Luke finds Noah in Chicago walking with his Army instruction officer. He tells Noah they need to talk. Noah tells him it won’t change his mind. He tells Luke this is what he wants to do. Noah tells him where to meet him at the hotel where he is staying in 10 minutes. Luke sneaks into the room and Noah is warned that they don’t allow visitors in the dorm by officers. Luke tells them he is Noah’s boyfriend. Noah says he didn’t invite Luke in but at first Luke denies it. He finally admits sneaking into the room so they make him leave.

Noah tells one of the officers that he really wants to be in the army. They take Noah and put him into a car. Luke sees them and runs towards him begging him not to do this. Noah won’t even look at him as they drive away. They go to see another commander about his induction into the army. They tell Noah that his scores were great and he is in great shape. They seem excited to have Noah join the army.  He tells the man that he is gay. The commander says he didn’t hear that. Noah asks him if being gay matters and the man says the only thing that matters is if he really wants to be in the army. He says if he does then he will retract the part in his statement he made about being gay. He tells the commander that he can’t deny who he is.

Janet and Jack wake up in bed together and they are just about to make love again when the phone rings. He says he overslept and jumps up to get dressed. She stops him saying it is too late and suggests him to go see the kids together. He says no but he wants to keep what happened between them, between them. She says ok. He tells Janet he had a great time and leaves.

At the farm Holden in hammering on a chair when he starts daydreaming about Carly walking in saying it is hot in there and removing her shirt. He hits his finger with the hammer and Lily comes running in and gets him some ice for it. A man comes knocking at the door asking for a glass of water. He introduces himself as Neal, saying he is Mike’s boss. Holden introduces him and Lily to the man.

Carly comes in and interrupts. She tells them that Jack didn’t show up to pick up the kids. Lily takes Carly upstairs to check to see if Jack is there. Neal asks Holden if Carly was seeing someone now, as he seems a bit interested in her. Holden hesitates but has to tell him that Carly isn’t seeing anyone. Jack calls Carly and apologizes saying that he was working on a case, so Carly leaves the farm. Lily senses that something is wrong with Carly. Holden doesn’t want to get involved and walks out.

When he comes back in later Lily won’t talk to him until he apologizes. He kisses her to make up. He tells her with all the drama surrounding Luke and Meg he just doesn’t have the time to worry about Carly. When Holden leaves Luke comes home. He asks Lily what he is doing wrong. She says Noah might not know what he wants. She asks him to go back to her house with him but he doesn’t know what to do. He looks out the window and he sees Noah standing there. Noah tells him he just couldn’t do it.

Parker and Liberty are waiting on Janet and Jack to show up at the tennis court. He tells her his dad didn’t show up and she thinks it is because his dad and her mom spent the night together. She makes a bet with him that they did. Jack shows up and he tells Parker he was working on a case. She decides to stay and watch the game. Liberty asks Janet just what happened the night before. Janet finally admits in a round about way that Jack spent the night with her. Janet invites Jack to go for breakfast with her. He hesitates at first and then decides to go with her so they leave. Liberty tells Parker he lost their bet.

While they are having breakfast Jack tells Janet he forgot his wallet in her room. She says you know what they say about a man that leaves his wallet somewhere. He says, he can’t pay for breakfast. She laughs and then talks him into going back to her room to get it. She promises nothing will happen that he doesn’t want it to happen. He says he thought this was only a one night thing between them. He tells her he doesn’t want to make any commitments. She says it is ok because she doesn’t either. He asks for no strings and makes her say it because he is kind of gun shy. She says ok, no strings. They end up making love again.

Carly is sitting at Metro when Neal walks in. He explains to her that he thought this was some sort of pub. He explains that in England a pub serves a late breakfast. She likes his British accent. He tells her he knows about her being single and he invites her for dinner tomorrow. He tells her that Holden told him that she was single. Carly gets mad and tells him that the information he got isn’t completely right and Holden had no right telling him she was available. She tells him the fact is that she isn’t into the dating thing yet. He leaves her his phone number in case she changes her mind and he leaves. She thinks about it a second and then leaves.

Carly goes out to the farm and yells at Holden for telling Neal she was single. She says she is vulnerable right now and if she hooks up with this guy she might end up in prison for killing someone. He wants to know who. She says him for primping her out. She says he might be right about her needing another man in her life. She says he needs to put her somewhere that she won’t be a threat to his marriage anymore. She calls Neal and accepts his dinner invitation. Holden tries to stop her but Lily walks in. When she asks what is going on, Holden tells her that Carly is upset. Carly tells her that she just accepted her first date and admits it feels weird. Lily thinks this is great news.

Jan Barrett

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