Janet goes to see Jack at the police station She tells him no one should stay in on the 4th of July. She says she has a picnic basket and she wants him to go to the parade with her. She has a warm apple pie in the basket which gets Jack’s attention until Katie calls him to tell him there was a robbery at the station. He tells Janet he has to go to the TV station. She asks to go with him and he says sure it is a free country.

Holden is at Fairwinds asking Paul what he has done to Meg. He says she has disappeared and he knows he did something to her. Meg walks in and says she is ok. Holden sits her down and she starts to talk telling Holden so much has happened that she doesn’t know where to start. Paul thinks back to when he asked Sofie who did this to her and all she said was Meg. Paul stops her and tells her not to say anything. Paul tries to explain what happened. Meg tells Holden that she found out that Sofie is pregnant with Paul’s baby and he knew but didn’t tell her. Paul tells her he wanted to protect her. He had to make sure that Sofie wasn’t lying to him and to make sure the baby was his since Sofie lied so much. He says he screwed up again but he never would have let Meg marry him without telling her about it. Holden grabs Meg and says he is taking her home. He tells Paul if he truly loves Meg he will leave her alone and they leave.

At the farm Holden tries to talk to Meg about how bad Paul is for her. She tells him she is tired and needs to take a bath. She goes upstairs and he tells her they can talk later. While she is in the tub Meg thinks back to when she talked to Sofie. Paul sneaks in and tells her that he has to talk to her. He tells her that he took care of everything and it is all going to be ok now. He tells her that Sofie told him that she gave her the injection that killed her. Meg asks him if Sofie is dead. She tells Paul she didn’t kill Sofie. He tells her how he buried Sofie because he thought she killed her and to protect her. She wants to call the police but he convinces her not to call them.

Liberty complains about having to stay home and do homework to Parker who says doesn’t she mean for him to do it for her. She offers to have a day of fun once he is finished though. Dylan arrives with some mini cameras and he convinces Liberty to go with him to Old Town to tape a 4th of July movie.

When Jack and Janet get at the TV station Katie isn’t too happy to see Janet but shows Jack where everything was that was stolen. Brad talks to Janet about the other night and she apologizes for making a fool out of him. Jack tells Janet he can’t make the parade so he asks Brad and Katie give Janet a ride home. Katie says that is fine and they leave Jack and Brad alone. Brad lectures Jack about being with Janet and Jack thinks Brad doesn’t like it that he and Janet are friends. Meanwhile Katie and Janet talk and she tells Janet that she does not see Janet as a threat to her marriage. She tells her that she is Liberty’s mother so they all will be connected and for Liberty’s sake they will have to get along. Katie says that Janet needs to leave high school behind once and for all.

Janet sees Dylan in Old Town trying to sell a camera and then she sees Liberty talking to Dylan. She wonders what Liberty has gotten herself into now. Jack goes to talk to Parker and asks him if he knows anything about the break-in but Parker tells him no. Janet sees Jack and tells him about seeing Liberty with Dylan and how she seen him trying to sell a camera. Jack tells Janet if Liberty doesn’t know about the camera being stolen then she is safe. Jack finds Parker and tells him to get Liberty away from Dylan and Parker agrees. He goes over to Liberty and gets her away from Dylan and as soon as he does Jack catches Dylan and they arrest him.

Liberty yells at Parker thinking he ratted out on Dylan. Jack walks up and grabs Liberty and brings her inside to Janet. They tell her about the trouble Dylan is in and when Brad walks in he is mad that Liberty left the house without permission and says she is grounded now. When Jack tries to interfere Brad tells him to stay out of it. Liberty says she has to go apologize to Parker. Brad apologizes for over reacting when he finds out Liberty had nothing to do with the stolen cameras and decides not to punish her. Brad asks her to go watch the fireworks with them but she says she will just go home and do homework. Brad thinks Jack is undermining him with Liberty. Katie wonders if he means Liberty or Janet. She reminds him that no one will be able to take Liberty away from him. Brad kisses Katie.

Liberty is at home when Parker shows up giving her homework to her. She tells him she knows he didn’t rat out Dylan and apologizes. He tells her he isn’t do her homework for her anymore because it isn’t fun anymore. Liberty kisses Parker. They go over to the window to see the fireworks and they kiss again.

Janet talks Jack into going back to her hotel room since they would be able to see the fireworks from the hotel room window. When they get there they eat her apple pie and Janet tells Jack some of her stories of the men she has dated. Jack tells her his neck has been bothering him so she starts giving him a massage. She asks him when the last time he had sex was. She says when was the last time he has good old fashioned no strings attached sex. He says he isn’t the type of guy to talk about his sex life. She says that is ok, she was just asking. She asks him if he has any idea of how gorgeous he is. She starts to seduce him and finally Jack gives in and they make love.

Lisa tells Barbara that Sofie is gone. She wonders if Barbara is the one that got her to leave. But Barbara doesn’t know anything about it. Lisa questions Barbara so much that she gets aggravated and tells Lisa to leave. A little while later Lisa comes back and says she is sorry. Barbara lets her in and they talk. She tells Lisa she was right about the part that she would do anything to protect her kids. Lisa tells her that they should just be thankful that Sofie just left town on her own.

Luke goes to the farm and Holden tells him that Meg is home and as long as she can’t stay away from Paul she will never be ok. Holden asks Luke how he is doing. Luke tells him about Noah joining the army and now telling them he is gay. Holden thinks he needs to go find him and stop him. Meg comes downstairs and tells Holden she is leaving with Paul. Holden tries to talk her out of it but can’t. She tells him she and Paul need to be alone and they will take care of Sofie on their own. He tells her she is making a big mistake.

Paul brings Meg to Fairwinds and Meg wants to see where he buried Sofie. He holds her close to him and tells her things will be ok.

Jan Barrett

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