gone Mike starts digging in the garden.

Meg wakes Paul and tells him about seeing Mike and about his hands being dirty. He hurries out to the garden but doesn’t see Mike. He goes back inside and says he didn’t see Mike but the garden didn’t look disturbed. Meg wonders what Mike is up to. Meanwhile Mike goes to the police station and asks to speak to Jack.

Barbara sits with Lisa at the Lakeview and they have a drink together. Barbara tells Lisa that Paul and Meg were married today and Lisa thinks that is sort of sudden.  Lisa tells her about Mike asking her about Sofie and how he cornered one of the maids questioning her. Barbara is uneasy about this completely. Lisa says she can’t imagine Mike being so hell bent on something. She wonders if something is wrong. Barbara says nothing is wrong.

Jan Barrett

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