Neal goes to pick up Carly and while she finishes getting ready he goes to the kitchen for some water. While he is in there Jack comes inside and yells out if anyone is home. Neal comes out and asks if it is customary in the U.S. to just walk into someone’s home without knocking. They introduce themselves and Jack wants to know who he is and what business he has there. Carly comes out and Neal tells Jack his business here is strictly pleasure.

Holden is thinking about Carly when Lily walks up and interrupts his thoughts. He tells her he is worried about Meg. He says he is going to go to the farm and try to talk to her. Lily stops him and says he can’t do that. He has to let Meg do what she wants to do. She begs him to stay there because she needs him more than Meg does right now. She tells him she isn’t the same weak woman that she use to be. She asks him not to shut her out. Holden finally agrees to stay. She invites him to go to lunch. They are ready to go when Jack shows up and asks them why they set Carly up with that guy. He sees this guy Neal as another Simon. Holden agrees with him but Lily is annoyed with them. She says Carly has the right to a private life and to move on if that is what she wants to do.

Meg wakes up and misses Paul. She jumps out of bed and runs out the room looking for him. She finds him in the living room removing gloves. She asks where he was. He tells her some rose bushes were delivered so he wanted to get them planted. She figures it means he planted them where he buried Sofie. She wants him to go to the police. He tells her no. He tries to explain again why he did what he did. He had to protect her. She tells him she is a nurse and she could never kill anyone. He hugs her and she tells him she knows why he did what he did for her. He says he believes in her but he will go to the cops if she wants him to.

Mike talks to Barbara at The Lakeview and he wants to know where Sofie is. She tells him Sofie is long gone. He finds it hard to believe that she left like this since she was so obsessed with Paul. He asks Barbara doesn’t she even care about the grandchild Sofie is carrying. She tells him he has no idea how much her kids mean to her. Mike doesn’t believe she doesn’t know where Sofie is.

Barbara goes to see Paul and Meg. She tells them she has taken care of everything and Sofie is gone for good. She tells them they can get married this afternoon. Before they can respond Barbara goes to find a minister. They start wondering if maybe Barbara killed Sofie. After they think about it Meg says Barbara couldn’t have done it but Paul thinks she could have so they can’t go to the police. He says the stress would be too much on her. They decide to get married for Barbara’s sake.

When Barbara gets back with a minister she wants to hold the ceremony outside by the rose garden but Meg can’t go through that so she runs off. Paul tells Barbara she is pushing them too hard. He goes to talk to Meg and tells her he loves her. He says he wishes Sofie was alive. He thinks if his mother did this she did it to protect them. He kisses her and says he will see her downstairs. They decide to go through with the wedding after all.

Carly and Neal talk about their lives. He talks about his wife and her death and how she died of breast cancer. Carly tells him about how she broke Jack’s heart and a few other things about her past. She tells him she has a successful business. When they walk home Carly invites him inside for coffee or maybe some tea. He tells her he can’t because he has to go back to work. He asks for a rain check and then tells her he prefers tea though.

When he leaves Carly goes inside only to find Jack on the sofa. She asks him what he is doing there. He says it is to noisy to work at the farm because of the construction project. She thinks he is lying. She tells him if he is going to see Janet then she can see Neal. Jack says that is different because Janet isn’t a stranger. Carly tells Jack to back off because all it was, was a lunch date. She tells him he just doesn’t trust her. She says Neal isn’t around the kids and this has nothing to do with the kids. She wants Jack to let her go just like she had to let him go. He tells her fine and tells her to have a great new life. Jack walks out after that. She sits down and says to herself that she wishes she could.

Neal goes to the farm and thanks Lily and Holden for setting him straight about Carly and Lily asks how their date went. He tells her that it was wonderful and he really had a good time. Lily asks Neal if he plans to see Carly again. He says nothing has been planned yet. Lily offers to have the two of them over at her house for dinner and offers to set it up for him. Neal said he would like that. When Neal leaves Holden tells her the last time she played matchmaker it blew up in her face. He doesn’t know why she is pushing this thing with Neal and Carly. He says the dinner party is a mistake. She says Carly needs to be with someone to respects her for who she is.

Mike goes through some things that Sofie left behind and he finds Cole’s number. He calls him and asks him if he knows where Sofie is but Cole says he has no clue but has nothing else to say to him so he hangs up. Mike calls him back and Cole tells him he is bugging him now. Mike tells Cole that Sofie is missing. Cole tells Mike that Sofie is a player and she will make it look like she is helpless but she knows how to take care of herself. Mike tells him that she is missing though. Cole says Sofie hustles people by pretending to be a victim. He tells Mike she probably left for greener pastures and then he hangs up again.

Mike goes to Fairwinds just as Meg and Paul are about to be married. He says he thinks Sofie didn’t just leave town and he thinks someone needs to report it to the police. Paul tells Mike he wants him to get out. He says he and Meg are about to get married. Mike is shocked. He asks Meg if this is what she wants. Meg tells him this is what she wants. The ceremony starts and Meg looks at the roses in the garden. Mike stays around for a little while then he walks away. He finds one of Sofie’s necklaces in the grass in the yard. Paul and Meg start to say their vows just as Mike turns around and looks at them.

Jan Barrett

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