Luke is at Yo’s and he starts up an interview with Cyndi Lauper. She guesses his real name and he is nervous so she starts talking to get him to relax while talking to her. They discuss things about gay rights. She asks him if he has a boyfriend with a story behind it.

Tony talks to Noah while he works and they start a conversation about Tony being single. He tells Noah that there is a big benefit at Yo’s starring Cyndi Lauper and invites him to go with him. At first Noah hesitates but then decides to go.

While Cyndi and Luke finish their interview she notices Luke is distracted when Noah walks in. She asks him if he knows that guy. Luke tells her yes, he use to be his boyfriend but it looks like that is over. (talking about since Noah came in with Tony). He says it doesn’t look like Noah is having trouble moving on. She tells Noah she thinks everything will work out just fine for him and Noah just before the concert begins.

Henry asks Mike if he has gotten anywhere with Carly about her selling Metro. Mike tells him she doesn’t want to sell. Henry talks him into talking to Carly again for him because he really wants to buy Metro. When Mike leaves Vienna walks in and she tells Henry of her plans for them to celebrate the 4th of July. She says she brought some 4th of July fireworks. She got George and Martha Washington costumes for them to wear. Henry is really turned on when he sees Vienna dressed in her costume. They close the diner and end up making love behind the counter.

Lily wants to celebrate Holden moving back home by having a family BBQ. She calls Carly and asks her to come. Carly lies and tells her Jack and Parker are there and he has already lit the grill there for some hotdogs and stuff. Lily says too bad and then tells her she will see her later and wishes her a good 4th. She also tells her that Holden sends his love and then she hangs up. Lily tells Holden Carly can’t come but she gave them some good advice. She says Carly says they should take advantage of the time alone together and she thinks that is a good thing as she puts her arms around him and kisses him.

Mike tries talking to Carly about Metro for Henry again but she still won’t budge, she won’t sell. She says the kids are away and she needs Metro to keep her busy there. He asks her what she has planned for the 4th and she says she is just going to work on her books. She decides she really doesn’t want to do that though so she invites Mike to spend the holiday with her. He says he seems to recall them trying that scene before and it didn’t work out so she reassures him that she is just asking as a friend so he agrees. She asks him to go to a BBQ at Lily and Holden’s and he says ok.

Carly calls Lily and asks if she can still come and could she bring a date. Lily confesses that she already knew Jack and Parker went on a fishing trip so she says to bring her date along. When she hangs up Lily tells Holden it looks like they need to grill more steaks. Holden asks her why, what is going on. She tells him Carly changed her mind. She is coming and she is bringing a date. Holden asks Lily if she is sure about Carly bringing a date.

When Carly and Mike arrive Lily tells Mike that he is the new mystery man and then she says that Carly had her thinking she had a new beau. Mike tells her no, they are just together as friends. Holden pulls Carly to the side and asks her what the hell she thinks she is doing showing heavy signs of jealousy. She said she is trying to act like nothing happened between the two of them, isn’t that what she is supposed to be doing. Lily and Carly walk off leaving Mike and Holden together at the grill. When Lily starts asking her questions about her and Mike and Jack, Carly tells her she is out of the romancing game for now. Lily tells her she is worried about her. Carly tells her she is ok but Lily thinks she has really been out of sorts lately. When the guys come back in Lily makes a toast to Holden being back home again.

They eat dinner and Mike thanks them for inviting him to come along. When Carly and Mike leave, Lily says she is worried about Carly and her men trouble. Holden makes up an excuse to go out to the store because they need some milk. Lily asks can’t he get it in the morning but he says he is still dressed so he thought he would go on out and get it. She kisses him and then he leaves the house.

Holden goes straight to Carly’s. When she answers the door she asks him what he is doing there. He says he was looking for Mike’s car in her driveway admitting he was jealous. She tells him Mike is only a friend but that doesn’t seem to matter to Holden. She tells Holden she can’t have feelings for Mike since she has feelings for him. He tells her he shouldn’t be there in Jack’s house. She tells him it isn’t Jack’s house, it is hers.  She tells him maybe that is why she brought Mike to the cookout tonight, to set boundaries. He is about to kiss Carly when his phone rings and it is Lily asking him to pick something else up at the store. She tells him to come home soon and that she loves him. He tells Carly that was awkward, talking about Lily’s call and the timing of it. Holden apologizes to Carly and leaves.

When the concert starts Cyndi starts singing. She told Luke she was going to dedicate the concert to him and Noah. She walks over to Luke as she sings then works her way over to Noah and dances into him and then back over to Luke. She goes back on stage and sings but ends up back out in the audience where she finds Noah and dances with him and then once again she heads back over to Luke as Noah watches her.

After the song is over Luke looks around for Noah and he sees that he and Tony left.  Cyndi dedicates the next song “True Colors” to Luke. While she is singing Noah walks back in and he watches Luke up on the stage with Cyndi. When the song is over she hugs Luke.

When Luke leaves the stage Noah walks up to him and gets him to go outside with him. He tells Luke he doesn’t want Tony, he only wants him. Luke asks him what made him change his mind. Noah tells him he was right all along. He says all he wants is this and then Noah kisses him. Luke introduces Noah to Cyndi. She wishes them both good luck and leaves.

Luke invites Noah to come home with him at the farm tonight. He says no one is home tonight. Noah apologizes saying he can’t. When Luke asks why not, asking if he doesn’t want to be with him. Noah says that is not it. He goes on to explain that he has enlisted in the army. Luke is shocked and he asks Noah if this is a good thing for him to do. Luke tells him he is not cut out for the army. Noah says this is what he needs to do. Luke asks him if he told the army he was Gay. Noah says he didn’t have to get into that. He tells Luke he has already signed the papers and he is headed out for Chicago in the morning. He asks Luke to try and understand. He kisses him and leaves.

Jan Barrett

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