Meg wakes up stiff in the hospital with Paul lying next to her. Meg says she wants to go home but he says she can’t because they need to observe her first. She tells him she thinks her mother is starting to like him but he thinks she was just humoring a gin shot victim. He tells her he has somewhere to go but he will be back.

Alison is working at the bracelet she is wearing when Aaron walks up and asks her what she wants. She sarcastically says rat poison and then shows him her tests papers and the grade. He sees a C and says that isn’t bad. She says she has to maintain a B average to stay in school. She snaps at him telling him not to patronage her. They start arguing over how she has been acting. He notices her fidgeting with her bracelet and how her eyes are weird like she is on drugs again.

Chris walks in and listens to Alison and Aaron. She keeps snapping at Aaron until finally she tells him to just go away. When Aaron leaves Chris watches her for a while then joins her. He sees her shivering so he offers his coat to warm her. She snaps at him one minute and flirts the next. He asks what is going on with her and she says nothing. He tells her to have Susan check her out but she wants nothing to do with it. Chris leaves and Alison sits there fiddling with her bracelet until it falls off.

Emily goes to talk to Margo about the custody hearing. Margo tells her that the judge will want to talk to Daniel after Tom makes his speech to the judge himself. Emily has a fit saying it will be devastating to Daniel to find out his mother use to be a prostitute. Margo tells her that one way to prevent that would be for her to not fight it then. Emily tells her to just sign over custody to them. Emily says she won’t do that. She says Daniel would hate her for life thinking she has abandoned him if she does that. Emily tells her she will do whatever she wants if she just won’t do this to her. Margo shows her the door and tells her they will see her in court.

Casey argues with his dad about Emily. Casey tries to defend her saying that Emily is still a good mother to Daniel no matter what she has done in the past. Casey accuses them of doing this because of him.

Paul goes to the farm to talk to Emma. Emma doesn’t see any good in Paul so she asks how she can give her blessing for their wedding. Paul tells her that Meg can so maybe she should just take her word for it. Paul swears that he has changed. Emma hesitates and then asks him if he can promise that he won’t hurt her. He says no but he can promise that he will never intentionally hurt her. Emma asks him what the favor he wanted to ask of her was. He tells her that his wife wants three presents and she is one of them. Then he invites her to come to their renewal of their vows at the hospital.

Paul goes back to the hospital and Meg begs him to get her released. He says there is no chance that they will let her go. She complains that she has been shot and her mother hasn’t even come to see her. Paul asks her if she will marry him again. She doesn’t understand. He says well the first time her mother wasn’t there. Emma walks in and says she is ready for a wedding. Barbara walks in saying this won’t be happening without her. Meg says yes she will marry him. Barbara brought a dress for her and Emma gives her a lace head wrap and the family Bible. Barbara brings Meg the pendant she gave Gwen which Gwen sent back this morning. Emma and Barbara chase Paul out so Meg can get ready for her wedding.

When Paul comes back into the hospital room Meg’s childhood minister is there. Once the ceremony begins Paul says his vows and he promises to be with Meg forever. Meg starts saying her vows when she sees Sofie’s ghost and faints. Susan runs in and Barbara says she saw Meg put her hand to her chest before she fainted. Meg comes to and says was just light-headed but she feels fine now. Susan checks her out and says she has a rapid heart beat but she is ok. Paul wants to call the wedding off thinking it is too much stress for Meg but she doesn’t let him. They start the ceremony again and they are pronounced husband and wife. Paul kisses Meg.

Casey goes to the court house and sees Emily. She is upset that he came saying Tom and Margo will be mad seeing him there. He tells her he tried talking to his Dad for her. She tells him about her talk with his mother. Casey tells her not to give up because Daniel needs her and then he leaves. When the hearing begins Casey comes back in. He sits on Emily’s side of the room upsetting Tom and Margo. When the judge asks for opening statements Tom tells her that Emily is a danger to Daniel. Suddenly Tom announces to the judge that he has changed his mind. He says he decided to drop the suit. The judge scolds him for wasting the courts time and dismisses it.

Alison goes to the Lakeview and apologizes to Aaron. She says she doesn’t know what is going on with her. She tells him she broke her bracelet though. She says she noticed that since she broke it she has been a completely different person. He says she will be fine. She tells him she didn’t eat breakfast. He tells her she needs to eat and start taking better care of herself.

Emily and Casey go to the Lakeview. She thanks him for helping to get her son back. He is surprised she is being so open in public with him. She tells him she doesn’t care anymore. She tells him she loves him and doesn’t care who knows. When Alison is leaving the lounge she sees Emily and Casey kissing. Emily tells her in case she was wondering she and Casey love each other and asks her not to give her any grief over it. Alison sarcastically congratulates them and walks out. Casey and Emily didn’t quite understand what that was all about.

Chris sees Susan at the hospital and suggests she checks Alison out. Susan blames him on Alison’s problems. He tells her how strange Alison was acting. Susan doesn’t know if she should believe him. He asks her to just do a physical. She tells him to get lost.

Chris goes to the Lakeview and the concierge gives him a package. The note in it tells Chris to take all the time he needs and inside is a new watch. He calls Kim and leaves her a message on her voicemail thanking her for standing by him.

Tom and Margo go home and they argue over him dropping this suit against Emily. Tom calls out for Daniel. Margo rages on about Casey being with Emily. Tom tells her they’ll lose Casey if they keep pushing Emily. He says that both Daniel and Casey will see Emily for who she is sooner or later on their own. Margo swears she will stop Emily permanently.

Jan Barrett

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